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  1. Special Vehicles from Supply Drops...?

    It would be awesome to get (maybe once a game) random special vehicles from the supply drops. Like an armored Humvee with a 50cal on it...or maybe the A-Team van with a vehicle plow that could flip/explode other cars...or a four person amphibious dune buggy that could go from land to water. Need for squad based...! haha.
  2. Target Range...? Please!!

    Would it be possible to please get a target range put into the game...? Please. One with different targets at different distances with different armor configurations...that would let you know how much damage you did or when you would get a kill. Maybe have some bots running around, jumping. Allowing different weapon configurations...a chest with all attachments and guns and ammo. And grenades. Hell it could be a mini game like a shooting gallery for racking up the most points in 60 seconds. /shrug...it would just be nice to be able to play around with different weapons in different configurations and to see how much actual damage you do when you shoot someone in the leg/chest/head. >.<
  3. Night / Weather

    Maybe it's been suggested before...but I don't know. >.< It would be cool to have a full on night mode. Where towns were lit up with street lights, maybe houses...the woods would be total blackness, maybe 25 yard visibility at the most. Supply crates would have thermal scopes and night vision goggles. Extra grenade type...flares that light up the area.