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  1. Add full controller support on pc PLEASE!

  2. Add full controller support on pc PLEASE!

    What im saying is that by adding full controller support with aim assist on pc will thus make this game more accessible and increase sales as well. When this game releases on xbox one everyone will have aim assist. So i firmly ask to add it for pc for controller users as well! Thanks
  3. Add full controller support on pc PLEASE!

    It should be because there is absolutelty no downside to it. A controller user is still at a disadvantage with aim assist but it helps level the playing field. So why not? Aim assist may sound weird but every controller console fps game has it from all the call of dutys to battlefield 1 on pc and titanfall 2 on pc, its needed imo. and i dont see any complaints from it on those pc games. Gears of war 4 also has it. Those are all great pc games that i bought over the last year and game on my 55 inch 4k oled at pc ultra settings. Maybe im spoiled asking for it in this game? Games like battlefield 1 have it because controller users like myself have difficulty pinpointing with thumb. Its just normal to have it. And like i said even with aim assist in you are still at a disadvantage to mouse and keyboard...
  4. Controllers

    You are able to if you map it with steam on big picture mode. I added a wide curve and it helps. And i have it inverted through steam!
  5. Controllers

    Ive mapped my controller to work with steam and this game but please add full controller support for this game! I have grown up on controllers for fps and shooters since the days of xbox live first coming out. And even n64 and before. I recently got into pc ultra gaming about 2 years ago. Games like battlefield 1 and titanfall 2 HAVE FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT WITH AIM ASSIST! Please add full controller support with aim assist to this game on pc! Thanks!
  6. Ok look im in my late 20s and recently over the last 2 years got into pc ultra gaming. Ive grown up on xbox from the days of 2002 when xbox first came online. Fps with controller is just in my blood. Ill get to the point now. EA games such as battlefield 1 and titanfall 2 have full controller support on pc with aim assist. In those games i am able to consistently beat mouse and keyboard users and hold my own on the leaderboards. I also game on a big screen hdtv on couch so mouse and keyboard isnt used for that reason as well. Add full controller support please. I already have it to where mine works fine and have won several matches with my xbox one controller. But i would like the option to be supported in game rather than going through hoops to map it through steam then unmap it when i have to play another game, and then remap after. Its a headache, and since this game will becoming out on xbox lets get some official controller support with aim assist on pc!!!! THANK YOU