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  1. What key binding changes did you make?

    sorry about no thumb ? i pray for you ?✡
  2. AutoHotKey

    i think so as long as it doesnt give advantage ?✡️
  3. M416 or scar?

    i prefer m416 if i have all attachments but otherwise they are about even ?✡️
  4. me too especially when i get unlucky zone and no vehicle ? but most of the time i have enough time for loot and getting to zone ? ✡️
  5. um no flash hider is to hide muzzle flash not scope maybe they can add scope cover to stop scope glint ? ✡️
  6. i'd say no because some people dont want to shoot straight away and having the glint would give away position ?✡️
  7. ? ✡ shalom ✡ ?

    shalom friends! ✡ ? i am lew and i am from israel and i like to play pubg pubg is good game just needs optimize ??