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  1. eruffini

    Gunshot sounds not rendering correct

    That's because your sound is masking his fire, though you can still hear each individual shot if you listen carefully.
  2. eruffini

    I have a pretty old PC and the last patch is gamebreaking

    This is due to the latest patch. Give the devs time to fix it. Nothing worth "retiring" over.
  3. eruffini

    this is the game i paid 30$ for ?

    You're confusing early access with a beta - this game is in an alpha state, and subject to change/bugs/problems. It states clearly when you buy the game that it is not near completion and your experience may vary due to bugs and problems within the game. The original poster has no room to complain about issues with the game because it's not production-ready. I've been involved with many games as an alpha tester, and this is exactly the state the game is in right now. Major optimization and bug fixes don't happen until the game is in a qualified beta status. That is where you would generally stop adding features and begin enhancing, fixing, and optimizing them. Clearly we are still not there yet as features are currently being developed (first person servers, gameplay changes, etc.). Complaining that you are having trouble with the game just shows how immature and disrespectful the community is - especially how people are ungrateful on how great of a game this already is compared to H1Z1, ARMA3, Rust, and DayZ - all of which have been out for *years* and still broken.
  4. eruffini

    this is the game i paid 30$ for ?

    It's an early access game still in development. You knew what you were buying before getting the game, so no you don't deserve a refund.