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  1. Please, Get rid of RNG Loot

    Learn to adapt and play smarter.
  2. Cheating has killed this game

    Or maybe you just don't know the difference between a good player and a cheater? There's still a lot of bugs in the game too, so automatically assuming cheats is a bad idea.
  3. Single shot away from SMG's

    Because that's how they are designed in real life. No, I think that's a silly idea. Yes it can be frustrating to die because you're in the wrong firing mode (I know I have), but that's my fault for not paying attention to detail. These are the types of things that separate the good players from the great players.
  4. Everyone Drop with pistol

    No, this would absolutely ruin the entire game.
  5. Just learn to get better at the game, or accept that it's random.
  6. Sound when you are out of ammo

    It's honestly a very stupid mechanic to begin with.
  7. Then don't complain about matchmaking putting you in games with people who like to grief...
  8. Go back to consoles then. This whole matchmaking epidemic in PC games is really destroying what PC gaming is all about.
  9. Armor level difference

    lol what? This I gotta see.
  10. Sound when you are out of ammo

    I don't think you've ever fired a gun before then. We aren't talking about an empty gun that you're performing a functions check on, but a combat situation when you run out of ammunition. On the various AR platforms, once the bolt locks back to the rear you cannot depress the trigger. Only after releasing the bolt will you be able to dry fire, and only once unless you charge the weapon again by hand. Same with any modern handgun as soon as the slide retracts and locks in the open position. Revolvers may continue making noise as the cylinder turns, and the M1 Garand has an audible ping noise. Miniguns will just keep spinning (loudly). I would also guess that a double-action pistol with the slide close would dry fire at least once.
  11. AFK Players not jumping off

    And that's a problem... why?
  12. Haha, yeah I've seen this in Counter-Strike back in the day. At least with friendly fire I can shoot through my teammate and kill the enemy...
  13. Destiny 2 beta, what you all think?

    Well it was more of network test before launch. I don't expect much from betas, but it felt more fun and I can definitely see there is potential to being a great Destiny sequel. At least the PC version did!
  14. Side throw grenades

    Risk vs. reward! Although to implement something like this might require a rework of the animations and cover.
  15. Using a scope changes directional sound

    As @MrHappyPenguin said, the sound you hear is based off of the direction you are looking (the camera). It simulates what happens when you turn your head and how your ears pick up sounds.