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    False ban compensation not received

    I wasn't quite sure where would be the best to post this - if there is a better place it would be appreciated if someone could let me know, or simply move this thread there. Anyway, after the announcement of players receiving 20,000 BP compensation for the mass false banning that recently happened I've been keeping an eye out but so far nothing has appeared for me. Both myself and my brother were banned at exactly the same time while playing together with a friend in a 3-man squad (the friend didn't get banned), and so far neither he nor I have had this compensation show up. I'm assuming it going out to people in staggered waves or something - if this is the case then it would be great to have it confirmed just so I know it's a case of waiting. Otherwise it would be nice to find out why it's not turned up.
  2. Jack Muskrat

    Compensation for False bans

    Can anyone confirm that they actually received this compensation? Both myself and my brother received false bans during this whole thing and so far neither of us have received anything.
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    Yeah, we just got unbanned.
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    Bug Description: Myself, my brother, and a friend were just playing and suddenly me and my brother had the game freeze, then come up with "Global Ban". Originally thinking it was just some server-side thing (as we'd never encountered it before), we attempted to reconnect to the game, but couldn't. Left our team and tried to connect to single player games, only to find we couldn't do that either. A quick Google search showed that this was actually an all-out ban for us, despite not having done anything wrong. We go to the Steam Discussion for the game and found there were a huge amount of other people suddenly posting having had the same thing (the main thread can be found here with (at the time of writing) 202 posts: https://steamcommunity.com/app/578080/discussions/1/1694923613863907775/). Date seen: 8th June 2018