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  1. Could we please be given the ability to individually select which map(s) we want to play? I understand that it's split in the different "modes" but having it so you play all three, or one of two, or just the third on it's own is just odd. And frustrating. Which leads to the other part/option to my request: since Sanhok became available the "random" selection has been heavily favouring Sanhok out of the three maps, and if Sanhok isn't selected as an option then it heavily favours Miramar. Obviously this might just be the experience for me and my friends, but the four of us have found it to be like this ever since Sanhok came out, whether all four of us are playing or 2 or 3 of us. The same thing happened when Miramar was first released - the games were always mostly Miramar. I/we enjoy the differences each map makes to a match, but when it seems you're always playing one map it grows tiresome. In our opinion, of course.