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  1. While your team is in a season they won't know how many shots will occur on goal in the next week. Not until those games happen. When they do happen, they compare those to the previous week. If they prevented more shots on goal then they will say the volume of shots on goal decreased and can assign a percentage to that reduction. This is exactly like the cheaters. Bluehole will not know who is a cheater until those incidents occur. If they have fewer incidents they can say there was a decrease of some percent. If there are more they would have to say the volume of cheating has increased some percent. But notice that this is still a comparison of some current amount to some past amount. They are not saying they know who all the cheaters are. And that comparison is useful, we do it in almost all fields of study when we measure our activities over time (sales and test-scores and poverty rates). When we hear a report that there has been a 10% decrease in the number of homicides, it doesn't mean we added up all the homicides ever and reduced that number by 10%. It means that the number of homicides that occurred recently is 10% less than a comparable time in the past. It is valuable information but just limited to some reference point. It points to a trend. We will get better information as they get better reference points and better ways of measuring. All this said, it just comes back to something I think you and I agree on and that is knowing the number of bans and knowing the trend does not tell us how many matches are affected by cheaters. That information is much more useful to us.
  2. Idea to make pistol useful/viable

    I agree. I think the boost idea is interesting but I'm not sure it fits this game. Some other ideas for pistols: Your movement with pistols is faster and more silent than other weapons. Significantly so. Especially indoors. Wall / object interference is less with pistols (again for those close quarters fights in buildings and forests) The gun is less obtrusive when you ADS-- could become slightly translucent to help track opponents. This simulates that you aren't holding it up to your face in the same way you would a shouldered weapon. I think all weapons should be able to be swung as an improvised melee weapon but pistols would be faster.
  3. We all like to win and matchmaking (even limited matchmaking) is important for the wins to mean anything. We don't throw players together randomly for the same reason we don't take all ______ teams (insert your favorite sport) and have them randomly play each other. You'd get school teams playing pros-- a situation in which no one benefits: the kids can't win or even learn from the defeat, the pros can't improve or feel good about the win, and no one will enjoy it. Even with matchmaking, you will see a range of players. It's not like there is some omniscient algorithm that knows precisely how good you are and finds just those people with the exact same skill levels (usually in under 2 minutes). No, the matchmaking is an estimate that does its best given the available players and a short amount of time. You will see a wide range of skills. And yes, there are communist / socialist values that are good for this game and society in general. They aren't even that unique to communism or socialism. We benefit from fair play and shared responsibility. That is unless you are also against fire departments and paved roads and the infrastructure that allows millions of gamers from across the world to play PUBG cheaply and virtually instantaneously.
  4. That is what their statement actually means-- particularly when talking about a total that is always changing. It's a comparison between some starting point and some current point. The "overall" refers to all kinds of cheating (as opposed to what they called "extreme"). It's like saying a team's defense is getting better because they reduced the number of shots on goal their opponents take by 25%. They aren't saying they took away 25% of shots already committed. They are saying the number of shots on goal is 25% less now than shots on goal from some earlier time in the season. The point is that they are certainly not saying that they know all the cheaters and just removed 25% of them.
  5. They aren't saying they banned 25% of cheaters. They are saying the amount of recorded / observed cheating has been decreased by 25%. For example: If they had 100 confirmed cases of cheating in Week One and 75 confirmed cases in Week Two, that would be a decrease of 25%. It doesn't tell us how many cheaters there are. Only that they have seen a decrease in the metrics they use to track incidents of cheating (probably a combination of reports, bans, and accounts under serious consideration).
  6. General Test Server Feedback

    I like the vehicle sounds. Especially the buggy.
  7. Vaulting & Climbing Feedback

    I like the vaulting. I'm sure we will be finding places where it breaks down for a while but it seems to be solid. I'm a bit surprised you can't pull up on a shipping container. It seems like you can jump high enough to grab the edge. I'd like to see them included (maybe it's a slow climb-- you won't be able to do a quick escape by vaulting a container). I've also wondered about ladders in the game. Will ladders on some water towers and buildings be climbable?
  8. Absolutely. That's part of the reason player counts and ban counts don't tell us much. Those 2 million are not the same every day. I'd be curious what percentage of the 20 million are regular users and occasional users. A cheat count is also difficult because there is no telling how many banned accounts are from the same cheater who has switched to a new account. 700,000 banned accounts is not 700,000 unique cheaters. My guess is that a big percent of banned accounts fit this description. I figure that a person who is willing to cheat once will do it again if given the opportunity (and the price is not too high). I wonder how the price for PUBG influences the cheat market. For example: if a gamer is willing to pay $60 to $80 dollars for a new-release AAA game and PUBG costs $30, does that make purchasing a cheat more attractive as long as the cost stays below my $60 threshold? PUBG is not a AAA title in terms of technical polish, but it is slaughtering almost everyone in terms of daily players. Bluehole is going to be fighting this fight for a long time. PUBG is just a very attractive target: Low entry cost Early access Crazy popular highly competitive game with high stakes (elimination; no re-spawn) difficult learning curve
  9. You’re right that we can’t identify cheaters with 100% accuracy. We also know that the devs can’t prevent 100% of cheating. So we have to look at the numbers we can identify and try to estimate where the “pain points” are— at what point are incidents of cheating low enough that most players are willing to keep playing. I think trying to figure out the percentage of cheaters doesn’t tell us much. I would be interested in the number of matches that have had a confirmed cheater compared to the total matches. And look at this over time. It strikes me that although one cheater can ruin a match, more cheaters in the same match won’t ruin it any more (and no one is going to cry if one cheater kills another). The goal is to maximize “clean” matches. Call this the Fair Fight Index. It’s not 100% accurate (because that is not possible) but it would give players an estimate of how many matches they could expect to encounter a cheater. There will be spikes as new cheat methods appear or new anti-cheat methods have an effect but over time we would be able to get a general sense of the health of the game. It could also be used to compare servers and times of day.
  10. This does not tell us quite that much. 700,000 (to date) of 20,000,000 is 3.5% 100,000 of those bans happened this past week (~14% of all bans) The "volume of cheaters" figure is harder to pin down: The 3.5% is an average taken over the life of the game. The actual percentage fluctuates. The 25% / 50% decrease statement can best be interpreted to mean that cheating was greater in the past. Probably higher than 3.5% at some points. A 25% decrease in volume would mean that the current percentage of cheating has decreased-- probably to under the average of 3.5% (maybe somewhere between 2.6% and 1.7% depending on how those decrease percentages are figured). Without knowing how the volume of cheaters is determined, these numbers only tell us that the current number of cheaters is less than some previous number of cheaters. The cheaters won't be evenly distributed either. It's hard to say how they will break out across times and servers, and how they fall out in the matchmaking system. My guess (just based on the banning figures and sales over time) is that cheating got "big" and really noticeable at about 4% to 5% (along with some really blatant ones making a lot of news.) It seems the blatant ones are on the decrease and cheating in general is being reduced from its peak.
  11. The Blue Zone

    Please keep in mind a few things: The circle timing and collapse rates have not changed. The first circle damage has not changed at all. The circle damage has not changed UNLESS you are deep in the blue. The damage increase only occurs if you are far from the edge of the circle. The edges are the same. Damage is not appreciably different up to 200m into 2nd and 3rd circles (don't know the others because they suck from the beginning). Circle collapse rate is a function of geometry and depends on the side you are on. On a really lopsided new circle, slowing the longest side to our running speed can more than double the time it takes.
  12. I think the first 3 circles work fine as is but I'd be curious what it would be like to replace the last circles with one that is constantly moving (the new safe zones appear as normal but the blue is constantly creeping). I've posted about the blue speed before-- pegging the fastest collapse rate to our movement speed causes lots of timing problems. But there might be some tweaks late game that would help. Especially since there really should not be much looting in late game (except for stripping the corpses). As much as I hate when I'm being rushed, it is probably good for the game to keep applying pressure. If the pace feels comfortable to us, it's probably too slow.
  13. Vehicle Driving Feedback

    Thanks. I have a a G4 key on my keyboard that does just that. The problem is there is that moment of hesitation (especially when I am being chased by a very determined and better armed opponent) when I get in and the car... just... won't... go. And then I'm dead. The Shift+W might still be more efficient than what I have.
  14. Vehicle Driving Feedback

    Apologies if already mentioned but just had this kill me: I went to enter a UAZ from the driver side front and it put me in the back seat. A better, more clear, system for entering a vehicle would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I like it. It is a stronger incentive to move toward the play area but it allows some flexibility at the edge of the blue. Primarily affects folks who try to stay deep in the blue.