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    War Mode: three bugs

    Three bugs affecting War Mode: Team Names often disappear. During a match my squad mates will no longer be marked. I have been killed by and have killed my own teammates because we have no way to identify each other. Color fades away and then returns. Occasionally when I am killed the game will fade to grey tones and stay like that even after I drop back in to play. The color returns after some time (maybe 2 minutes or so...) Can't access map after death. It would be nice to see the map after I die and am waiting for the next plane. Often I cannot look at the map. But sometimes I can.
  2. If you could dump out the fuel inside a building so that the fumes build up and then toss a Molotov (really any of the grenades) through a window, the results would be spectacular.
  3. MajorFun

    Airplane sound!!!

    They are so loud he has to type in all caps. 🙂
  4. MajorFun

    Airplane sound!!!

    That's the point. The intrusive sounds like vehicles and artillery and the waves are meant to make hearing difficult.
  5. MajorFun

    STOP Patching on PEAK HOURS

    No. Merely inconvenient. Occasionally, mildly inconvenient. Occasionally, mildly inconvenient for work we want them to do. Occasionally, mildly inconvenient for work we want them to do on a product that is the very definition of non-essential.
  6. MajorFun


    I think there is a confusion of terms going on. An improvement in Elo rating is always going to be slow for players at the top of the charts (certainly the top 1% or so). And Elo ratings won't be adjusted for HOW you play-- just the results. If you want rewards for how you play then we need a progression system. As to the current rating/ranking system: My guess (so take with a grain of salt) is that there are really 2 ranking systems in play: encounters and finish. Encounters: Every encounter is treated as "game" for the purposes of the Elo rating. When you engage with another player you either win (kill your opponent), lose (you die), or draw (both survive until you kill or are killed by someone else). Your Elo rating is adjusted for each of these based on the Elo rating of each player you encountered. Finish: Your final position in the round has its own Elo rating. If you do better than predicted it goes up. If you do worse it goes down. This might be affected by the players who placed ahead of you. Both of these are combined for an overall ranking. No matter what the ranking system, if you are a highly ranked player and are entering a lot of engagements (especially early in the round), you will earn very little for killing lower ranked players AND there is a good chance you will be killed by someone of lower rank. I think some folks would like a progression system that has rewards for various actions. I don't care much about it-- although I might play with crossbows more if I thought I could earn a cool skin for X number of kills.
  7. MajorFun

    Under a million average players

    These games all go through the same basic life-cycle. Especially the ones that see explosive, viral driven growth. It is not reasonable to expect a game to maintain the level of growth we saw late last year. It is also not reasonable to expect that the player count will stay as it was at its peak. People who have played a lot will get bored and move on-- no matter how many improvements are made. Folks who bought the game due to the hype will fall away as they realize the game isn't really for them; or the next shiny thing pops up. And the cheating bans will also have an effect. And sure, some folks will be disappointed with the development or direction the game takes and leave in frustration. PUBG had low wait times and solid game-play (definitely not bug free but solid enough) when it had 200,000 players. After a year the game runs better, looks better, and has more variety. If the game shrinks back to 200,000 players it will still have short wait times and improved game-play. We haven't seen enough to know what PUBG's stable player-base is going to be. My guess: It will continue to shrink for a while but that will stabilize-- probably close to CSGO numbers.
  8. Vector = Zipzip. Vector + extended mag = zipzipzip
  9. MajorFun

    Sanhok - Well done :)

    The only sound issue I have noticed is on top of some of the houses. No footsteps on the thatched roofs.
  10. MajorFun

    Sanhok - Well done :)

    I agree. There are some frame-rate issues at times but the design is good and I'm enjoying the game-play. This will be a welcome addition.
  11. MajorFun

    Sanhok Experimental Server FEEDBACK MEGATHREAD

    Overall I like the map and think the forest adds a great element to the game. I do feel the Quarry took a step back (design wise). Before it looked like a quarry. Now it looks like an excavation for a new office tower. I don't understand the big columns of dirt-- the rain would wash all of that away. And what exactly are they digging out of the ground? If it is rock then the sides should be, well, rock. If it's gravel then there will be mounds of gravel and the sides would be, well, rock. Maybe it's not really a quarry and can be named something else...
  12. MajorFun

    Sanhok Experimental Server FEEDBACK MEGATHREAD

    And I think that is exactly why they should stay.
  13. MajorFun

    Water Vehicle Spawn Point

    I believe the sign at the edge of the dock translates to: "This boat for display purposes only." This is the Sanhok boat and jet-ski dealership.
  14. What "this" are you referring to? There are several things in the post and your pronoun is ambiguous.
  15. MajorFun

    Apple baseball

    And I think starting with a pan would let us play baseball with the apples