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  1. Spinning Compass

    The compass spins wildly when skydiving, before parachute opens. It happens when I'm in a powerdive.
  2. Missing letters...

    I thought at first there was a typo on the lobby but it seems that the word "Play" in the bottom left corner will drop different letters. sometimes the a will be missing and sometimes the y. Also, I've seen my username in the top right missing letters.
  3. Lobby Typo

    In the lobby when I have TPP selected it says "Pl y in third person" The a in Play is missing.
  4. Bicycles

    "Bicycle Race! Bicycle Race! Bicycle Race! All I wanna do is..." Banana seat bicycles with bells would be great. And anything to make the initial rendering of the game smoother would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Although I understand why this is annoying, I also understand why it remains in the game. I doubt it will be removed and I don't think it should. The clothes are there to be distracting. They can also be a visual indicator of possible spawn points, but they are there to clutter up the field and make looting more difficult. It's a way to create tension because you have to either filter with your inventory or pay attention to the ground-- both things take your attention away from possible threats. It would not surprise me if some things like gas masks and ballistic masks will have a utility later.
  6. I agree that the AR suppressors are too effective. AR and Sniper suppressors should make the guns harder to locate at long range and some small advantage at medium range. I just had a match on the test server where I was shooting a suppressed AKM. On the replay I checked out what the other players could hear and it was barely audible even at distances of less than 100m. Pistols and SMGs should be desirable because their suppressors make them very hard to detect. ARs and Snipers should be desirable because they hit hard at range but are not subtle-- even with a suppressor. Another layer would be to impose penalties to movement, ADS speed, and aim stability for suppressed ARs and Snipers (stability penalties would be removed by prone).
  7. I agree. I don't want to force people into matches. I don't want to take away choice. There are plenty of times when I get on and just want to play on Miramar (my personal favorite). Folks should be able to leave without penalty. But I should take that responsibility on me. It costs just a little time and effort. I do want to incentivize variety, and your point about the difficulty of introducing new conditions is a good one. PUBG could easily become calcified and stale if they don't establish early on that change and surprise and discomfort are an integral part of the game. I think PUBG is successful BECAUSE it does not make it easy on the players. PUBG is successful because players are given a few initial choices that lead to a few more choices until the player is dead or wins a chicken dinner. Here's another alternative that I think fits the PUBG game model: Give players a choice between a few game queues. Let me use just 3 for the example: Queue 1: Erangel Only. Minimal weather (less than 5% chance of Rain or Fog). Standard BP awards. Wait time 90 seconds from 90% full. Queue 2: Miramar Only. Minimal weather (less than 5%). Standard BP awards. Wait time 90 seconds from 90% full. Queue 3: All maps and conditions at current probability. +10% BP awards. +special cosmetics at benchmarks. 60 seconds wait time from 80% full. This makes choosing a queue more like the conditions we face in the game. When you land, you can't know exactly what you will find but you do know that some places have better loot than others. Queue 1 and 2 give you choice of map and a much reduced instance of weather. In exchange, you have to wait a bit longer and have more people who are committed to that style of game play. And players can still exit a game before parachuting in-- at a cost of time and effort. This is a complicated system and might open more problems than it solves, but it does preserve both player choice and the spirit of the Battle Royale.
  8. Admittedly I would not be swayed by this tactic (I suck and have probably reached a point of diminishing returns). And I agree with your assessment of ranked and unranked play. Just want to incentivize play that encourages folks to play a variety instead of locking in to a few choices. I'm assuming the devs will want to create more new content along the way and we can't keep balkanizing the player base.
  9. Mass Plane Drop

    There is a bug on the new Miramar map in which the plane drops all 100 players as soon as it enters the play zone. I imagine that many folks complain about this but I think it is great. This bug (if it is a bug-- maybe the devs are running an experiment...) seems to fit the spirit of the game beautifully. It should not happen often but it should happen just enough that players should be nervous about it. You could even have it where the plane does not let you jump out but dumps everyone at a predetermined location (cities would work best). And when folks cry about it the devs should respond with their best Bond-villain laugh: "Do you expect us to play without all our gear?" "MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!"
  10. Long post with a disclaimer to start: I don't think this decision will wreck the game and I doubt the big regions will experience much disruption to wait times. I would assume that if the smaller regions are affected too much that the choice will be removed. I offer a few alternative solutions at the end of the post. I do think allowing players to opt out of weather maps violates the spirit of the game. This is an example of giving players what they SAY they want instead of something that is good for the game. It is especially odd given that players already have a way to opt out of a weather map. Sure, it costs a little time and a very small amount of effort to go back to the lobby if you enter a game with weather you don't like, but that cost seems reasonable. The game is about throwing players into difficult and challenging situations. If a player wants to choose the conditions in which they fight, they can expend the little effort it takes to make it happen. There are a lot of things that the PUBG community SAYS they want which is not what they MEAN they want. And often neither what they SAY they want nor what they MEAN they want are good for the game. For example: there is a fairly steady stream of folks who SAY they want more ARs to spawn-- that there are too many pistols and shotguns and clothes and whatever else. You'll hear this about other items too: "I want more of X." Unfortunately I suspect that when folks say "I want more of X" what they really mean is: "I want more of X as long as no one else has more of X." A significant part of this game is dealing with scarcity. From a game stand-point it is good that we don't have everything we want right at our immediate disposal. It forces us to go out and scrounge and hunt and watch our backs. There is a strong tendency for the community to SAY they want new maps and new scenarios but then complain about them. Rain map: "I can't hear!" (that is the point). Fog map: "I can't see!" (also the point) and "It sounds weird!" (so?). Miramar map: "It's too big!" Folks seem interested in a night map which will seem great until the moment it drops and then folks will complain that it is too dark. And they will want night vision goggles (as long as no one else gets night vision goggles). This boils down to comfort. Players SAY they want variety but they really WANT comfort. I don't think PUBG should feel obligated to make players comfortable. Discomfort is a big part of what makes this game re-playable. If there are frame-rate problems with specific maps, that is a game-play issue and should be addressed. But as far as I can tell, the maps and weather effects are generally solid. The complaints are largely based on personal preference and not on technical operation. A few suggestions as alternatives: Lightly incentivize play in the more rare weather conditions. Increase the BP rewards (lightly) and perhaps provide opportunities to earn cosmetic gear that is only available through play in those conditions. You could earn special loot boxes or straight-up gear for reaching benchmarks in those maps. Folks can still leave, they just can't earn some cool stuff. Statistics / leader-boards are not maintained for those who globally opt out of conditions. This is just for those who click the button to automatically avoid a weather condition. The battle royale experience should mean you accept a level of discomfort. Players who fully accept the challenge get to be on the leader-board. Anyone else is playing buffet style-- more like an arcade. This resets each season so you can join back in to competitive play with the reset. In addition, you do need to play (parachute into) at least one of each map per season to appear on the leader-board. Players can still exit back to the lobby (without penalty) but that puts the responsibility on them to get the maps they need. You can leave a map you don't like but that is on you. Folks who choose to accept all weather conditions should have preference when it comes to filling games. People who globally opt out have put a stress on the system. Their actions can lead to longer wait times. They should not benefit from that. They should not be excluded, but they should be expected to wait longer than someone who is willing to play in any game environment. Again, individuals can exit back to the lobby but that puts the responsibility on them and they pay a cost in time and effort.
  11. I like it. It is big so fights around vehicles seem more common.
  12. Lag at game beginning

    Just today (12/7/2017) I started having very choppy beginnings to the game. Parachute landing has been especially bad. The big mansion on the eastern side of Yasnaya (next to the police station / jail) did not spawn in once until after I was on the ground. Gameplay after has generally been fine but the game did freeze once when I was fighting over a crate drop (not good timing). Up until today, the game has been running very well for me. I have not had laggy starts like this for many months. All the best. MajorFun
  13. You're over-extending the sports analogy just to find fault. The point of the sports analogy was to show how they can make an increase or decrease statement based on observed trends. The other example I gave about homicides could be used to address your issue with "hidden shots." Crime statistics are not all inclusive. They don't ( and can't) record all crimes-- just the ones that have been reported or perhaps prosecuted. There are hidden crimes all the time. That doesn't make the statistics based on sampling worthless. It just makes the available information limited. As to your X and Y example: you are describing sampling.You even say "X*0.25 by identified by the same parameters" Your sample X is "identified hackers" which is definitely within the scope of "hacking population" and your parameters (you don't define this but I'm assuming you mean how the hackers are identified) stay the same (your words). You have claimed that Bluehole's statement is worthless and misleading. It's only worthless if you are expecting to know exactly how many cheaters there are in PUBG (or any game for that matter). Their statement is limited. Their statement only indicates a trend. Reading more into that isn't supported by the statement or by Bluehole's other statements about how difficult it has been (and is going to continue to be) to combat cheating.
  14. While your team is in a season they won't know how many shots will occur on goal in the next week. Not until those games happen. When they do happen, they compare those to the previous week. If they prevented more shots on goal then they will say the volume of shots on goal decreased and can assign a percentage to that reduction. This is exactly like the cheaters. Bluehole will not know who is a cheater until those incidents occur. If they have fewer incidents they can say there was a decrease of some percent. If there are more they would have to say the volume of cheating has increased some percent. But notice that this is still a comparison of some current amount to some past amount. They are not saying they know who all the cheaters are. And that comparison is useful, we do it in almost all fields of study when we measure our activities over time (sales and test-scores and poverty rates). When we hear a report that there has been a 10% decrease in the number of homicides, it doesn't mean we added up all the homicides ever and reduced that number by 10%. It means that the number of homicides that occurred recently is 10% less than a comparable time in the past. It is valuable information but just limited to some reference point. It points to a trend. We will get better information as they get better reference points and better ways of measuring. All this said, it just comes back to something I think you and I agree on and that is knowing the number of bans and knowing the trend does not tell us how many matches are affected by cheaters. That information is much more useful to us.
  15. Idea to make pistol useful/viable

    I agree. I think the boost idea is interesting but I'm not sure it fits this game. Some other ideas for pistols: Your movement with pistols is faster and more silent than other weapons. Significantly so. Especially indoors. Wall / object interference is less with pistols (again for those close quarters fights in buildings and forests) The gun is less obtrusive when you ADS-- could become slightly translucent to help track opponents. This simulates that you aren't holding it up to your face in the same way you would a shouldered weapon. I think all weapons should be able to be swung as an improvised melee weapon but pistols would be faster.