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  1. Desert Map - First Vehicle Revealed

    I like having vehicles that do not look like they should be used for combat. The VW Kombi bus is perfect for squads. For 2 or 3 people we could have the Karmann Ghia (this one is 1962):
  2. Desert Map - First Vehicle Revealed

    Well, yeah-- you need room for the coolers and the hibachi and maybe some beach umbrellas
  3. A cave system and underwater loot in Erangel

    PUBG in the Underdark. I like it!
  4. Ruinestower Without a Exit

    It's the time-out corner!
  5. How far from the last circle can someone stay and still medi-win? I'm just curious how far someone can stay from the center of the action. I think the medi-win is entirely appropriate, just should not be able to happen too far from the fighting. I like the idea of another, deadlier circle. Might allow devs to decrease the standard circle damage a little (doesn't have to be much...) The red circle could move at a constant, slow rate. Never so fast that it can entirely close, but fast enough that you can't medi-win outside of the last two, maybe three, circles.
  6. Is ReShade blocked for all now?

    I don't disagree with you @xTekx (disregard the dubious double-negative and dreaded alliteration). I have not experienced any tactical advantage to having it (I will always be a crap player)-- but I can see how it can be an advantage, especially to that really competitive sub-set who can make the most of small changes. That puts it perilously close to other computational assists we call hacks. I think it's just a matter of time before PUBG asserts full control over the game's aesthetic (and all aspects of the game). That makes sense from an artistic and business stand-point. Also makes sense if they want to be an e-sport (or at least run in those same circles). I'm fine with that. In the meantime, I'll enjoy a slightly more colorful island with ReShade.
  7. Is ReShade blocked for all now?

    Thanks Haze.
  8. Battleye is blocking the dxgi.dll file from ReShade. I've had this happen before but after one or two re-tries it goes through. Not today. I removed ReShade and the game started right up. Re-installed ReShade and blocked. Is this for everyone? Anyone else unable to use ReShade? Thanks!
  9. Just for the sake of variety, what if we could have a Triangle of Death instead of the Circle? Would look like: Inner triangles could form or you could have two of the walls contract. Initial orientation can be randomized.
  10. Same. Left and right of me is fine. Directly front or back? Problems. Steelseries Siberia V2.
  11. I don't think the game needs more guns or ammo types. I do think it would be cool if weapons on a map were themed. Just some examples: WWII era Vietnam era (insert nation of your choice) iconic weapons Bullpup design
  12. A grown up conversation about cheats

    I'm with @xTekx on this. I think the very blatant examples of cheating skew the overall perception of cheating. It's definitely there-- no doubt-- but less than many claim. My guess is that they do perform analysis on their data, it's just less formal than we would want from a finished product. Right now I assume they lean heavily on BattleEye and focus on other things. In the mean time, we do have obviously ridiculous stats which tells us the issue is still there, but doesn't really tell us how much. I still think it is relatively low.
  13. Why does this game not have a Quick melee?

    I don't want one punch kills like Titanfall 2 but I think swinging your gun as a melee weapon when you are out of bullets makes sense. I think it should do less damage than melee-specific weapons (yes, even the magical pan) and be slower than bare fists. It's a crappy, heat-of-the-moment, last-ditch attack that no self-respecting nor marginally skilled player would choose given any other option. So, perfect for me.
  14. Week 26 patch

    I've been able to still pull it off with LEFT CTRL as crouch. It is not as smooth nor as quick as the double key-bind but I think that's more about me being old and lazy. I have been able to jump out of windows and get over taller obstacles.
  15. Jungle Map

    I like the idea. Curious if it would be any more or less graphics intensive then current map.