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  1. i_shoot_lazers

    Cheating Discussion

    Well they broke ping matching recently.
  2. i_shoot_lazers

    Cheating Discussion

    Ok that's it, I'm at that point again where the game is unplayable due to cheaters. Bye bye
  3. i_shoot_lazers

    Cheating Discussion

    the problem with the cheaters is, you have to fight them more effectively than honest players leave the game. I think overall not much happens. Bluehole bans some, some players quit because of the cheaters. The ratio stays the same. I would really love to have a physical copy of the game, so I could take a physical shit on the game as soon as a better game comes out, or you know, they could FIX PUBG ? who am I kidding
  4. i_shoot_lazers


    Gotta love a large magazine ? My favourite part is when I aim at the ground behind him and he drops dead. But I guess that's the replay feature for ya ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯
  5. i_shoot_lazers


    I bet he shat himself though.
  6. i_shoot_lazers

    Cheating Discussion

    wall hack (esp) is the most popular cheat, I did a little digging on cheat sites and it seems they're the only category that is hardly detectable, that's why. I'm actually top >1% according to statistics but I run into cheaters all the fucking time. This game is god awful and great at the same time.
  7. i_shoot_lazers

    Cheating Discussion

    Hey, I'm the guy with the loot esp cheater. Check out who I died to just now. Magically smelled me before he could see me. https://clips.twitch.tv/RefinedAntediluvianFalconThisIsSparta
  8. i_shoot_lazers

    Cheating Discussion

    that certainly explains the situation I experienced. Btw I DID watch the replay, but when I was in range the guy was already at the place, fully equipped, lol. I mean it's border line possible, but maybe he even teleported there
  9. i_shoot_lazers


    @DeadlyEggXoP Agreed, that's the trade off. You gotta take your shot more carefully / aim better because of the limited ammo, but you're rewarded with great stability.
  10. i_shoot_lazers

    Cheating Discussion

    Can't be that I jump off the plane directly into a fast car, go to the outskirts of the map and am greeted by a guy with a SCAR and a k98 in level2 gear.
  11. i_shoot_lazers


    really? Blue zone changes are like a running gag the changes do nothing, I've never thought "oh bluezone so bad", or "oh bluezone so good now". It's like a compulsive disorder Bluehole has, can't stop tweaking the Blue zone
  12. I dont play Sanhook at all. It's basically loot one group of houses, be fully equipped, sit in a bush. If you start off center and drive to the center, someone is gonna sit in a bush and kill u when you arrive. The map is just too small. Dont know what I'm supposed to do the whole time
  13. i_shoot_lazers

    I would like to delete my locked crates.

    i don't even bother buying new, because they all seem to be locked anyway
  14. i_shoot_lazers


    Uhm, that's the part the Vector does for you. That's why it is so good.
  15. What I liked instantly about PUBG is it's apokalyptic anarchic character. The russian map added onto that.