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  1. Hackers everywhere

    Actually a good idea, I mean what for do we have a fucking root kit installed on your PCs? BattlEye could easily figure out a unique hardware ID.
  2. They were laughing at you because they're all hacking.
  3. @r0eladn I did notice the aimpunch phenomenom (mechanic?), but I'm thinking of situations where I can't even get a shot off where I should have.
  4. Yeah it does not always happen. I would be ok with it if it was a game mechanic, I just want to rule out that it's a technical issue.
  5. Basically when I am hit first it's almost impossible to kill the enemy due to this
  6. Desert map is too big

    You see the problem is, when everyone camps noone is having fun. I'm a sneaky player myself, but you can't always sit it out. If you're in a deadlock situation the pussy dies in the red zone praying his opponent isn't a pussy, too. I prefer to die fighting.
  7. Just hoping the chinese client version will bring something with it.
  8. Interesting results. Even with the hype of the new map on the test servers today, performance and cheating are still considered more important issues by FAR. Take note, Bluehole.
  9. Desert map is too big

    If this would truly be a problem it could be solved by increasing the vehicle spawn. The map is kinda snipey though, right? I got the feel scope are gonna be even more OP
  10. Make reviving team mates consume a med pack

    I don't know the implications game play wise but it's kinda unrealistic the way it is.
  11. Region Lock The Game

    Well good, then binding their discount accounts to asian servers would be super effective.
  12. Suche Duo-Partnerin (w)

    uh la la, Techtelmechtel auf Erangel. /push 4 love
  13. Little poll attached. I hope I didn't forget any major reasons.
  14. Region Lock The Game

    I think it makes a difference for a hacker if he is risking a 30$ account rather than 2,50$. Especially if there is commercial interest involved (selling crates).
  15. Region Lock The Game

    @FleaMarket they WILL get a seperate client, that is a confirmed fact. I pray that this client will only be able to connect to chinese servers.