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  1. I don't know the implications game play wise but it's kinda unrealistic the way it is.
  2. Suche Duo-Partnerin (w)

    uh la la, Techtelmechtel auf Erangel. /push 4 love
  3. do not punish passive playstyle

    Have only read some answers but it should be clear that you should be rewarded better for top 10 than for top 80 and that there must be a balance between rewarding survival and kills.
  4. Suche Duo Partner/in

    Spiele täglich von ca 7:30 - 9:30 morgens, aber auch am Wochenende (von morgens früh bis abends spät :). Wäre vielleicht günstig wenn du über 30 wärst. Es gilt dies Prinzip
  5. Suggestion for dealing with cheaters.

    If you do the math casual players will even be rewarded. The more you play the more you will be punished by this calculation. And any power gamer who doesn't play for selling the items has their all shit together quickly anyway, so who cares about BP. Will only hit sellers really.
  6. Idea to make pistol useful/viable

    Make them shoot lasers
  7. Suggestion for dealing with cheaters.

    Just add harsher diminishing returns on weekly crate prices. Instead of 700 1400 2800 make it 400 1600 6400 etc ....
  8. Why is there no auto matching for Duos?

    Well that turned out to be a nice way of meeting chinese men.
  9. Why is there no auto matching for Duos?

    ooh thanks man, I just hopped into a game and quit before the other person had joined, so I thought no matching
  10. Vidéo speak by itself

    that's what it looks like to play against players with 300ms ping. Solution: region lock once again.
  11. Player shoots lag at you

    I that wasn't connected to the topic of the thread really... just happened shortly after I created it. Just now: 2 shots fired at me at a distance, 2 seconds freeze, dead. Usually it's happening at short distances when me and my opponent open fire at each other at the same time ... bang bang, 1 second freeze, dead. Is this related to high ping of foreign region players? One reason more for region lock. Game is unplayable... either technical issues or cheater, and if no cheater then there is always the doubt. Maybe he had aim bot? Or at least no recoil macro? And that kills the fun.

    @Takarii Do you realize how many cheaters there are? https://twitter.com/thebattleye?lang=en No way in hell could you go against this unautomated. But apparently BattlEye is not enough, that's why I came up with this additional method of automation.
  13. Player shoots lag at you

    aaand i'm one shotted by GangChangYang from a distance where the shots aren't even audible.