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  1. i_shoot_lazers

    Anyone else experience lag when being shot at?

    Please keep it on topic, I stated specifically when this occurs. The game runs smooth on medium/high settings otherwise. I have Radeon RX 470 graphics and Asus Xonar sound. 1 in 50 games I have a hard 1s+ lag situation, more often its below 200ms (which is of course enough to lose the fight) and mostly it is hardly noticable but it's always in the back of your head that gun fights=stress due to this bug). Maybe it is me having an unavoidable random lag spike, maybe the other player has a high ping, I don't know. I wish the devs could track down such performance hits themselves and analyse them ... @jonboiwaltune I also had the assumption that it might be a sound issue, tried playing without sound but due to the elusive nature of this bug I wanted to ask if others have the issue and find parallels rather than do extensive tests myself
  2. Every so often I die because my game more or less freezes when I'm being shot at. This is my biggest issue with the game, other than cheaters.
  3. their hit boxes could also be a bit more generous (towards the player) .. this is a little ridiculous
  4. i_shoot_lazers

    QBZ is a nice gun, ain't it?

    The editing gave me all sorts of cancer. You should be doing excellent as a "Youtuber". Good luck boy
  5. watch this, I can't even figure out the enemy in slow mo
  6. it's a matter of playback... add a delay of say 300ms to what the player DOES you are spectating and voila, everything in sync.
  7. you should have included "not playing on NA"
  8. finally. Took long enough for me to uninstall PUBG and install Overwatch again. lol
  9. I wish they'd at least fix the d-sync in the replay.
  10. i_shoot_lazers

    Suche Duo-Partnerin (w)

    uh la la, Techtelmechtel auf Erangel. /push 4 love
  11. i_shoot_lazers

    Suche Duo Partner/in

    Spiele täglich von ca 7:30 - 9:30 morgens, aber auch am Wochenende (von morgens früh bis abends spät :). Wäre vielleicht günstig wenn du über 30 wärst. Es gilt dies Prinzip
  12. i_shoot_lazers

    Vidéo speak by itself

    that's what it looks like to play against players with 300ms ping. Solution: region lock once again.
  13. i_shoot_lazers

    Player shoots lag at you

    I that wasn't connected to the topic of the thread really... just happened shortly after I created it. Just now: 2 shots fired at me at a distance, 2 seconds freeze, dead. Usually it's happening at short distances when me and my opponent open fire at each other at the same time ... bang bang, 1 second freeze, dead. Is this related to high ping of foreign region players? One reason more for region lock. Game is unplayable... either technical issues or cheater, and if no cheater then there is always the doubt. Maybe he had aim bot? Or at least no recoil macro? And that kills the fun.
  14. i_shoot_lazers

    Player shoots lag at you

    aaand i'm one shotted by GangChangYang from a distance where the shots aren't even audible.