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  1. Tharkkun

    Really need to fix desync issue

    They also bumped the tick rate up which can actually have an adverse effect. If your latency was already low then you're probably fine but those with higher latency it can actually make things worse. Or if their client can't process the 60hz rate it may be downgrading them to 40/30/20/etc. Latency and Choke is mostly out of your control. https://www.nbnco.com.au/blog/entertainment/affects-of-choke-on-gameplay.html
  2. Tharkkun


    It's infuriating honestly. They are falsely banning thousands of players because of whatever they are getting wrong and now this cheat has been going on for 3 weeks. They just can't keep up.
  3. Tharkkun


    Waaaah! They heard me shoot or walk and followed me until they killed me so I cry ESP. It gets so old.
  4. Tharkkun

    Hackers Dominating this game

    Well until they fix the stutter from the replay system I won't have any video evidence to provide. Not to mention the replay is broken except in the extreme aimbot cases.
  5. Tharkkun

    Here is a crazy idea

    This game isn't based on your hitscan games like Call of Duty where aim, sights, fire, dead. Gravity actually exists in this game which means your bullets don't fly for infinity.
  6. I'm not the one crying about it. Sounds like a good place you to voice your grievances though.
  7. Tharkkun

    Dsync ?

    The faster overall internet speeds really don't do anything to help the problems. You could have a 10 mbit line from the same ISP and your performance would be the same given you weren't saturating your line doing other things in your house. (Streaming, downloading, etc)
  8. Tharkkun

    Cheating Discussion

    You probably had a huge lag spike while moving and when it corrected that's where the server predicted you moved to. You probably would've been further if there wasn't a barrel to stop you. Happens with parachuting all the time.
  9. Tharkkun

    You have Been banned from steam

    It would be in Bluehole's best interest to remove every single ban that happened during that timeframe regardless of the reason. The actual cheaters will get caught again or will stop knowing they were pinched. Own up to your mistakes for once.
  10. Tharkkun

    What is better fpp or tpp

    Well ping limiting is the only thing that will truly save this game. They need to get these games under 75ms. But it's a lost cause because they sold the game outside regions before thinking of the problems it presents. Then again who knew the game would blow up like it did.
  11. Tharkkun

    What is better fpp or tpp

    They really don't suck. But the majority of the time they are playing on servers across the world because they don't have local ones. Every single Asian I know in the US is amazing at any game.
  12. Tharkkun

    What is better fpp or tpp

    I probably would. The appeal of this game compared to others is the TPP gameplay. FPS purists want to denounce anything they don't like and I guarantee in SEA/AS TPP is the dominant game mode.
  13. First and always first disable replay / death cam and Nvidia Highlights if you use them. Then do your drivers, Windows updates, etc.
  14. A game with dedicated servers and 1/4 the player size in each match isn't a good example. It's a problem because of the 100 player matches.