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  1. Tharkkun

    Put Level 3 helmet back in

    They have twitter, facebook, email feedback, other 3rd party forums, chinese forums, etc. It could even be in person feedback at events. Someone said it or they wouldn't say this.
  2. Tharkkun

    Why I DON'T want region lock

    Because ISP's have peering contracts. So to get from point A to B using AT&T as your ISP and doing the same on Comcast you can take a completely different route. If the VPN is on an ISP with a better route it may actually decrease their latency a bit. Not drastically though. Also many gamers in China use them to tunnel through the great firewall of China which allows them to play games not authorized inside the country.
  3. Have you ever played a MMO before that wasn't on a console? Just like this game they are a work in progress. The game will be tinkered, fine tuned, adjusted and systems might even be redesigned entirely. It's the nature of online gaming. I've put in close to 700 hours into this game. For a game that "doesn't work" it's pretty strange how many people played it in the past and still continue to play just fine.
  4. I'm sure it uses ping, latency and packet loss to determine what the best location is.
  5. There's also far less people playing on the PTR nowadays especially during the day. A couple PTR's ago it was 15 minutes to find a match.
  6. Tharkkun

    Update 22 looks AMAZING!

    They will still have a high ping and be placed in their own region. The client pings the server and not vice versa so through the VPN tunnel their ping will be high still.
  7. The original ranking system was imagined by a 3rd party so they just created ranks to be cool. It was not official PUBG ranks.
  8. Tharkkun

    Sanhok needs its grass cut...

    Just like checking all your corners even if you think a building is deserted you must look in the grass when running blindly on Sanhok. Especially late game. You'll remember next time.
  9. Tharkkun

    When will trading system open again ?

    No one lost money from items on bot accounts. That's a gamble you took yourself. You can still sell them on Steam. You just can't illegally use 3rd party websites to do it.
  10. Tharkkun

    When will trading system open again ?

    Since there's no way to stop people from selling items on 3rd party sites and then trading them I doubt trading will ever come back.
  11. Tharkkun

    Cheating Discussion

    The server either accepts the data or it doesn't. When you send it foolish data its just going to drop it or in most cases crash your own game. It's not like a website with a vulnerability where a carefully crafted packet can cause a buffer overflow. The best you'd be able to do is crash the server itself. There was something in Early Access that could do that, but it was a normal action done in game.
  12. Tharkkun

    Cheating Discussion

    Apples and Oranges. While browsing the web you're not dealing with real time data and location information that must arrive with pinpoint accuracy. If your computer is older then your web page just renders slower. If you add it to a real time application it really messes with things. They may have some very low level encryption in place but most of the time it can be cracked easily because we have access to the client.
  13. Tharkkun

    Cheating Discussion

    If they encrypt the data stream it will raise the system requirements and potentially increase the latency even more. Your machine will need to decrypt it real-time along with what it already does.
  14. Tharkkun

    You nerfed loot - Why?

    I'm just saying it's probably not a bug. If it's really happening beyond RNG then it was probably sneakily nerfed. I haven't played in a month but kinda read these still. Wow owns my life again!
  15. Tharkkun

    You nerfed loot - Why?

    Just install some radar and you can tell if it's under the floor. I doubt that's the issue as some cheaters would speak up. When they add new weapons they replace a weapon so there's no changes necessary to the spawning code.