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  1. Actually the Steam moderation tools don't allow them to to ban people from posting without extreme justification. They have to submit posts to be closed as well. They really don't give control to the companies to police their own game. PUBG corp isn't the first to complain about this.
  2. Amazon web services. Everything is virtual. They are charged based on cpu time and bandwidth. Now that 3 million players aren't online consistently (we're down to less than 500k) their costs have plummeted. Plus it's cheap as hell compared to what traditional server hosting costs. Even if it costs a million a month which would be absolutely ridiculous they could still probably go for 30 years.
  3. Tharkkun

    Difficult to stay positive...

    For starters. Turn off Death Cam and Replay and see if the issue goes away. Turn off Nvidia Replay if you have that brand of card.
  4. If they run out of money in less than 5 years then it means they completely mismanaged their entire company from marketing down to development. They have made over a billion in revenue so far just from copies sold. That doesn't include microtransactions and other revenue. Star Wars Galaxies, arguably one of the most costly games ever made to date was just over 100 million over 5 years of development. This game has been developed for just over 2.5 years and they didn't ramp up their development staff until they started working on the desert map. So labor costs were super low for the 1st 1.5 years.
  5. You'll just get broke half completed patches with like 5 lines of patch notes if they do it every week. That won't help the game nor do you want that to happen. Bug fixes or the re-writing of an in game system doesn't happen in a week. Not when it might've taken them months to write it in the first place.
  6. Just open a ticket and post a link to the video. Reporting instructions are stickied in the forum.
  7. Early Access ended at the end of December when the game launched 1.0.
  8. Tharkkun

    How is this game so broken?

    They turned off family sharing after people were abusing this.
  9. Tharkkun

    How is this game so broken?

    There were 13 million accounts banned. From a casual player no, it doesn't make sense. From a cheater who has hundreds of accounts they just play each week until they get 6 crates. Then rinse repeat with their next account. One $100 item is $700 of their currency. Items sold for a hell of a lot more the first 5-6 months. Plus they were using the family account sharing option to avoid having to buy new copies of the game. They would just link a new account to their family. The primary account wouldn't get banned so they'd rinse/repeat. Every time a new crate came out which was almost every month the cheating skyrocketed while they farmed crates. If selling of items on 3rd party sites wasn't an issue (which it was) then they wouldn't have turned off trading either.
  10. Tharkkun

    How is this game so broken?

    $1 USD translates to nearly $7 in China. $8 for a Euro. They sell it to people in the US/Europe and make a killing. Items were selling for $500+ dollars for the first couple of crates. Some rare ones for $2,000. @MrHappyPenguin It was actually pretty consistent for 3-4 months. Rare items still held their value.
  11. Tharkkun

    How is this game so broken?

    Not for a game that allowed you to cheat in order to purchase loot boxes which you could sell on 3rd party websites removing both Steam and Bluehole from the profit. I'm frankly just surprised they allowed trading to go on as long as they did and even more shocked why they haven't cancelled the marketplace portion altogether.
  12. Tharkkun

    How is this game so broken?

    Less than 100k per month for the last 9 months.
  13. I can create 100 Amazon Prime accounts right now using different email addresses. Do you not think people exploiting the marketplace wouldn't do this? Hell they'd probably use fraudulent credit cards to pay for it. If you don't think Twitch had a say in this considering they are bigger than Bluehole then you're delusional as well. Bluehole didn't get annoyed at 3rd party websites. Using 3rd party websites is a violation of the EULA of the Steam Marketplace. Trading items which are sold outside of Steam can and will get your Steam account banned if they catch you. That's why they disabled trading. Because not only were people like yourself trading items outside of Steam they were scamming people out of items. If people want the items they can easily subscribe to a Prime account and get them. If you missed out on past items, boo hoo. That's life.
  14. Click options in the Blizzard launcher and run scan and repair. It's something with the intro video though. Its most likely corrupted and my friend has the same problem. 1 person out of 6 but that's a lot of people if millions have purchased the game.
  15. Tharkkun

    Cheating Discussion

    Yeah. I believe Overwatch uses some kind of ghosts so to speak that your client can't see render but the data is streamed to you. Aimbots will shoot at them though.