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  1. Ran over by my own vehicle

    How about this. Let's let a Jeep going 3 MPH run you over and see if you can move after.
  2. If people discuss issues constructively without flaming, being rude, etc then yes that's what forums are intended to be used for. Even trolling can be positive if it's in good fun and not meant to be derogatory.
  3. Ghost vehicle

    I wish. They don't show on the replay map either. I'm so confused it's not even funny. I wish I had taken a screenshot but we didn't start giving our buddy shit until they vehicle was long gone and he said where were you guys shooting at?
  4. patch this week?

    Watch the twitter feed on the right. If they deploy a patch to the PTR and all goes well you can expect the patch to hit live servers the following day. Usually it's Tuesday or Wednesday.
  5. Here's a fun one. So my pals are driving along and an armored jeep drives by. We stop after the vehicle is shot a couple of times and all 3 of us jump out. 2 of us lay an entire clip from each of our weapons into the vehicle. No knockouts and it keeps going. Our 3rd friend says what were you guys shooting at? We're like what? There was a vehicle with 3 guys that drove by. We lit up the vehicle big time. We made fun of him for the rest of the night. They pulled the replay later and low and behold it shows up shooting into thin air. No vehicle...
  6. Report system needs an update.

    I'm sorry you're unable to understand the directions given by the company receiving the reports. PUBG corp has instructed users to use the "Line of sight" checkbox for ESP reports. Do you understand what that means? Wallhack. ESP. Being able to see and shoot someone without line of sight is the same thing. It doesn't mean you're going to actually hit them. I played counterstrike back in 1.3 with the xyzbot for about 3 weeks on a burner account when cheats were out of control. I could see each and every player half way across the map. They had pretty little balls over their head. I had advanced knowledge of where everyone was and could plan for it. Just because you're now looking through a mountain or across a field doesn't mean it isn't incorporating tech from the past. Someone dubbed it ESP even though it's nothing more than a wallhack.
  7. Report system needs an update.

    Sigh. That's what Bluehole has stated they want it reported as since it's basically the same thing. They wouldn't know where you were located without ESP. Many cheaters shoot you when you when they have no line of sight, even if it hits the wall. You can search for it if you desire.
  8. Lag when i tab?

    Look in the options section to not render your character in the inventory screen. That should speed things up.
  9. Continuously creating threads on the same tired old topics that they have been working to combat for months isn't constructive at all either. It just fills up the forums with garbage so it makes sense to remove them. I know people come here after a hard loss or some random cheater but if they post like a hothead it's going to get removed.
  10. new crates release date

    You're probably pretty damn accurate on that number so continue going with it!
  11. PLEASE someone explain this!!

    Around 40 second mark it looks like you missed one and the other hit a pan. Once they are knocked down it takes 2 shots to kill people with a Kar98 unless they've been previously knocked down or you hit them in the head. Green blood is forced upon those in China I believe.
  12. Report system needs an update.

    I agree. If the game exempts recoil data when building both the replay and death came that option should be removed. People still continue register new accounts to open threads and claim every death today is to no-recoil without understanding why it appears that way. Attacking without line of sight is the option to use for ESP. We've been told that already as well.
  13. Instead it could be like other games where queue times are 2-5 minutes. The time you lose waiting for the game to start you gain in nearly instant queue times.
  14. Ping and it could also have to do with the time of day you play.
  15. 3 of the 4 have SSD's in my squads. Mine isn't even a PCIE sata but it's a solid drive. 2 of the 4 people have loading issues when I play with them. 1 of the 4 still has the bug where he will almost land and buildings don't appear. But I'm sure that's unique to his setup.