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  1. Unrendering the map a few circles back could help performance enough to allow grass to render past the ~75m or so it currently does.
  2. It wouldn't cause a problem on lower end computers because it would only happen when there was a few players left alive on the server. Here's some steps you guys could try to satisfy low end computers. Keep in mind these numbers are just an example, only the developers will know what numbers are possible. 1. When only 10 players are left alive, increase the distance grass renders to 300 meters. 2. If this causes too much of a performance hit, only do this when the circle is also 300 meters in diameter 3. If this still causes too much of a performance hit, begin de-rendering the map beyond the blue zone. Let me explain what I mean here. Look at this crappy diagram I made then read description below. 1. There already exists a zone mechanic in the game where the further you are away from the blue, the more damage you take. It was implemented several patches ago. We are going to reinforce that idea here. 2. White zone play area is down to 300m diameter. 3. Blue zone from previous area is not yet moving, still a few minutes to get to the new white zone 4. Players notified if they do not get within X meters of the play area they will die instantly at this point 5. Blue zone begins shrinking, finally merges with white zone. Anyone not within X meters of the 300m play zone is killed. Blue wall no longer is infinitely transparent at X distance represented by the red circle. Anyone beyond that red circle is instantly killed and anything beyond the red circle is no longer rendered. View at that distance would just be a solid blue field. X could be whatever gives the correct performance for lower machines. An example could be 600 meters. When the circle is down to a 300m play area, you can see 600 meters in to the blue, but beyond that it's just an opaque blue wall and any players still that far away are instantly killed. It's not a big change since anyone that far away will normally be killed in a few seconds anyway.
  3. When you get to top 10 quite often games end in cover-less fields. Take this screenshot for example. This person thinks they are hidden but I clearly see them. From their point of view they have perfect concealment. From mine they are clearly visible when they should not be. Early and mid game, having grass stop rendering makes sense. The server can't handle it. But late game when they are 10 people alive and the circle only has a 300 meter diameter there is no reason not to increase render distance. Yes, they should. And currently players do. It's silly having to play around it though in top 10 when there circle is small and it ends in a cover-less field. It's quite frankly, boring gameplay wise since the circle very often ends in fields like this. Knowing you need to play around a stupid mechanic doesn't mean the stupid mechanic should stay in the game. The circle prevents this. If you just hide in the grass it's going to move in and kill you. I sincerely hope no one makes this argument since a basic gameplay mechanic already exists that will force people to move. I can't think of any other arguments against this really other than performance issues. But again, 10 players alive, circle size is usually very small at that point. It shouldn't be a problem to implement. Grass used to actually render at a much longer distance the entire match. They nerfed it in an optimization patch. If you're going to make any argument against this please consider grass used to render to 150m and you didn't complain about it then. Here is an example of the old grass render distance. Look at the mini-map. We can see it's roughly 150 meters. Here is the current render distance, it seems they halved it to about 75 meters:
  4. You're incorrect and I absolutely can. You're citing Rozhok as a high quality loot area when it's one of the worst named places on the map you can go for loot. Rozhok is a noob trap area in terms of dropping there for loot. If you're dropping there to solely get looted, you're falling for the trap. If you're dropping there to get kills and possibly ambush School and or Apartments, then it's fine. But dropping there for loot? You should have dropped Primorsk, Severny, or Lipovka if you wanted a smaller layout area to loot for high quality gear. If you want high quality and action? Drop Military or Yasnaya Polyana. Pochinki is okay, it has a lot of low quality loot buildings, but it does have a very high density. Still, it's a place you go for more action rather than more loot, just like Rozhok, when you compare it to the other areas of the map. And no I have never dropped Military and not gotten an AR. If it happens to you, it must be incredibly rare. I have never dropped any coastal town or Military and not walked out with an Assault Rifle. If I have it is so rare I can't even recollect the last time it happened to me. You need to stop dropping in low loot areas if you're not finding ARs. Again, Rozhok is a vastly overrated area in terms of loot.
  5. It currently is, I actually preferred the AR balance before they nerfed the M16 and SCAR and buffed the M416.
  6. Sounds like you're accidentally hitting the fire selector button. Try rebinding it to something that's harder to press accidentally.
  7. There should at a minimum be a firing range with all the weapons and infinite ammo stacks for every ammo type so you can shoot weapons and practice recoil. No new assets need to be created, load the firing range from Erangel, put a different gun on each booth as well as the picnic tables behind the firing range. Put a single infinite ammo stack for all the ammo types. This would take no longer than an afternoon lunch break to do. Nothing needs to be created.
  8. That is a fair statement to make and if you enjoy using it over other weapons there is no argument I can make against that. However, I could encourage you to try out the M416 if you really like the UMP's recoil. The M416 has very similar recoil to the UMP while doing immensely higher damage output. If you can control an UMP, you can control the M416, or any 5.56 AR for that matter, but the M416 especially. Carry the UMP like you normally would but when you encounter an M416 trade it out and swap over your grip and optic. I sometimes still do this because I find the UMP to be very aesthetically pleasing and will sometimes use it as my primary full auto gun just for fun, swapping when I find the M416. Give it a try.
  9. It's objectively not a beast at cqc. We can compare it against other weapons in it's class (every other SMG) and weapons it behaves similar to (ARs). It does the LEAST damage out of every SMG, and it does less damage than every AR. In fact, excluding bolt action rifles, the only weapons the UMP has more DPS than are the pistols and the mini-14. If we exclude pistols and bolt action rifles, the UMP has the 2nd lowest DPS in the game just beating the mini-14. If we only count fully-auto non-pistol weapons, the UMP has the lowest DPS in the game and therefore the longest time to kill in the game. If you are in cqc and your opponent has any other automatic weapon, they have a massive advantage over you. So it's objectively not a beast at cqc. Again, the facts about the weapon are more important than your feelings about the weapon. You must use it and "feel" like it's a god-tier cqc weapon, but it's factually not and factually one of the worst weapons you can take in to cqc.
  10. ? I find at least 1 AR and a UMP in every city I drop in before I leave the city to move to the next circle. I usually find an AR in my first house since I almost always drop at the houses that contain the best loot. You absolutely have a choice in what you carry. You may not be able to choose which specific AR you're going to carry, but you definitely can choose to leave a city with an AR+SMG or AR+shotgun or even double AR in most circumstances. You're dropping in the middle of nowhere and looting very poor quality houses if you think you don't have a choice. And I will repeat once more, Micro Uzi and Vector both have a niche, and every single Assault Rifle has a niche, all three Shotguns have a niche, each Sniper Rifle has a niche, the majority of guns have a niche where they can bring something unique to the table. UMP is one of the few weapons that does not, and it would be very easy to give it one. In fact, it used to have one but then it was nerfed. It used to have extremely low recoil, lower than the Micro Uzi. Then they nerfed its recoil to the point where if you can control the UMP spray you can control any 5.56 AR spray and the ARs are just a straight upgrade to the UMP so no point in using the UMP.
  11. I agree that the UMP's recoil being 40% higher than the Micro Uzi makes little sense. It's a larger platform that fires the same round at a much lower rate of fire, yet it recoils about 40% more than the Micro Uzi. I think reducing its recoil to be slightly better than the Micro Uzi might give it a niche. It'd be an excellent gun for newer players to use who can't yet handle AR recoil, and it'd be good in the hands of experienced players when engaged in cover shooting against a target leaning where you can only see their head. In most situations, ARs need to tap fire at peaking heads after a certain distance, an UMP with recoil that was closer to the uzi would be able to full auto even at a peaking head at medium distance.
  12. I never said I want the UMP to out DPS the Vector or Micro Uzi. It shouldn't out DPS any AR. It should perhaps do a little more damage and recoil less than a Micro Uzi since it fires the same round as a Micro Uzi, is much larger, and has a lower rate of fire than the MU. This chart isn't even correct. Each weapon in the game has it's own distance from which it can be heard. For example, the M16 is louder than a SCAR when both are suppressed. Here's a video showing the facts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcEY4vVkQow Also VSS is quieter than a UMP and it can be zeroed. You cannot zero an UMP (you possibly can if you use iron sights, but why would you use iron sights?) A UMP performs terribly without attachments. An AR with no attachments is a far better choice to a UMP with none
  13. This is not an argument. I could say the same for you since you're ignoring facts over and over, which is odd for someone who claims to be a scientist. It may not need to do more damage than an AR does to become an effective weapon. Perhaps it just needs a slight damage increase that doesn't give it more DPS than the weakest AR but brings it closer. Perhaps it needs a recoil reduction as it currently has more recoil than the Micro Uzi, which is a near pistol sized weapon that has a far higher rate of fire. It actually makes no sense for the UMP to have more recoil than the Micro Uzi when it both shoots slower, and is a much larger platform for firing the same round. Perhaps there is another solution entirely. As it currently stands however, it brings nothing to the table that cannot be done by an AR instead, whereas other SMGs offer something that can't be found in an AR, thus there is reason to carry them even if you have an AR.
  14. Again you're looking at things in a vacuum. If you're a scientist surely you have the capability to look at the greater picture? The UMP has no advantages over an AR at any range. It has advantages over SMGs at range, but ARs do that as well so why use an UMP? Outside of a silencer which can still be heard at slightly over 100m, there's no real advantage. The silencer is a weak argument because at 100+ meters the UMP offers terrible performance. We can quantify terrible performance by looking at the weapon stats: a 400 bullet velocity, large amount of hits required to kill, and high bullet drop. You're mostly arguing "it feels like it's good therefore it is". It's factually out performed by other SMGs up close, and ARs out perform it at all ranges, so if you were going to use it because it for its ranged capability then you'd just use an AR. Also you don't really help your argument when you continue calling the opposing side "stupid". Throwing around insults is incredibly immature and makes your posts seem very child like. I'm doing you a service by replying when you're including insults in every post.
  15. The UMP is factually inferior to ARs, I am not sure why this fact upsets you so much, but it simply is a fact, it's not meant to offend. Other SMGs provide tangible advantages over ARs in niche situations, the UMP does not. So it can be heard over 100 meters which is what I said. Either way, even if damage fall-off is not a factor, the facts I provided about the gun ripped directly from the game files: Bullet velocity of 400m which is less than half the velocity of any 5.56 AR, and much higher bullet drop, make it a poor weapon for engaging at 100 meters. Just because you can fire and hit someone at that range doesn't make it a good weapon for that range.