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  1. Okay I'll say it with you. "I think RNG blindness is a good mechanic and it adds a lot of depth to the game by having players get blinded in random intervals when they look through their scope." It doesn't sound any less idiotic when I say it with you.
  2. If you were a player who made top 10 consistently you'd understand that in most situations the best strategy is riding the blue wall keeping it at your back steadily as it eliminates the chance of getting shot in the back. It's already a huge advantage in many situations to be close to the blue wall. It doesn't need to punish players in the white as well.
  3. I scope in from 2-3 seconds and it happens 3 times during that duration. Scope in again from 6-7 seconds and it happens twice. Scope in again from 10-11 seconds and it happens twice more. It happens very frequently and will blind the scope almost once every second and sometimes several times a second. Look at the timestamps from the video. This is not acceptable.
  4. How does the blue zone blinding people inside of the white help shitty players? Eventually these people you call "shitty players" are going to be the one inside the white looking towards the blue. Who do you think will deal with being periodically blinded better, a good player who only needs half a second to line up a shot or a shitty player who takes much longer to aim? You aren't even making any sense at all since this effects players of all skill levels and does more to fuck over noobs who already have trouble aiming than people with higher mechanical skill.
  5. I can see your point of view but I'm not arguing about the red zone (which I kind of like) or the weapon drops or blue damage/speed etc. I'm only discussing a random blinding effect caused by the zone when you are looking towards it. You say you never won a game, well when you do win a game it's going to be a game where you out maneuvered your opponents (and had a bit of luck) to get in to the white zone before them. In this game where you have secured yourself an excellent position through well planned movements do you want to get blinded when you go to check your rear towards the zone? Also one of the best strategies for winning in the top 10 is using the blue zone as a safety wall and maneuvering along the wall between white and blue until you reach the thin side where the distance between white and blue is very small. In top 10 blue zone nukes your hit points so you already have a huge advantage in most cases by keeping it to your back since it is highly unlikely you will be shot in the back and you only have to worry about what it's front of you or others maneuvering alongside the rim. There doesn't need to be an additional advantage where anyone further in the white who tries to look at you gets blinded.
  6. But you agree on them wasting the time to add the effect? Because that was the test server's blue effect and the live server blue effect doesn't periodically blind your entire scope. It also removed quite a bit of advantage. I missed a shot because of it and took an extra second or two to line up the kill shots. I could have finished those two a good 4-5 seconds sooner without the blinding effects and then I wouldn't have been downed by the AWM. It's not a good mechanic to just blind players for absolutely no reason while they're trying to shoot people. It's also not "moaning" when a player offers feedback on the game, especially when the devs are asking for it. I have no idea why you and many others white knight this game as if it's a flawless masterpiece. Anyone who offers criticism isn't trying to hurt your beloved game. You are hurting it by trying to dismiss discussion.
  7. But I did win. I went on to get the final kill after my teammate revived me. I have no idea why you're defending an absolutely stupid mechanic that punishes good players for maneuvering in to the zone, but you're making yourself look pretty silly by stating I am complaining about a poorly implemented mechanic in a game I won as a ragepost.
  8. How is moving to get in to the zone before other people camping? Low rated players shouldn't be allowed to post on the forum.
  9. It's not justified. You should not be punished for being in the circle. If you are within the circle first and you look behind you to protect yourself from late comers to the circle there shouldn't be a punishment for being on time and in position.
  10. "Muh realism!" is not an argument. Giant moving electrical circles that can cover an 8x8km island do not exist in real life.
  11. "I'm happy that when you try to shoot at someone your scope can get filled with blinding light rendering you unable to see anything. This is good because I love RNG and the game needs more." What am I reading.
  12. There shouldn't be an advantage for being late. Look at my scope while trying to shoot them.
  13. The Blue Zone wall effects hinder the ability to spot targets. It needs to be a much more subtle effect that doesn't obfuscate a player's view of potential targets near the wall. A player should not be punished for looking in the direction of the Blue Zone. Here's a video showing an example. I am trying to target 2 players near the Blue Zone wall and the flashing effects make them completely invisible to me several times. The flashing effects only last a second but they repeat over and over and each time block the target. This thread is about the Blue Zone graphical effects. It is NOT about Blue Zone balance values such as damage, speed, etc. Please do NOT merge this thread with a balance thread on the Blue Zone as this thread is not related to that in any way.
  14. Recoil hasn't changed on test server for anything except pistols, which now have less recoil. Provide a source if you state otherwise.
  15. Nah that guy suggested solo only and it was confirmed by PU to be coming to solos. I suggested duo and squad on death of the squad. Either way I don't care whose idea, it was, the point is that it's here and it's going to stay. People who don't want it such as yourself will just have to deal with the fact that kill cams exist in every mode.