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  1. Add me on steam! BassTalk hit me up anytime
  2. Feel free to add me!

    My steam is BassTalk
  3. Looking for players or squad to play with

    Add me! my steam is BassTalk
  4. Looking For Players

    Hey! Feel free to add me steam: BassTalk
  5. Looking for duo or mates

    Feel free to add me to. My steam name is BassTalk
  6. LF Squad i wanna fun game

    My steam is basstalk! Feel free to add
  7. Looking for Squad/Dou Partners

    Hey I'll add you. My steam is basstalk

    Add me on steam for a duo! Steam:Basstalk i may get a squad going, you can join if you're down.
  9. DUO/TEAM!!

    Your name wasn't showing up on steam. Add me- basstalk
  10. New guy looking for people.

    Feel free to add me on steam -basstalk
  11. Looking for duos teammate

    My steam name is basstalk. Add me anytime
  12. Looking for people to play with

    I added you bro. Steam name is basstalk
  13. Looking to start a team or group

    Sent a request. I'm pretty much on daily
  14. NA Players 25+

    My steam name is basstalk, sent you a request.
  15. looking for group

    Okay I added you bro. My name is basstalk or GrippedGibson lol