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  1. LFS English speaking FPP SEA/AS

    Looking for squadmates to regularly play with. Preferably having a few hundred hours in game, but nothing set in stone. Add me on steam, Precisionguided
  2. Melee is useless, make it worth something..

    I think the main problem with melee right now is the desync and lag/teleporting that happens when you clip into someone. If either person has high ping or it’s the start of the match, where the lag is at its worst, they end up being very hard to hit.
  3. Melee is useless, make it worth something..

    Maybe add a katana with slightly longer reach?
  4. graphic artifacts, vertical lines when strafing by windows

    Also having this same issue, although not quite as prominent. Any ideas? 980 ti, 4790k, 32gb RAM. Windows 10, latest update.
  5. Add Sights to Lobby Island

  6. Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    You can find some solace in death knowing that your murderer was at least being eco friendly.
  7. Bomb Zone Ruining The Game?

    It’s not that random in where it appears and very random in whom and when it hits. it’s also annoying and has nothing to do with skill, except in the off chance you need it for noise cover. They even turn it off in tourneys because it’s ridiculous. That said, pu said in his ama that they won’t remove it.
  8. Make the penalty for being behind the blue, stack.

    They absolutely do this on purpose, especially higher ranked players. You have many of them on these forums explaining that they do. Just look in the tactics section. Sure, they might not do it past the 4th circle unless they’re just trying to outmed people, but before that, it’s a huge advantage surprising people, even if you have a few ticks of life missing. The blue doesn’t hurt much in the first few circles. And if you’re on the short end of the circle or have a vehicle, catching up is not an issue.
  9. Killed after I'm behind cover

    Lol. That’s desync and it seems like half the deaths in the game are a result of it. This is actually pretty mild compared to some that I’ve experienced and seen on reddit.
  10. Cheating has killed this game

    Yes. I think that’s what they’re planning. Unfortunately, Then all the cheaters will go squad/duo so they won’t be caught as easily.
  11. Auto-mute the game until your parachute is deployed

    What??? I can’t hear you! The plane is too loud and I have gale-force winds in my ear! Also, I’m deaf from people firing 762 beside my ear while I look into my own skull and see the backs of my eyeballs on the starter island.
  12. Binoculars and C4

    C4 will just mean more camping. Someone will be hiding in a bathroom waiting to hear someone come near, then a boom and giggling like a little schoolgirl will ensue. No. Skill. Involved.
  13. Uncooked grenade "fix"

    That would be too logical, like having characters who are trying to jump through windows or over objects lift their legs automatically.
  14. Triangle of Death

    This seems like an interesting idea. I don’t know if they’ll get around to implementing it anytime soon since they still need to fix the circle, but this could add a lot of variation. To take this even further, maybe they could have 2 or 3 separate circles/shapes, then merge them together in the end, pitting the survivors of each circle against each other. It does kind of get old when it’s always a circle and it always ends up around one of three places.
  15. Let us cancel reload with zoom in