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  1. Precisionguided

    Stuttering game after PC 1.0 Update #10

    The simple fact is, many people aren't particularly sensitive to stutter. I became sensitive to it because I used to use SLI back when frame pacing was terrible, and now whenever I see it, it brings back nightmares of my two 580's making tons of noise and heat all to produce high frames and high microstutter.
  2. Precisionguided

    Stuttering game after PC 1.0 Update #10

    Apparently can’t edit the post. Anyway, wanted to add that I’ve tried all kinds of troubleshooting, including host on/off, msi mode on the gtx card, no texture streaming, playing on a ram disk, etc.
  3. Precisionguided

    Stuttering game after PC 1.0 Update #10

    I’m experiencing the same stutters in the video and no stuttering in any other game, including bf1, Fortnite, hunt showdown, rainbow 6 siege, etc. specs are as follows: 8700k at 5.2ghz 32gb of 3600 ram 1080 ti at 2088 clock 960 evo 144hz g sync monitor. Can cap out almost all other games but this game is a stuttering mess. It was smooth many patches ago, though, and it’s a shame because I like the game.
  4. Precisionguided

    graphic artifacts, vertical lines when strafing by windows

    Also having this same issue, although not quite as prominent. Any ideas? 980 ti, 4790k, 32gb RAM. Windows 10, latest update.
  5. Precisionguided

    Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    You can find some solace in death knowing that your murderer was at least being eco friendly.
  6. Precisionguided

    Killed after I'm behind cover

    Lol. That’s desync and it seems like half the deaths in the game are a result of it. This is actually pretty mild compared to some that I’ve experienced and seen on reddit.
  7. Precisionguided

    Redzone death while inside a building

    This and I had 2 games in a row when I got red zoned 6 times in a row basically centered over me. Makes for great gameplay when you’re stuck waiting it out in a house in pochinki.
  8. Precisionguided

    Game did not end with us as winner

    Unfortunately it’s probably this. If it happens again, give all your meds to one guy and hope he out heals the other dude.
  9. Precisionguided


    I hate the lag, too, but expecting people to just stand there and wait for you to aim at them is not going to win you any fans here.
  10. Precisionguided

    Kar98 with silencer wont knock down enemies?

    I was wondering what had been happening to me. So many well placed shots doing nothing with the kar...
  11. Precisionguided


    Even if it’s zeroed at 100, that should still be a hit. Bullet drop isn’t that great over 100 meters. This, my friend, is a problem with the gun mechanics, which the game seems to be rife with, unless they’re purposely adding a lot of rng.