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  1. Hi, all. I'm a Web / UI Designer interested in doing an overhaul of PUBG's interface that I can add to my professional portfolio. Figured I might as well utilize my addiction to this game to do something productive. Does anyone know if there's an easy way for me to obtain some of the in-game assets? In particular, it'd be great if I could find the white weapon/item icons all in one place. I've grabbed some images from the Gamepedia wiki, but they all have drop shadows which makes it difficult to convert them to flat icons. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Please change the loot tables

    Those are the moments when I think, "Someone is going to be very pleased when they loot my corpse here in a couple minutes."
  3. Kill Points seem Under-Rewarded

    When you're playing the game at home, I encourage everyone to do whatever you have to in order to win - no holds barred. The issue here is making the game entertaining for spectators in a tournament setting. I imagine most people don't want to see 80 of the best players in the world come together just to see them camp their way into the Top 10, regardless of how viable that strategy may be. Tournament organizers will have to tweak the scoring system and game settings (e.g. a harsher blue zone) in ways that discourage extremely passive play styles.
  4. Are people seriously resorting to teaming in solos?

    I doubt anyone would get banned for a single instance of supposed teaming, unless there was irrefutable video evidence. Being in the proximity of another player for a relatively short period of time in solos isn't going to get you banned. What would raise a red flag is if two solo players covered vast areas of the map while remaining extremely close to one another (indicating that one is not simply stalking the other). I saw a pair of players exiting a building and running practically hand in hand across a field late game (fully armed) in solos a while back - unfortunately I was killed by a third party just before I could open fire on them and possibly get a username.
  5. Two shots point blank with shotty and I die (VIDEO)

    I think this is mostly correct. On the shot that connects, I'd say roughly 60% of the reticle is over the player's body (the rest is just the gun barrel). Since each shotgun shell has 9 pellets in PUBG, it's fairly safe to assume that, at most, this shot only landed 6 out of 9 pellets. And according to this data, you'd need 8 of 9 pellets in order to kill a player at full health with a Level 2 vest, which is the case here. Disclaimer: No one in their right mind would deny that this game has major issues with lag and desync that will often result in frustrating CQC and rage inducing death. I'm just offering a possible explanation for the specific scenario I see in this particular video.
  6. Blue circle damage

    That's a side effect that can be mitigated, I think. Perhaps rearrange the loot tables so that the center of the map spawns lower level items, or at least spawns higher level items in much lower frequency. I'm sure there are ways to encourage players to drop on the perimeter and work their way in.
  7. What key binding changes did you make?

    Map = Mousewheel click Peek Right = Mouse Thumb Button 1 Peek Left = Mouse Thumb Button 2 Use / Interact = E Toggle Firing Mode = F Weapon 5 (Throwables) = G Crouch = C Prone = Q Unarm = Z Item Stack Count Handling = X Med Kit = F3 First Aid = F4 Boost Item = F5 Bandage = F6 Auto Run = Left Ctrl Vehicle Seats (from 1 to 5) = F9 / F10 / F11 / F12 / Scroll Lock
  8. Blue circle damage

    Increase blue zone damage in the early to mid game. As of now, the first couple of circles provide little incentive for players to rush into the new circle. This promotes the strategy of running just behind the blue for the first 10 minutes which limits engagement with opponents, making for a boring early game - especially in solos. I would prefer that people fear the blue zone enough that they'd rather rush to the safe zone and take a fight. For those landing far enough away from the first circle, prioritizing loot over finding a vehicle would become a serious dilemma, making for a more interesting and dynamic early game. In the end game, keep zone damage the same but make it move significantly slower and add an extra circle transition or two. This would reduce the needs for players to cover vast open stretches at a full sprint while others remain entrenched behind cover. Instead, players who are forced to reposition would have more time to do so tactically by moving between trees/rocks/bushes, or even prone crawling through brush over significant distances. As of now there is just too much circle RNG in the top 10. I also like the suggestion I saw earlier in the thread of making the wall of the blue zone more like frosted glass. Camping the edge (either inside or out) of the blue zone and picking off stragglers is a viable strategy, but I don't think it makes the game better. Reducing visibility into / out of the zone would go a long way toward eliminating those encounters.
  9. Two shots point blank with shotty and I die (VIDEO)

    I understand this game is frustrating, especially in close quarters combat, but if you slow this down and watch frame by frame you will see that nothing fishy is going on in this particular scenario. I've attached screenshots below. Assuming the four outer points on the reticle represent pellet spread, the first shot is a partial hit and the second shot is basically a complete whiff that hits the back wall.
  10. Looking for team NA

    Steam name isn't coming up in search.