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  1. Minimalism.

    To answer your A... that comes from experience... Knowing the direction people landed and the logical places people would go, plus scoping in and checking the doors both inside and out etc. The best way to play is be totally unpredictable... and by that I mean realise that others will be thinking the same and so you shouldn't necessarily be in a place waiting for the person to come out the building looting... you should be in a place that cases out the place that people would use to case out the building lol if you follow. To answer B... My point was about looting... spend too much time looting and you won't have the time to get to the position that puts you in good place for the next circles. Unless you have a car the first two circles are the ones where you will get caught out on foot... but once in mid game sticking to the out edges of the circle and running to the safe zone just in time is the way to avoid mostly getting shot in the back by an unseen camper... RNG is only so much of it... RNG gives you your circumstances... its what you do in those circumstances that separates good players from those that always die before the end game. It is very very very hard to win without killing anyone... firstly you would have to rely on the end circle being in a place that means the other couldn't get to you... second you would have to have more health / healing than they do. That’s far a harder strategy than you think... certainly not one in 200. If you are not winning one game out of 30-60 games then you are doing something wrong imho.
  2. TEams in Solo

    O.k. this is getting to be a bit much now. I'm coming up against teams more and more in solo. Its really obvious when you hear Jump now over the mic.. but even more obvious when two players roll up in a vehicle and one loots while the other guards... Just got killed by a sniper while second guy looted.... Solo is no longer solo....
  3. This game is purely luck, nothing more

    This is the PRIMARY reason I love this game... The fluidity, the primary and decision making in the moment. Its why people get better over time, it’s like learning to drive, to begin with you have to think everything through but eventually you just do what is necessary in the moment as the moment demands it.
  4. This game is purely luck, nothing more

    The fact that you keep saying these stupid things about random people you have no clue about thinking it will hurt them when you miss the target about as far you obviously do in this game... by a mile. We get it... you are bad at this game... so you want to take it out on others who have put in enough time to know the game well enough to hold their own. Instead of upsetting people here, why not play more, gain some experience and sorry to coin a phrase but... GIT GUD....
  5. Minimalism.

    The trick is strategically positioning yourself so that no matter where the circle moves to, you only have to travel a short distance, also stick to the edges of the circle... Also... Remember the direction of the shots as you hear them and how many there are... then you know where to go around so you don't walk into a kill zone. In some circumstances they are necessary, but I only use them if the first or second circle catches me out. The rest of the time I sneak and I spot other players.
  6. This game is purely luck, nothing more

    What kind of idiot would say something like this? Games require skill or they are nothing more than gambling. The fact you do not recognise this is very telling of the level of your intellect, plus the fact that you think you can look down on others you haven't a clue who they are or what they do in their life. So let me answer my own question.... A complete and utter shallow dim wit of an idiot... that who....
  7. Double Barrel or Pump-Action?

    Depends on the situation... Pump if its a suprised one on one... Double barrel for prep to take shot.
  8. This game is purely luck, nothing more

    Your situation is luck.... What you do with what you have in your situation is the SKill element of the game. The reason there are those that claim its all luck is because they have no skill and so therefore rely on good fortune to win.
  9. Minimalism.

    But I don't have to come to you... I have already possitioned myself strategicly... so when you are forced to move from your camping spot you are picked off... Thats why campers don't tend to win...
  10. Are you quieter without boots?

    I run with barefoot It defo sounds different cause I've heard others do the same. Ironicly I think its quiter to run than to walk when barefoot We need some ninja stuff
  11. Rant Campers RAnt

    Fucking Campers! Thats all I got to say... FUCK EM!
  12. HIGH FPS with a huge stutter

    IT does... We are all in the same boat and suffer the same stutter and lag. Those that say they don't are not playing when its at its worst.
  13. loot......

    I advice everyone here to pick up a pistol and practice with it... its amazing how fast you can kill someone with a pistol... Let them loot for you and bam kill them... then pick up their loot... Job done.

    in body yes... in mind well I admit it... I'm younger than my years... and proud of it lol
  15. Minimalism.

    There are two schools of thought on this. Loot heavily and try and get items to counter circumstances you might come up against. or... Loot for the essentials, then set up your own set of circumstances. The time it takes most people to loot, I've got what I need and I'm setting up the position for either an ambush and/or go for defensive strategic positioning. I suggest the second strategy is superior to the first because it’s not possible to get all you would need to counter every fluid situation you might be in. The time you took to get those things means other people such as me are way ahead of you and are likely aiming down range as you come running toward us.