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  1. Bad Players Win

    So it just ccured to me. What seems to be preventing me from getting anywhere near my ussual 'in the last 10' has been a combination of a few random oportunistic deaths and the rest are sniper campers. These people are playing the game like this.... Get a scope and a gun then run to the outer circle and look out towards the blue and wait on the off chance someone will come toward them so they can kill them... Rinse and repeat. Its boring, its a no skill strategy and overall ruins the fun of the game, since if they happen to be in front of you, you haven't a clue they are there as they are hiding in a bush or in a scrab of grass or behind a random tree. The number of people employing this stategy has gone up through the roof... The games I win are the ones where I haen't been camper sniped from an unknown and unknowable location.
  2. 10 games... ten times killed by a Kar98.... Yawwwnnnn boring.... Snipers are the same kind of boring person as CAmpers... And before you give me it takes skill crap... anyone and I mean ANYONE can learn how to zero and hit a target.
  3. Bad Players Win

    As the last tournament proved.... the winner was someone who avoids playing the game...
  4. Bad Players Win

    I didn't call anyone dumb.... I said they were Lame... And I think whats happened is I have attained a level within the ranking system that is filled with this kind of stategy.... so it isn't the odd time.. its Each and Every time. So imagine how that feels when you put more than 330 hours into a game and all of a sudden you can't get anywhere near where you were because of lame ass campers each and every round.
  5. Bad Players Win

    Not my fault you are too stupid to follow the logic.
  6. Bad Players Win

    Defending camping are we? Not quite comprehending the nuance of the conversation perhaps? Let me HIGHLIGHT a section of the Wiki Article on Camping for you...
  7. Bad Players Win

    So I bought some ice skates... I paid the rink thier money and now I'm going to carve up the Ice so it messes with the other skaters.... I paid my money Deal with it!
  8. Bad Players Win

    I haven't checked... I wonder though if this is an explanation... Maybe the rank I am at is filled with people that play this strategy... Like a wall preventing people going to a higher rank.
  9. Bad Players Win

    There are tactics and then there is camping.... Here is what Wiki has to say about camping...
  10. Bad Players Win

    That's the best of it.... They think making kills this way is skillfull. Anyone and I mean ANYONE can make kills camping in this way.... Even a five year old could do it.
  11. Bad Players Win

    This is the same strategy I employ and I have won 15 rounds in total. This is why I know something is up... Something has changed... As I said its like I have a huge arrow pointing to where I am... no way am I being spotted every single match because of something I'm doing wrong... the way I'm playing hasn't changed.
  12. Bad Players Win

    Trust me, I use all available cover. Trouble I'm finding is there is always someone that knows exaclty where I am in an almost supernatural way. I mean its like I have bright neon sign over my head saying I'm here. Its weird... the more hours I play, the more experience I get, the worse my results are.
  13. Bad Players Win

    Why would you admit to this?
  14. Bad Players Win

    1. A bad play that requires no skill and makes kills based upon chance is a BAD player.... 2. No matter how good a player you are.. if you run into one of these lame people you are going to die and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. To summerise for you... Good players are being prevented from getting to where they should be because of weak players using this underhanded method... They use it cause they can't really play.... Comprende??
  15. Cheating has killed this game

    The reason I believe cheating is far more preavailant than people realise is that I am actually getting worse... The more I play the less I win... the more skilled I become the more times I die.... I am ALWAYS killed by someone who knows exactly where I am and always kills me from an Unknown location... always seems to be just at the right place and the right time.
  16. Please remove fog

    If I had my way every game would be foggy... Bye Bye Sniper Campers!
  17. Bad Players Win

    Of course this is the issue... I've tried everything... Using a car if available (Ihate that since everyone knows where you are then)... Sneaking to the far sides from where the plane went... making sure that I'm in locations that have plenty of cover opportunities etc... Nearly always get picked off by someone who somehow sees me kills me from an known location. And no I'm not a newbie... I am not running out in the open either. If I was paranoid I would be saying hackers... since they ALWAYS seem to know where I am.. no matter how sneaky or quiet or well hidden or carefull I am.
  18. Bad Players Win

    end game is different. I'm talking early and mid game.
  19. Bad Players Win

    Not complaining.... Making an observation. And if you don't make the same obvservation, you are not playing the game on the EU server recently. The White circle is a ring of players... all pointing outward.
  20. Bad Players Win

    But there is a lame boring zero skill annoying game ruining way to play..... Camping....
  21. Bad Players Win

    And here come the its a valid strategy crowd.... Camping is lame in all forms... in all Games.... Sure you can employ it as a stategy... it just makes you a lame boring player who picks off other players at random by chance... Zero Skill Required.
  22. Bad Players Win

    When I Kill its because of a Hunt... or opportunity. I don't camp waiting for a player to run toward me from the blue... that's just lame as!
  23. Please remove fog

    hahahaha I was hoping it would upset the sniper crowd and it has!! God damn Hate Snipers / Campers and Cheats!
  24. AKM was overnerfed.

    So is that all you have to add? No you're wrong because you are??? where is your video or evidence?? hmmm? content to just say no you're wrong but not how or present any valid argument other than that? Why do random people on the internet think they can just say something and it actually mean anything.... Present your argument or be gone!
  25. So Since the update I have been losing 1 on 1 battles every time. Something changed because I am aiming the same as I aslways did, right at centre mass... but non of my bullets seem to register, yet everyone else seems to have instant and perfect aim. And before the git gud crowd chime in, this is an issue since the update... normally has not been am issue for me.