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  1. Using Razer Synapse to jump in-game

    Thanks for your help! Kind Regards! Wilhelm
  2. Using Razer Synapse to jump in-game

    Thanks for your help! I appreciate it a lot Kind Regards! Wilhelm
  3. Using Razer Synapse to jump in-game

    Wow i didn't even think of that but thanks a lot! P.S I found an very old keyboard one of those Dell ones haha. Kind Regards! Wilhelm
  4. Using Razer Synapse to jump in-game

    Hello, PUBG community! So i have a little question about Razer Synapse usage in-game! I have a keyboard that is getting quite old and it stopped working about a day ago and so i checked out some new keyboards and i found one that i want but it is not available right now but as soon as it get in stock i will buy it. (off topic sorry), Now to the point here since yesterday i got my keyboard to "work" but for some reason my spacebar doesn't work and i tried installing new drivers and so on but it still doesn't work so i went on some forums and saw one binding the jump key on the mouse side buttons and i thought hmm i could do that as a temporary solution but then i thought what if i get battleye banned for that because of the macro usage? so i got quite worried and i didn't want to take the risk of getting banned so instead I am asking anyone here to help me out and letting me know if I can get banned or not for using Razer Synapse to bind my jump key using macros? Kind Regards! Wilhelm