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  1. Thank you for sharing with the community. Overall good video! A couple of observations: 1. Some of the transitions were a bit hard 2. Music suddenly ended and started again near end of clip. Good luck with future content and channel!:)
  2. Zork

    Games like PUBG that are not Fortnight?

    Take a vacation with this game and come back like a winner!;)
  3. Zork

    Fix the grenade arc

    @MajorW00DZ Hopefully this can be of some help:
  4. Zork

    Hey, I stream, I play PUBG

    Welcome @twitchtv_th4ldy Feel free to share your streaming schedule at: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/23-community-content/
  5. Zork

    Saying hello after 366h playtime ^^

    Welcome @Z3Mav
  6. Zork

    Jukebox :)

  7. Zork


    I can just picture people running around in a fluffy and pink hello kitty slipper skin
  8. Zork

    Camper repellent

    While a camper might get lucky with end zone and also getting a kill, most of them will die from meeting people who are better skilled with a weapon. They get less practice and do not have much info about what is happening around them, making them vulnerable from attacks from basically any directions on the map. Often you will see them running from a shack/house and letting everyone know the obvious: Yes, someone was camping in the ONLY house left near the last circle.
  9. Zork

    First chicken dinner!!

    @Dreamcleaner Congratulations with your first win. Bet that felt really good!;)
  10. Zork

    Which one are you

    Well made video! Loved the talk about the rooftop camper
  11. Zork

    An unfortunate trend

    As long as it is not a nonconstructive thread, I'd say everything goes. If you feel the developers are not doing going in the right way, well, feel free to say so. Also, and I know this will differ somewhat, since some parts of what you were talking about, is about development process: You don't need to have an education in film science, to be able to say that a movie is so and so, but it definitely will be of help seeing the bigger picture. That said, In the end, it is a product and consumers can basically feel whatever they feel and be 100% right of doing just that, as long as we are talking about the product of the artistically medium.
  12. Zork

    Video editing.

    You could use a free version of Lightworks 14.0, which is pretty easy to use and upload to YouTube. Adobe Premiere Pro would be the go to if you want to do heavy editing, but will cost you. Used Lightworks myself for easy cutting and Adobe I have used before for handing longer edits, since it brings in huge variety of options and are nicely integrated with other Adobe software and even programs like Plural Eyes, which let you sync multiple video/audio channels.
  13. Zork

    Cars do NO damage

    Thank you for reporting. Forwarding this bug to the developers.