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    All the small maps will be combined into one huge map.
  2. More realism :(

    Before PUBG, there was a lot of streamers playing Arma 3 BR and had a nice share of followers, like: Halifax, VISS, Break, AimPR, Grimmmz and so on. Clearly not that garbage;) I think one of the reasons is that developers are trying to cater to a wider audience, but at the same time not making it to arcady. If I want to have extreme realism, I play Arma 3 or Escape from Tarkov.
  3. Chain laughing PUBG edition

    Thanks for sharing!:)
  4. Thank you for sharing with the community. Overall good video! A couple of observations: 1. Some of the transitions were a bit hard 2. Music suddenly ended and started again near end of clip. Good luck with future content and channel!:)
  5. Games like PUBG that are not Fortnight?

    Take a vacation with this game and come back like a winner!;)
  6. While I am sure the loot spawn balance will be something that will have to be fine-tuned for an eternity, I do feel it works so far. Yes, RNG slaps your face at times, but, mostly you will come out with some good armor and a gun to fillet some chicken with;)
  7. @pizzaman What helped me for some time when I felt nothing worked: I booted up CSGO and went on a rampage on Dust Map. Got my ass kicked for some time, then slowly and steady I ranked up the kills and got top 3 position. Then I played PUBG and felt like a Tyrannosaurus Rex!
  8. Saddest Pubg death in the year 2018

    Good job! Especially when you had BOTH behind your back;)
  9. This happened today

    I give flying, 8/10
  10. Fix the grenade arc

    @MajorW00DZ Hopefully this can be of some help:
  11. That lovely pan kill at the end;) There was someone else posting a video roughly a week ago or so, and he basically emptied a full clip with an AR and missed almost all of the shots against an unarmed person just meters away from him. You are not alone and you did manage to kill both at the end;)
  12. Hey, I stream, I play PUBG

    Welcome @twitchtv_th4ldy Feel free to share your streaming schedule at: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/23-community-content/
  13. Toilet camper

    Let us see what some of the reasons could be (with slight grain of salt) They like it. They are AFK They are multitasking, maybe playing another game while waiting. Playing cat & mouse Managed to lock themselves inside the room Found something interesting in the room Heard someone outside or inside the house Got scared Managed to tie both shoes together and can't walk anymore Decorating Paranormal Activity Roleplaying purposes Pacifist run Passive Agressive Just watched Psycho and fact checking Lost something Using the toilet Nervous Checking which gas is the worse and so on....