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  1. Bluehole! About crouch jumping..

    I know alot of people use mouse binds, or u can use autohotkey maybe, not sure how allowed it is but who cares that u make the game playable for you when they certainly dont care.
  2. Bluehole! About crouch jumping..

    I really hope i play videogames when im 60-70.
  3. Enable sli lower fps? gtx 1080 sli

    Pubg does not support SLI.
  4. Try jacking up ur settings a bit. I noticed that when i turned Textures to high and AA to ultra and everything else on very low i got alot more fps since i triggered the gpu more instead of having everything on very low.
  5. Bluehole! About crouch jumping..

    I mean it clearly doesnt work like that if you have a keyboard from the jurassic periode or some kind of handicap, but thats how i do it and i found it alot easier. Regarding that thing u linked there i have no clue, sorry.
  6. Is ReShade blocked for all now?

    Nvidia tools doesnt have Sharpen/clarity etc tho, thats what i miss the most. Less blurryness. I expirienced 20-30 more fps if i put AA to Ultra instead of very low, so weird. Still trying to find the magic formula for my setup but it isnt optimal. Brightness = 85 Screen Scaling = 100 Have to be 100 or else it gets way to blurry Anti Aliasing = ultra Post Processing = Very Low Shadows = Very Low Texture = medium Effects = Very low Foliage = Very low View Distance = Low This makes it look decent, getting the vibrance from nvidia settings aswell but i still think it looks blurry af
  7. Bluehole! About crouch jumping..

    Its actually extremely easy, you just have to practice a bit. Do not use 2 different fingers like many try to, just use ur thumb. Fat thumb sideways like when ur pressing ur smartphone. THe spacebar will allways hit first since thats closest. You allways have that "grip" anyways, its def the easiest method.
  8. Still waiting for Kar nerf....

    Why the fuck would u hardpeek a Kar like that, lol u asked for it.
  9. A grown up conversation about cheats

    My point exactly. You get people like this. My man, how would u see he has no scope at 1000 meters when players dont even render beyond 1k? bzt troll
  10. A grown up conversation about cheats

    Well most people who are serious about the game and wishes to learn and be better players watch streamers. I watch streams as often as i can if im not playing, im not donating anything since they already are making close to six figures a month anyhow, but i do watch and pretty much all of my friends who play the game watches and were all 25-35. I do get why someone at like 35 with a familiy and other responsibilities doesnt watch but then again they play maybe 10 hours a week and have no clue what high level play is and cannot differnciate a cheater from a properly good players.
  11. A grown up conversation about cheats

    Do you really think shrouds viewerbase is 10-17?
  12. A grown up conversation about cheats

    How many kids did you know back when u were 10-17 who could afford 250 dollar a month cheats?
  13. A grown up conversation about cheats

    well obv i care if people think they cheat. Cause then they assume everytime they get luckyblasted at 400 meters with a kar they instantly assume the one who shot cheats, which causes this train of complaints like we have now.
  14. A grown up conversation about cheats

    some people have inhumane reflexes, with the expirience they have makes some of the play look fishy for inexpirienced players because they literally cannot figure out how he did it, while there is a perfect explanation to it all,with some luck obviously. This is an example of a player who got called a cheater alot, until he joined H2k and did everything on live tournements/Lans, and i understand that new and inexpirienced players would call him a cheater but, he clearly isnt. Take a look.
  15. A grown up conversation about cheats

    What are you talking about auto fire? The gun doesnt even have full auto mode, he fires single shots extremely fast. He is a professional who has thousands of thousands of hours in fps's like this and is def one of the best and fastest on the planet. Normal humans cannot even compare themselfs to this guy, it would be like running 100m against Usain Bolt and claiming hes cheating cause YOU cannot beat him. you CAN infact shoot that fast, he is even faster with the M16, but that doesnt mean that the rest of the playerbase can do it