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  1. What makes you think 60 fps is enough lol? id like to keep my 144 thanks.
  2. Couldn't give 2 shits about vaulting or a new map. Just fix the freaking basics of netcode and lock china and VPNS
  3. The rain is just way to loud. To hear footsteps i must turn on the volume so high its extremely annoying and damaging, and im not gimping myself by turning it down. So i leave rain games 9/10. Fix the sound and ill gladly play them. I play the fog games but rarely enjoy them, the sound is rubbish and close quarters in this game are so clunky, with the desync and all its no secret that Close combat is at a really bad state atm. I think fog removes the parts of the game i feel is the best/most fun/consistent and thats long range shootouts and the fact that u can remove PP and just tab and see pretty much everything makes it even less fun.
  4. Pubg doesnt support SLI. Worth using 1080p to get better fps and less fluctuation tbh. I get about 95 when looking at everyone at the start island and other than that im at 120-200 fps and extremely rare under 120 if so whatever. After alot of tweaking and trying the best setup max fps and visuals for my system is: AA:Ultra Textures: Medium View distance Low 120% Screen scale 90 FoV Then everything else on very Low. If i try go Low AA and high textures i lose alot of fps. Screen scale can be turned down. Hows ur temps? Sure there isnt any throttling? You should not be lower than 100 with that hw tbh i5-8600k(4,8 ghz oc) - 980TI (13% OC) , 3200Mhz DDR4 Corsair Dominator CL15, Gigabyte Aorus 7 and 250gb 960 Evo M.2 SSD.
  5. I thought this game would be different hence why i put so much time and effort into it.. But watching the development last 5 months its pretty clear that the developers really dont know anything about Pc gaming. After 5 months netcode is actually worse, people still cannot bind keys to whatever they like, you still cannot HOLD to ads,vehicle physics ruining the game because devs decided to fatally die the physics to the servers instead of the client. Fences are still bulletproof from one side but no the other, a horrible, horrible first person system which we have been promised a full rework (Why the fuck launch it then) , Crouch jumping being removed due to windows being non-collision objects from day 1, extremely poor lag compensation which FAVOURS the high ping player, completely broken weapon scopes causing incorrect bullet trajectorys and bugs that actually KILLS you when you scope into a car exploding at 500 meters away, and the list just keeps going with no end, 5-17 tick servers, ( not even mentioning the HORRIBLE performance fps wise even on 2500$ rigs).. AND NOTHING has been done to help this. Yes some minor bug fixes and slight fps improvements has been done but all they focus on now is getting it out on console so they can earn more money. Look at the game now from 5 months ago, not many fundamentally changes have been done. And they say " Be patient, it takes time" Yea but they are to launch this within 2 MONTHS, what gives you the idea that every one of these major things will be fixed in 2 months when they havent done squat shit for 6? Im down to playing maybe 4-5 games a week at this point and after said games im reminded of all these horrible horrible bugs that are complete and utter gamebreakers. The consolepheasents wont be noticing so much of this since they play with a controller and 30 fps and used to shit connections and high pings so its obvious that they will keep it this way and launch it on consoles to make more money and call it a day. I would advice people who are looking for a new competetive shooter to take a look at http://battaliongame.com/ Which sounds very promizing if you miss the good old days of proper FPS shooters.
  6. The thing is that BF WASNT console more than PC. Battlefield was PC only and it was a magnificent game with alot of Esports all around. Battlefield 1942, 2, bc2 etc was epicly made games with custom dedicated servers, modsupport, great netcode etc. Bf3 was opened for consoles and was half decent at best, from there it was just downhill all the way.. Exactly the same with the Cod games. 1-2 and Modern warfare (4,the last proper cod game) and then the shitshow started. Man we had WC BF2 Matches sent live on our nation channel on TV in NORWAY and this is 11 years ago.. Now all we got is Consoleported shit games without modsupport, dedicated servers, catered to 12 year olds
  7. easily fixable. Have them connect to different servers without ping or other ping locks so they dont ruin other's games. Servers: 0-70 70-150 150-250 and last one with 250+++ (Numbers are just a suggestion) This way we dont have to play with russians, middle easterns and south africans (etc) and having them totally ruin the fun for others. This way we can have both high level play and low level play without compromize. we dont need region locks either, just for china :))
  8. 200 is about WAYYY to much. id say 70 ping lock Max. Other than that i completely agree.
  9. Wired or Wireless Mouse?

    If u play with high sensitivity, think 50 fps is nice for gaming and obviously dont take the game to serious, u can get a wireless and never notice the difference. If you are an above average player, used to wired, 144hz and competetive play you will throw that wireless mouse after 1 match. I try these on occasion, while they are getting better i wouldnt even use them for paint.exe. Im currently using Logitech G403, and i must say its spectacular.
  10. The square you see around isnt the spread lol. At those 4-5 meeters the shotgun doesnt spread that much. See the dot? Left to his body? Yes that one. you can even see it doesnt hit. slow it down.
  11. Kinda obvious that people will cheat with a crate system like this. Remove the chance to sell anything, i mean why the fuck would u want that system in the first place.
  12. You miss like 85% of ur pellets with that first shot.
  13. Hahahahah this fuckin made my day. 20 bullets missed stationary target at maybe 65 meeters, i actually rofled.
  14. Pubg does not support SLI.