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  1. Shotgun damage

    Again there is body armor to be considered. Buckshot loses its optimal effectiveness beyond 30 yards, although could still be lethal up to 80 yards or so. But in game the shells are just labeled 12 ga. so who knows if they are birdshot or not. Now it would be cool to implement a variety of shotgun ammo such as slugs into the game.
  2. Shotgun damage

    Hypernova, military and civilian shells are the same. Military shells tend to come in an olive drab colored casing thats about the only difference.
  3. Shotgun damage

    stambo but we are talking about a video game with a health bar. would you enjoy playing a game were a shotgun can 1 shot you at 30 meters just because of the pellet spread and the chance of it hitting an artery?
  4. Shotgun damage

    Testefy a shotgun would'nt kill a person in one shot wearing body armor. How is that realistic? It may knock the wind out of someone due to the force but not kill someone wearing plated armor.
  5. Why are people getting banned without any sort of questions being asked to them directly or without a warning? I understand for hacking but when a person is killing or teammates or intentionally trying to sabotage the rest of the squad then why do we get banned for killing them and getting them out of the match? If people aren't playing the game properly then why aren't they getting banned as well? Just wondering cause it seems like people are starting to get a little frustrated over this. 

    1. Konrad


      It's totally BS.