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  1. Jimmah

    Adventure Time!

    No bomb on a bus?
  2. Jimmah


    Really? You need a new GPU to run this game. No amount of optimization with run this game super smooth with a 2GB GPU.
  3. Jimmah


    Christmas is coming ask Santa for a better GPU.
  4. No offence. But you need to read whom uses these. These are not used by ground troops to relay positions to other ground troops while engaging the enemy. Forward observers are just that observers. Spotters are spotters. They relay the positions. Ground troops then engage. Strobes, smoke etc are normally used to mark targets for air support or artillery etc. Also to mark friendly troops. None of the above pertains to anything in Pubg. Also in my opinion it goes against the lore of the game. The premise of the game is untrained personal thrown on the island to fight to the death. The prize for competing? Your life and some tasty chicken. The game is so far removed from anything military it's actually funny.
  5. Meh Game has improved vastly for me in the last 12 months or so. If you spend money to.open boxes it's your choice. See that word choice. No one is forcing anyone to spend anything. Some of you in here come across as spoilt children. Now I wonder does anyone really want the skins or do they pay for keys in the hope of striking it rich? I'm thinking the latter. Furthermore in 10 years hell even 5 years, maybe, the skins will be worthless. People attacking Pubg's business model is the funniest thing. Every company ever has always tried to maximize profits. Supply and demand. People buy them. We'll sell them. Some of you should seriously look at buying some Barbie Dolls. Buy the clothes dress your doll up and forget about gaming.
  6. Jimmah

    Cheating Discussion

    Yep played last night 8pm until 2am. I'd say a good 75% of our games were ruined by cheaters. 3 of my squad got knocked by a Kar98 by a bunny hopper at least 500m away. At first I just figured you know a good player etc. Until when hiding behind a wall he had no idea I was there. Bunny hoping and perfect shots on my head, hitting the wall in front of me, about 4 rounds in total.