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  1. Used to play 3-5 hours a night. Getting a bit over it, maybe 6-6 hours a week now. Bullsh*t Desync/lag/OOR player, whatever you want to call it, kills have really put me off.
  2. Find a Discord group in your region mate. Totally changes the game.
  3. No offence. But you need to read whom uses these. These are not used by ground troops to relay positions to other ground troops while engaging the enemy. Forward observers are just that observers. Spotters are spotters. They relay the positions. Ground troops then engage. Strobes, smoke etc are normally used to mark targets for air support or artillery etc. Also to mark friendly troops. None of the above pertains to anything in Pubg. Also in my opinion it goes against the lore of the game. The premise of the game is untrained personal thrown on the island to fight to the death. The prize for competing? Your life and some tasty chicken. The game is so far removed from anything military it's actually funny.
  4. Don't take this the wrong way but what do you want? Your first post you mention investing, ie to make money. Now you want to trade with friends? So do you want to trade or make money off these skins?
  5. How about if people who spam crap through their mic and a person leaves? Or if you are teamed up with people whom speak a totally different language and are OOR players. How about.... well you get the drift.
  6. Jimmah

    My ping is Chinese

    Umm that's pretty much my point? If you don't play with friends in Discord, your are playing with Chinese. So reading between the lines here. The above reflects that all servers are full of Chinese.
  7. Jimmah

    My ping is Chinese

    If you're not playing with a group in Discord or similar you're playing with Chinese.
  8. Proper grammatical protocol Does not exist on the interwebs. Sorry, but just the way it is.
  9. Try here, https://shop.x-raypad.com/ Or here http://www.fdtrubber.com/ Plenty around.
  10. Mousepad, not my rig.
  11. Jimmah

    Islands of Nyne in 8 days. You have 8 days PUBG.

    Islands of Nyne is a BR game no arguing that. But it is a completely different game to Pubg. The hot droppers will be drawn to it.
  12. Time in game is the best thing you can do. Patience is a virtue.