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  1. Jimmah

    Adventure Time!

    No bomb on a bus?
  2. Jimmah


    Really? You need a new GPU to run this game. No amount of optimization with run this game super smooth with a 2GB GPU.
  3. Jimmah


    Christmas is coming ask Santa for a better GPU.
  4. Jimmah

    CornerShot Gun? ITS REAL

    Hell yeah man. They are the meaning of Spray and Pray. More used as a suppressive weapon.
  5. Jimmah

    CornerShot Gun? ITS REAL

    Ha Look up Krummlauf. Concept has been around for a long time.
  6. Scatter armour piercing ammo around the map. No difference in damage to players but has damage multipler to vehicles.
  7. It's a good move for the hearing impaired etc. Also it helps the giant cash dragon communicate when playing OOR. Before they team kill you for that Kar98 you just picked up.
  8. Can't wait to jump in to random squads with our friendly Chinese players. I'll be dropping my marker left, right and centre. Laughing my head off watching them run around like headless chickens.
  9. Haha yeah I had a big post about Rifling and Twists sighting etc etc. Was on my phone. Just hit post and went on my way. Kept deleting, going back and forth. Adding sh*t in etc. Couldn't be bothered in the end.
  10. The above post tells me straight away. You know f*ck all about firearms and shooting in general. Most modern rifle barrels these days a rifled so the round travels in an arc. Not in a straight line. You have neglected the rest of the data associated with that graph. Post the rest of the results.
  11. Jimmah

    Your Logic is Flawed

    Shooting from the hip is extremely difficult. And extremely inaccurate. To have pin point accuracy when shooting from the hip takes years and years of practice. I'm talking many years. Hitting body mass is relatively easy depending on range to target etc. Defensive handgun training teaches you to shoot from the hip first then aim up. But I digress in a game the round should hit the same spot either way. All not that long ago we would mark our monitor with a whiteboard marker or you could buy little stickers to stick on the screen.
  12. Jimmah

    Paved road to the docks please.

    Used brass is worth a bit. The kids can wander the island collecting the players spent brass after each match. Jewelry from dead players. Wallets. Weapons. Hell these poor orphan kids are going to be rich.
  13. Yes. This is based on range shooting. Terrain variations play a big difference. But velocity and energy relatively remain unchanged. I'm 42 and have been shooting for about 30 years. From a .22 all the way up to .338. Short and long arms.