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  1. Watching replays are now totally broken ? Here is a small clip showing no visible characters... they are blinking.. we can only see the weapon, the crosshair is totally off point.. name tags gone, x-ray gone? video clip: https://streamable.com/zyxso
  2. I Made a video of 69 seconds which and audio cuts out 19 times!!! Check it out here:
  3. yea agree the m16 was awful just killed 2 people with it some minutes ago but GOD damn that recoil nurf!!!
  4. Lixxon

    One shot kills

    Theres a new cheat that recently came out, it makes you shoot x amount of bullets in 0.1 second, I have one suspect with evidence like this it looks like this: 9x m4 bullets in 1 :https://streamable.com/hbt9c 3sks bullets in 1: https://streamable.com/jetk1
  5. Incentive to play Special Event mode? Hey wouldnt it be nice to make the special weekend event even more engaging? Add some kind of skin as a reward for winning a event chicken dinner? Maybe a non-tradable skin like everyone got the scar or clothing..
  6. Lixxon

    Connected Waiting For Response....

    Go into CMD and type ipconfig /flushdns. This fixes the problem my mate was having.