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  1. New render issues?

    haha, not that I care, buy why are people disliking video(for no reason?) - Im just showing an issue..?
  2. New render issues?

    Oh, maybe I should have in bug report or ?
  3. New render issues?

    Just found this happening on test server, thought id report it hopefully it can help y'all? (check the tree and the Roof big building)
  4. [i7-4770k + RX VEGA 64 Strixxx](temps are fine and crushing high usage fps in other games such as battlefield++ etc (100% gpu usage). but in PUBG sometimes getting low cpu and gpu usage..? I got a pretty high end PC, example in Starting Menu I can be 144fps capped and gpu 100% and cpu fully maxing gpu, but randomly in game it can drop to 40-50 % when that happens it is ruining the fps...making it not smooth anymore... Im just curious if anything can be done about this, is normal or not..? any thoughts/tips?
  5. Connected Waiting For Response....

    Go into CMD and type ipconfig /flushdns. This fixes the problem my mate was having.