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    video and report is the only way and the devs are taking too long to take action (or whether they had or not). no idea there will always be d**ks like these
  2. We need a Petition - Remove the Kar

    oh em gee.... salty asf
  3. Bridge camping should be illegal.

    you said it every game, then you should have go backstab and loot them instead of crossing the bridge every game to get killed
  4. Team Killing

    Just some luck i guess, i have played with some koreans and chinese where i dont even understand what are they speaking and we still won the game.
  5. Team Killing

    well there's always d*cks in games. Saved his arse twice and got team kill by him.
  6. Pubg is addictive as f...

    well i've won a game before with only 1 kill in the whole squad