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  1. Whiplash27

    ARs are new SRs and SMGs are new ARs

    I still like M4 over AK and Ump. However, the way things are there's certainly a much better amount of variety. Players are choosing weapons that they prefer over the others not just going for the default best weapon (M4). Shows that the changes were good even if they need some slight tweaks.
  2. Whiplash27


    I believe OP never mentioned nerfing the gun. Mainly he just wants the gun to be more rare. I tend to find more Kar98s then mini, sks, and vss. Maybe just me.
  3. Whiplash27

    Make the KAR98 as rare as the VSS!

    I rarely find them either. There have been games that I've seen tons of Kar98s around. Vectors are hit or miss, vss is super rare.
  4. You must be luckier than me then. I had it happen to me 3 or 4 times yesterday where I ran not only into one, but multiple buildings and couldn't find a thing and then proceeded to get blown away by some guy who was kitted out.
  5. Whiplash27

    Why Does the Tommy Gun Still Suck?

    One day I landed a head shot from about 200 meters out with a Winchester. It was probably the most satisfying kills I've ever had in this game. I think overall, iron sights need to be improved in this game. Blur out the rear sights a bit so you can actually see what you're aiming at. Realistically, if you were focusing on that front sight and you have both eyes open, the rear sight would be blurred a bit and you'd more or less be able to see through it with your other eye.
  6. Here's a compare of the size of the two maps, in case anyone has never seen such a thing. You can see how much larger Miramar is. Granted, much of those areas aren't used, but they also seem completely unnecessary. One of the many reasons why I think Miramar needs to be cut down to a 6x6 and the middle filled with more interesting things.
  7. Whiplash27

    3D Enemy Marker System

    I wouldn't mind it popping up on your map. I've gotten into too annoying arguments with people when trying to say "Guy's at 200 degrees" and no one sees them. In game spotting? Not a fan.
  8. I would say if everyone has their favorite AR/SMG/SR looted up in the first minute your argument would hold. However, I think the OP is just asking for ANY weapon to be in every house along with a backpack rather than running into buildings and finding absolutely nothing. I know this would make one think that more weapons = easier time finding the best weapons, but that doesn't necessarily need to be true. More weapons, but more lower tier weapons (pistols, shotguns, tommy, uzi, win98, crossbow) is certainly an option. I have no clue how complex the loot system is, but I'm not sure why such a thing isn't possible. Granted, I get annoyed when I run to 5 houses and find shotguns and pistols in every single one, but it's better than nothing. I think his idea of 2x or 3x scopes being more available may be a little much, although I think for whatever reason the current patch has dropped red dots and holos a lot, which I'd like boosted back up again. A weapon, backpack, lvl 1 vest & helmet, close range sight should all be super easy to find. Your higher tiered weapons, armor, scopes, and attachments should be more difficult. It seems that right now you can run into the house and find high level everything and then the guy next door finds garbage. If you're not going to a high loot zone, then the game should be smart enough to not stack all high level loot stuff into a single building that whoever gets there first wins the lottery. It needs to be spread out more. The game turns too much into luck when it does that. There doesn't seem to be a very even distribution of things.
  9. I've voiced my opinion in the past that there should at the very minimum be a pistol in every house. Even with a pistol, you're at a huge disadvantage compared to a guy with a rifle. I can count on one hand how many battles I've won in such a situation. I'm also awful with pistols in every game I've ever played, so that can also factor into it. That said, the loot table is pretty bad and needs to be fixed just because of the fact that you get the most strange drops sometimes. I've seen buildings with two DP-28s, others with four level 1 backpacks, all sorts of weird things that should just never happen. The loot table should be smart enough to never allow the same weapon or equipment (at least of the same level) to drop in the same building. I know, sometimes it's nice to get enough backpacks or vests for your entire team in a single house, but it's a bad loot distribution. I also love it when there's just a random box of ammo sitting around with no weapon nearby in a house that's never been looted. There definitely needs to be tweaks.
  10. Whiplash27

    does ANYONE use E-Motes

    Nope, I usually forget they're even there.
  11. Whiplash27

    NA DUO FPP queue time

    Been having the same issue, especially during the day on weekdays.
  12. Whiplash27

    EPIC Games Is Not The Golden Goose

    It's natural that people will compare pubg to fn. That's the main competition in the BR genre and based on what is fairly clear to see, it's overtaken pubg in popularity. If people want to discuss things that FN does well, then I see no issue. Honestly the main things people point out that FN has that PUBG doesn't are technical or pure development type things. You don't see a single person saying that PUBG needs to implement such and such a feature or make gameplay like Fortnite.
  13. Whiplash27

    PC version must be free as well

    Give me a list of popular multiplayer shooters throughout the past 20 years that are/were F2P. I honestly only know of three: America's Army, Team Fortress 2 (wasn't originally F2P), and Fortnite. I know mobas have had a lot of success with it, but shooters not as much unless there are others that I've just never heard of. F2P doesn't equal success. Also, if there were over 3M peak players at some point, that means that there are tons of unused copies of PUBG out there, not all of them are banned hackers.
  14. What difference does it make if someone repeaks? Your crosshair is already there, their health is already low. Shoot them again and they're dead. If they kill you then you let someone at a disadvantage outclass you. Otherwise you have the advantage. Simple as that. The average player who knows he's low on health will retreat to safety and heal up. The player who is smart will not peak the same window or at least try to lure the enemy to a location that gives them an easier shot. Either way, the guy who repeaks the same window without healing has a death wish, so why do they need to be punished even more? Let them be stupid, the game doesn't need to make it impossible for them to fight back in order to force a certain behavior from them.
  15. Whiplash27

    Winning needs to feel better

    Maybe they just need to create a scene where some hot babes come out and bring you your chicken dinner. Would that make it better?