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  1. Whiplash27

    Extremely long solo queues.

    Player counts in NA are not as high as they used to be. Once you get to the evening hours in the US in that sweet spot between when Europe and Asia are offline, the game drops below Dota in player count every time I check.
  2. Whiplash27

    Immersion. Limping after being shot

    It can even work in a respawn based game where there are medics around to heal your broken legs and all that kind of stuff.
  3. Whiplash27


    I'd be perfectly on board with stamina having more of a role in the game. Sprinting & Jumping reduce stamina. When stamina is at zero, you can continue sprinting & jumping as now so as to not harm movement. When stamina is low you face the following: Increased sway Increased unsighted cone Shortened breath holding time Effects end when stamina is recovered. Also leaning should increase recoil and sway. Other than that, shooting mechanics are fine.
  4. Whiplash27

    Immersion. Limping after being shot

    Please no. It's difficult to survive after getting shot as it is, why make it worse? Also if bandages are a quick fix then it's kind of pointless. Also, bandages are great for when when your health is between 50-75%. They heal quickly enough and don't force you to waste a first aid for a small amount of health.
  5. Stop comparing video game damage mechanics to real life. Next we're going to start implementing psychological impacts of being hurt too, right? How about making your player move slower when shot in the legs? Or how about aiming worse when you're closer to death? How about not being able to refill your health without a doctor? I mean come on now. For the sake of gameplay, either implement limb penetration or make arm/hand hits count the same as chest hits. The way it is now is broken.
  6. Doc's whole act also is more appealing to people who grew up in the 80s/90s or were into wrestling and such. I don't really see today's kids under 18 being into Doc's whole thing, but maybe I'm wrong.
  7. btw, I think Shroud got banned from PUBG for 30 days or at least his account got banned. IDK if they'll hold that ban on all of his accounts or what.
  8. Whiplash27

    Miramar and sanhok you are to blame

    Optimization is still not amazing, but it's a million times better than early access. My computer could hardly run the game in EA, now I have no issues.
  9. Poor netcode, bugs, and optimization are probably a big part. Although, maybe people are also just getting bored of the game and even BR in general. Personally, I can't wait until some non-CS round or respawn based game catches on again. Siege is the closest there is right now and while I like it, I'm not sure I like it enough to make it my main game.
  10. In terms of pure entertainment no one beats Doc. Anyone else you watch is more of if you enjoy their play style and personality as they chat about the game.
  11. Whiplash27

    How can i get this good?

    I've been playing FPS games since the original Doom, so we're talking early-mid 90s. I've been playing online FPS games since the original Half-Life (late 90s). I've played a lot of FPS games, but I was never serious enough about it to spend 8+ hours a day practicing and making it my life. The only game I ever played competitively was America's Army back in the early-mid 2000s and even there, I never played at too high of a level. What's the point? I'd consider myself an above average FPS player, but nowhere near anything special. Some days I'm in the zone and I'll be getting tons of kills and feel unstoppable, other days I'll get wrecked like I'm the worst player there is. I have over 20 years experience in FPS games, but I've never ever dedicated enough time to it to be elite player good. If you want to become elite player good, then you literally have to spend every free moment playing the game and if you're older, the odds of getting to that level are probably long gone. Want to be like Shroud? Well, you should have been dedicating 8+ hours a day playing and crafting your muscle memory from when you were like 6 years old. If you're an adult, those days are long gone. Sure, you can put in some time and learn how to get better at the game and maybe you'll be above average, but legit great? Elite? Good luck.
  12. Patch 10 was the best thing that happened to this game in a long time. At most they just needed to tweak it a bit and/or extend the first two circles. Instead they completely rolled it back to the original circles with their poor mid-game.
  13. Whiplash27

    PUBG Appreciation Thread

    The game is one of the most frustrating FPS experiences I've had in my 20+ years of playing FPS games. When your game tells you that you hit a shot and then it doesn't register, when the game shows blood splatter from a guy's head and it registers an arm shot instead, when you have hands absorbing tons of damage, among other things. The basic shooting mechanics are so busted that no matter what modes or features they add, the game is so frustrating unless you are an elite player who will win regardless of the crap.
  14. Guy was moving, shot was wide, guy moved into the shot as it arrived. Seems normal.
  15. PUBG pretty much has Shroud & Doc at this point. If they're not on the amount of people watching PUBG drops big time. Fortnite manages to maintain a decent amount of people even when Ninja isn't on. Sanhok will probably increase numbers, but this game mainly has to worry about when CoD and BF5 release. Those games may take a large number of players with them. Also, if guys like Shroud & Doc find a game that they like more than PUBG, Twitch viewers on the game will permanently plummet.