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  1. Whiplash27

    Extremely long solo queues.

    Player counts in NA are not as high as they used to be. Once you get to the evening hours in the US in that sweet spot between when Europe and Asia are offline, the game drops below Dota in player count every time I check.
  2. Whiplash27

    Immersion. Limping after being shot

    It can even work in a respawn based game where there are medics around to heal your broken legs and all that kind of stuff.
  3. Whiplash27


    I'd be perfectly on board with stamina having more of a role in the game. Sprinting & Jumping reduce stamina. When stamina is at zero, you can continue sprinting & jumping as now so as to not harm movement. When stamina is low you face the following: Increased sway Increased unsighted cone Shortened breath holding time Effects end when stamina is recovered. Also leaning should increase recoil and sway. Other than that, shooting mechanics are fine.
  4. Whiplash27

    Immersion. Limping after being shot

    Please no. It's difficult to survive after getting shot as it is, why make it worse? Also if bandages are a quick fix then it's kind of pointless. Also, bandages are great for when when your health is between 50-75%. They heal quickly enough and don't force you to waste a first aid for a small amount of health.
  5. Stop comparing video game damage mechanics to real life. Next we're going to start implementing psychological impacts of being hurt too, right? How about making your player move slower when shot in the legs? Or how about aiming worse when you're closer to death? How about not being able to refill your health without a doctor? I mean come on now. For the sake of gameplay, either implement limb penetration or make arm/hand hits count the same as chest hits. The way it is now is broken.
  6. I do like the idea of a quick swap scope button.
  7. Whiplash27

    Apple baseball

    I'm a fan. Do it.
  8. Whiplash27

    Please put oil in the door hindges

    Get rid of doors in the lobby. The super squeaky doors are too much. PUBG where doors and shattered glass are louder than gunfire.
  9. Been happening to me all the time. I have a game where it seems like nothing registers, then I die, look at bottom right corner and it's set to AS. Why?
  10. The problem with this game is that you can't even tell someone to go play CS aim maps. That can help with reaction time, but the rest of the mechanics are different. Also there's a matter of bullet drop. Having a map where people can experiment with bullet drop at different ranges could be a huge help. Also just being able to maybe learn based on looks how far someone is.
  11. Whiplash27

    replay and death cam setting

    Game lags whenever I see people now. Never happened before the most recent update.
  12. Whiplash27

    NA client still randomly switching to Asia

    Happens to me almost every day. Awful.
  13. Whiplash27

    Throw Grenade, switch back to rifle

    Why isn't the default action after throwing a grenade to switch back to your primary/last rifle?
  14. Whiplash27

    AUTO stuck on AS server.

    Same issue here. It's quite annoying!