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  1. New Map and guns?

    Any examples of what is looking better on console?
  2. Fix gear pick up

    Yes, saw that
  3. Fix gear pick up

    Use TAB. And question, if you use E for actions, what keys are for leaning then?
  4. Leaving Game Pre-Plane = Loss?

    No, I don't think. If you leave before countdown is over (1 minute) at starting island/prison, it doesn't count in my stats, so it should be the same for everyone.
  5. Would you switch to Xbox if...

    So I will be that noob who tells you otherwise. THERE ARE cheaters in console gaming like modded lobbies, "macro" scripts. Do some research before stating anything so harsh Tho I don't see any reason to cheat on xbox while playing pubg. You cant earn RL money, so yes, there will be almost none, or no at all cheaters there in PUBG.
  6. Admins for EACH server?

    i would be volunteer admin for some servers if replay system is perfect, or they manage perfect replay for who is over watching suspicious player. Otherwise - NO.
  7. 8 out of 10 using no recoil hack

    So no video/replay?
  8. 8 out of 10 using no recoil hack

    Maybe he shot you in the chest? If not, video would help to tell if the kill was legit.
  9. 8 out of 10 using no recoil hack

    Clearly this game is not for you. Practice more, or just play something else.
  10. FPS affecting clip dump speed

    Can anyone confirm that on PUBG? I love PUBG, but i will uninstall it in eyeblink if this is happening
  11. Tournament play vs casual play

    Yep. I hope some day clothes will be removed from loot. You should go with what you have, and you can take from killed players later on, if you think it will be better.
  12. Tournament play vs casual play

    Better performance I think. Remember ~1month ago there was test servers with no clothes to loot. It was smoother game play than ever.
  13. HELP Please

    So make it clear. Did you uninstalled and installed the game?
  14. HELP Please

    So make it clear. Did you uninstalled and installed the game?