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    Oh god guys stop seeing cheaters EVERYWHERE. Anyone who played more than 150hrs leans when shooting, @un1ty explained that very well. I do lean also when shooting in open field, because jumping is the WORST thing to do when avoiding bullets in open field, even players who have a little bit of skill they can count where you will land and then you are dead.
  2. I know man, I am gaming for ~25 years, you are right 100%, BUT since you can earn some profit from cheating, it became hilarious (at this game especially).
  3. So 99% comes from one country and it is just not for profit. I kind of actually agree with you, because their society is likely to cheat (no offence to that country residents), because they cheat in school, high school, job, etc... because they have something likes casts there. So in school you know, you say you have 10 KDR, so other classmates are amazed
  4. What will be the point of cheating if they cant farm for crates?
  5. pankarezas

    Cheating Discussion

    Strange. Either they were not cheating or death cam is so broken that sometimes devs doubt if the person is cheating?
  6. pankarezas

    Cheating Discussion

    Simple. You report cheaters (with video evidence), they ban them in two days. I have no problem spending 5 minutes to upload video and report. All of my reports were successful.
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    Cheating Discussion

    Can't edit it no more. Found it.
  8. pankarezas

    Cheating Discussion

    how do you check the status?
  9. pankarezas

    Cheating Discussion

    Thanks, but if you read closely it was answered 2hrs ago
  10. pankarezas

    Cheating Discussion

    Really? Any source?
  11. pankarezas

    Cheating Discussion

    You do know that new anti cheat is delayed? That placebo tho...
  12. It is possible to abuse inventory, to see gunflash. You can check that in starting island, it makes muzzle flash like 5x bigger, so you can better see where shots came from. I hope devs will do something about it.