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  1. Goose stepping mods

    Yep, they overmoderate this forum. They should put that effort into the game developing (skins NOT included). I am here now after one week of being suspended from forum for ridiculous reason. But meh, it takes 2 minutes to create new account so I dont mind if I get permabanned for telling the truth
  2. Poll about weapon skins

    Of course, because nobody (except bluehole and cheaters) wants them. Playerbase asked for DIFFERENT things than skins, but you know, they milk a cow until she gives milk... It will be more ridiculous with chutes skins, cars maybe etc...
  3. (Not a bug) Requesting: Final Circles

    Yep, in my 500hours died MAYBE like 5-10 times in a blue (usually someone was shooting me while i'm in the blue). Just practice to run around the circle before it moves, instead rushing forwards to the center. Believe me, it will be a game changer
  4. (Not a bug) Requesting: Final Circles

    I dont know how many hours you spent in this game, but blue circle can move slower than running speed (not even sprinting) if the side is nearby blue circle, tho opposit side can move so fast that even dacia barely catches up.
  5. Really? Weapon Skins now?

    It SHOULD have happened later, def not sooner. We all know this, even more than the half players (like me) even don't expected to get weapon skins, because it is idiotic. Even if they were for free, i would never use them (except camo ones).
  6. Really? Weapon Skins now?

    Its all about Karrot98k And Mk14 https://www.amazon.com/Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Centurion-Blaster/dp/B00BG8F0IW
  7. Really? Weapon Skins now?

    OP, wait until we get parachute skins...
  8. grenades

    Wait. What?! Ofc you can hold them as long as you want, until you take out the ring with R, then 5s. The second half of your post I did not understand.
  9. Those 2% still would be millions
  10. Smaller Maps Discussion

    I personally don't see any problems with smaller map, because I am pretty sure it won't be the last one. Maybe one day we will get 12x12 or even 16x16km maps. Who knows? Oh btw OP, ever heard about paragraphs?
  11. Maybe all of them won't stop, but I am pretty sure that 98% would.
  12. Works fine for me, no fps change. So just go for it
  13. sound is too low

    low too is sound
  14. Nice motorcycle fix bluehole.

    Nah, ping has nothing to do with this thing. My ping is ~35ms to Frankfurt (Main) from Kaunas (Lithuania), D~800mbps/U~800mbps.