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  1. Ah I see. So the first few circles are still manageable, seems like they're striking a good balance. The initial circles provide enough leeway to gear up, however when it comes to the last circles you better be in a good position or have a vehicle or you could be in for a rough time.
  2. Finally adjusting the blue circle damage? This is great news! I remember watching a couple clips from the invitational Gamescon comp and watching the pros simply healing through the first few circles and coming in late. While a legit tactic, it wasn't very entertaining and I don't think what we want to see in future comps. The blue circle is there for a reason.
  3. Bob Gnarly

    DESERT MAP - New pics and article

    Map looks pretty sweet, looking forward to testing it out. Will be good having no grass, will definitely make the final circle battles more interesting.
  4. Bob Gnarly

    Red Zone fix/proposal

    Request DeNiied.