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  1. Calling Out the Pre-Release Sham

    You mean in the beginning during early access, yes that is generally when they release constant updates to improve the game. They explained why they would stop doing monthly updates and that was so they could focus on higher quality updates without the pressure of having to push something out monthly. We all know that they started out as a very small team and then the game blew up in popularity, so they had to make some drastic changes to cope. Of course this leads to issues, but overall I think they handled it fine. Again, to call it a scam is just silly.
  2. No but my mates game crashed the other day while he was reviving a team mate and when he reconnected his character was permanently stuck in the revive animation. Was pretty funny watching him jump around and shoot people while stuck in this position.
  3. I'm also an aussie and neither myself or my mates I play with suffer these issues.
  4. Calling Out the Pre-Release Sham

    How about you do your due diligence next time before you buy just like with any purchase? Take some responsibility for your actions. Calling PUBG a scam makes you look silly. It's hasn't broken multiple records because people were scammed into buying and playing it for numerous hours. There are many satisfied customers out there like myself that spent a measly $30 for hundreds upon hundreds of hours of entertainment. Should've refunded before the 2 hour limit if you weren't happy. Hopefully you learn from your mistake.
  5. Shot Location Suggestion

    I've got a pair of SteelSeries Siberia 350 headphones, nothing special and find I can locate shot directions quite easily. I don't see any need to arcade it up by adding arrows and shit, in fact it would turn me off the game.
  6. OC matchmaking borked?

    Yep, taking 30 sec - 5 mins to find a FPP Squad match for me. 10pm local time.
  7. Is the majority you and your 2 mates or something? I love 1.0... Love the new map, love the new parachute mechanics, love the new content, love the fps boost, but I do wish they'd bring back the random weather.
  8. Generally suppressor on my single fire weapons and the compensator on my auto weapons. Flash hider if I don't have either of the above.
  9. Maintenance at better hour?

    Nope, as an Oceanic this suits me perfectly.
  10. No name & shaming is a common rule on all gaming forums for good reason. Is it that hard to post your vids in the designated area? Enough with the conspiracies....
  11. Rewards contents

    I'd just like to know when are we getting the new cosmetic items that people data-mined some time ago? https://skin-tracker.com/pubg/datamining/
  12. Whats with all the hackers

    Yeah save yourself the trouble. You won't find me saying that anywhere, because I never said it.
  13. Whats with all the hackers

    Please quote where I claim that FPP has no cheaters. All I'm doing is posting my experience in game. I play Squad FPP on OC almost exclusively these days and my games are not being ruined by cheaters. Since 1.0 dropped, I've encountered one confirmed aimbotter, which I reported. Every single other game I've had has been fine. You can call me naive or oblivious all you want, but I've been playing shooters online for 2 decades and cheaters are easy to identify. If people want to play TPP and then complain about how hacker infested it is, then go ahead. There is an alternative in FPP which for some reason is not played by cheaters as much which has been pointed out over & over by numerous players.
  14. Whats with all the hackers

    What kind of retarded advice is that? I play FPP Squad in OC and have only come across one confirmed cheater since 1.0 dropped.
  15. map selection

    Only reason i mentioned lobby switching is because players are already picking and choosing their map, they just have to go a round about way of doing it. So why not make it easier by giving them an actual map selection choice until casual and ranked mm are brought in whenever or even if they are implemented? I imagine the majority of players play for fun, not rank, so it seems weird to punish the majority. Although I assumed the reason they implemented forced map selection was to keep lobby wait times down, nothing to do with rank. Maybe I'm wrong there.