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  1. Dont bother opening crates

    I've played hundreds upon hundreds of hours and my guy looks like he just started playing yesterday. Drop rates are whack.
  2. Poll about weapon skins

    Who enjoys gambling for skins? Not me. At least add a way to earn the skins instead of the current way of purchasing a key for a slim chance at getting what you want.
  3. Simply not a fan of milking customers after they've already purchased a product. If there was a way to earn these skins as well as pay for them, then that would be fine. But making you pay just for a chance to gamble for them, no thanks.
  4. I still play, but no where near as much as I used to and only because I have mates that still enjoy it. If I had no one to squad up with, I would've quit a while ago. I don't find solo gameplay exciting at all, it usually comes down to who can camp better. I've done pretty well out of this $30 game though, spent god knows how many hundreds of hours chasing chickens. Great value for money. Never had a problem with cheats since I play FPP in OC and only had minor technical issues with the game. The only reason for my lack of interest these days is I played the crap out of it early and now it's become a bit stale. All it would take to reel me back in is new content such as weapons and maps. Personally I don't think the new 8 man squad event added much.
  5. Keep 8-man squad!

    I only had a chance to play a couple times and it wasn't very exciting to be honest, even though we got a chicken on our first attempt. Both games went to the end, but the first 3/4 of the game was extremely boring with nothing much happening. Also it forced me to play in 3rd person and to play with randoms... In our second game the other players didn't speak english and split up and of course they all died early on. If they want this mode to be successful, there needs to be a 1st person only option and the ability to play with more than 3 friends.
  6. TPP is NOT easier than FPP

    I won't go as far as saying TPP is easier, but I will say it's cheesier. Everyone has their own biased opinions depending on which they prefer, but if you like playing at a slower pace, camping positions behind cover, so you can gain advantage by spotting someone from behind cover without being seen, then yes TPP is for you. If you prefer a more dynamic playstyle, then play FPP.
  7. Server Updates

    They do updates during their office hours in case anything screws up, then they're there to fix it. Also, world doesn't revolve around the US, deal with it.
  8. Anyone still hate the new map??

    Most of the reasons you list are precisely why I like it. The loot is more sparse, but not if you know where to look. Big map with plenty of vehicles to get around. The map promotes long range fights. Fighting in cities bores me, at least out in the open people move around more. Lots of open ground with no trees to hide behind. Instead you're required to make good use of the terrain ie. hills, mountains, etc. I like that it's vastly different from the old map, I don't want to play more of the same map we've been playing for the last however many months.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/playerunknown/status/851074602084192258?lang=en
  10. This. I also don't mind that paid crates exist for cosmetic items, but if I want them, I'd prefer to purchase them outright. The way it is now with randomly acquiring them and then having to purchase keys to open them is really sloppy and should be rethought.
  11. please reduce the sounds of footsteps!

    Sorry, I meant crouch walking or aiming down sights and moving while in crouch. I know that both these methods once reduced your footstep noise. Is this no longer the case?
  12. Lol Honestly do not run into obvious cheats on the OC Squad FPP server which is what i play exclusively these days.
  13. Nope. Only encountered 1 definite cheater in 1.0 so far playing squad ffp.
  14. please reduce the sounds of footsteps!

    I thought this was already the case? If not then it should be. I know that walking pretty much nullifies your footstep noise.