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  1. QUITE Embarassing

    How am I trolling? I never claimed there are no cheats, don't put words in my mouth. You on the other hand claim everyone is cheating even throwing accusation at myself. Pretty pathetic.
  2. QUITE Embarassing

    Which FPS are you referring to that has no cheaters? I don't know any.
  3. Of course you get more satisfaction the more you contribute to the win, but at the end of the day a win is a win. But there are definitely different levels of satisfaction. I just know that whenever I join a game and see there's only say 70 people in the plane, it's not going to feel as good as a 100 player game win and it's a little bit of a let down from the get go.
  4. No recoil on streams??

    Maybe you should watch some of the videos from the Gamescon tourny. You'll see they're just as good as they are on their streams. Even when facing much harder competition since they're all streamers.
  5. QUITE Embarassing

    How is banning thousands of hackers a day not trying? What more can they do? It's a mammoth task, which armchair developers here think is easy to fix. This game has blown up to over 2 mil concurrent players, I don't think you realise how difficult a problem this is to completely remove. They can take steps to reduce hacking, but completely stop it? Never.
  6. No recoil on streams??

    Would you not have to make a different macro for each weapon as they don't all have the same recoil? Then varying macros for when you put on attachments? With all that effort, why not just practice recoil control LOL
  7. Ah I see. So the first few circles are still manageable, seems like they're striking a good balance. The initial circles provide enough leeway to gear up, however when it comes to the last circles you better be in a good position or have a vehicle or you could be in for a rough time.
  8. No recoil on streams??

    It's called recoil control. As the dude above said, you counter the recoil by dragging your mouse down.
  9. 25K cheaters banned in the last 24hrs - Battleye

    6? Is that all?? That is nothing dude. One guy i used to watch on Twitch had a kill ratio in the 20s.
  10. Finally adjusting the blue circle damage? This is great news! I remember watching a couple clips from the invitational Gamescon comp and watching the pros simply healing through the first few circles and coming in late. While a legit tactic, it wasn't very entertaining and I don't think what we want to see in future comps. The blue circle is there for a reason.
  11. Constructive ideas to combat hacking

    This is probably the worst idea I have read so far, good work!
  12. Every game now - Hacker - 3rd person

    12 games in a row? We playing the same game?
  13. There are plenty of legit players on the leaderboards, especially in FPP. And LOL at the people arguing with MCFLYYY. Of course starting a game with less players sucks. It definitely doesn't feel as satisfying winning a chicken when you only start with 60 - 75% of the server.
  14. POLL: Red Zones in PUBG

    They're fine. They add an extra element to the game.
  15. Cheating has killed this game

    This. I dont see them anywhere near as much as some as the people here and i play FPP. I might experience something suss once or twice a week, if that.