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  1. Audio randomly fades out

    Seems to have gotten worse today. Now even I can't even get the audio to pop back in by moving or aiming. My in game audio is at max volume but I hear nothing. My voice chat still functions just fine but game audio disappears.
  2. That road map was amazing!!!

    I was told there would be cake, the cake is a lie.
  3. Shot & leave game

    If someone disconnects doesn't their Avatar stay in the match though? Pretty sure you can kill and actually get the kills from players that left the session
  4. I usually have a smoke break while waiting to see what the circle does. 3x loot sounds a bit much... Half the fun of the game is trying to survive with whatever tools you find. Scored a couple of 200M iron sight kills earlier and felt pretty badass.
  5. New AR suggestion

    Doesn't the DP-28 already (sort of) fit this role? I'm all for more guns though yeah
  6. I used to switch from M&K to controller when driving in GTA, maybe I'll give that a go later. Left stick to turn and right stick for pitch/roll would be pretty sweet.
  7. Team Killing is overwhelming

    Join discord groups and squad up with those folk instead of randoms.
  8. I honestly had no idea until today. I'm pretty good at handling the bike but this will make those embarrassing nose dive flips a lot less frequent! Any tips on keybinds from those who use it regularly?
  9. Just kill TPP mode on all servers (because I don't like it and you shouldn't either)
  10. Xbox Newbie needs some major pc help xD

    Depends what kind of mouse you have, but if it has a couple of side buttons then definitely rebind lean left/right (default Q and E) to the mouse, that way you can still move about properly while you lean... Great for making snipers miss those headshots!
  11. I got a cheapo Razer Goliathus knock off online for about 10 USD. My keyboard sits to one side and I have about 25cm width on the right for my mouse. Lowering sensitivity in general I think is a good idea... one of my buddies first told me to try it on PlanetSide 2 years ago and my K/D saw an immediate improvement. My rule of thumb is I should be able to swing 360° moving my mouse from the left side to the right side of the mouse pad (not the part underneath the keyboard obvs)
  12. Needs a dodge

    Rolling isn't realistic? Try it out IRL, you might surprise yourself.
  13. Needs a dodge

    Rolls would be pretty handy in firefights too... Could do it like GTA where jumping while holding a direction when you are ADS you do a quick roll.
  14. Make the map drawable?

    And with my squad I know we're going to end up with 4 different colored penises drawn on the map...
  15. Audio randomly fades out

    Whenever I'm playing PUBG and I'm in a fairly quiet area, the sound completely fades out until I can't even hear any ambient sound. I have to ADS to get the sound back (the sound of ADS animation seems to kick the audio back in). This is the only game I've noticed this happening. My voice chat (usually steam, sometimes discord) works just fine even when the game audio is dead. This has been going on for ages, just reporting it now. I'm using SteelSeries Siberia 800 wireless headset if that makes any difference. Haven't noticed any such issues with other games though.