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  1. Secret Shotgun Nerf?

    Haven't noticed a nerf at all. I was spectating a friend who basically 1-shot an entire squad with a 2-barrel shotgun from like close/mid range from a window.
  2. I believe in that 95% of the times, I would blame all this lag/desync/netcode and hitreg issue that would make myself crazy for some shot I would miss or I would give. I remember 2 days ago just jumping with an AK and just firing and knocking 2 guys while not aiming, I could be considered as a cheater but it was lucky shot. Most of weird shots imho are the lucky ones, I wouldn't believe such a big pool of cheaters even after 250+ hours of gameplay and analysis of patterns. And it's not because we have so much difference in hours that you would be able to see more fishy plays. I would rather say spending that much time on the game and spotting what is not your liking is making you more toxic and subjective, not reasoning and critical, but that's my opinion.
  3. Mouse Delay

    It's not really a junk per se, but it's a known bug they do have with this mouse specifically that stutters the mouse and give you the impression of lag. I had the same issue and I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove playing in fullscreen widowed, but for PUBG I have to give it the other way
  4. When people play better than you but you consider them cheater ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) In 250+ h in different servers, only encountered one which was invisible (last circle but the guys was either fuckin well hidden or just not visible as he was communicating through the comms) but let us win the game. (Actually could have also been a graphic bug and he would be under the map :Thonk: ) The argument of cheater in ranked is just pure BS, it doesn't matter whether it's on casual or ranked, there will always be cheaters in any game mode.
  5. I'm actually have the same issue since the last patch although everything looks fine. I5-7500 GTX 1050TI 4GB 8GB DDR4 Game on SSD. Tried to look around but no info, can someone tell us where it comes from ? Because teleporting is not the best experience
  6. Mouse Delay

    Is your mouse a Logitech G-502 ? If so, go to Fullscreen, it will resolve it.
  7. Where guns can appear...

    Hey ! You can have a look on ShatterNL map straight here with the most updated version : It will be very helpful to study it as it will give you better insight of the map, the weapons and vehicle loots probability Enjoy the game !
  8. Favorite Weapon combo

    Any AR (Preferably a shotgun) and a Shotgun or a Sniper depending on how I want my game to be played this time
  9. ShatterNL's PUBG Map v0.8

    Thank you !
  10. I only need a shotgun, really

    It really depends of the situation. On one of the game I mentioned above, I just killed 3 people in the top 10 by seeing their position in the fields and being in their back. 1st one was in front of me behind a tree hiding from other shots. I just went behind him and used a shotgun. For the last 2, I saw one in front of me hiding in the fields and moving, first pointed him because he was trying to shoot at the other guy, sneaked on him and killed him. Last one went moving because of the shot to try to get another position, but as I was proning he didn't check on me. Saw where he was, decided to crawl through him, launched 2 nades around him to cover my feet, ran when they exploded and went in front of him, 1-shotted him. It's super easy, it just needs critical thinking and good sneaking. And, at contrary, it doesn't put you at a disadvantage unless you're on a long distance. End circle is mostly CQB, and a shotgun will in most of the case if not failed kill someone instantly while SMG/DMR/AR will need more bullets.
  11. I only need a shotgun, really

    My last 2 solo games were shotgun only just for the sake of it, I finished with the following 1. Chicken Dinner - 7 kills (only 1 was with a rifle because the guy saw me and was too mid distance to sneak into him) 2. 3rd with 4 kills - I meme'd myself and completely failed my shot while I could have rekt him D: Shotgun is so powerful if you can sneak into people, too many people don't check their 6 so you can sneak very easily
  12. And the new gun is...

    I have a feeling this gun will be crossed with 5.56 ammo and for the attachment the followings: - Compensator/Suppressor/Flash hider - Uzi Cross as per the picture - Mag - Scope up to 8x Chamber should be 20 bullets, up to 25/30 with extended Fire rate will be only single as it is a semi AR
  13. Tactics problem 2: Eco round

    We should make a petition to Pin these kind of posts into the thread because man, I love it so much ! Here are my 0.02$: First of, don't forget about the grounds whenever you wanna land on a coast, we found ourselves screwed many times because we were landing on a low ground with no possible way to get up. I pasted a part of ShatterNL map to show you exactly that the orange line as I remember is not the best solution, I kind of remember this area being one of the worst to climb up as it is very vertical ( I unfortunately don't have screenshot to show you ) Imo, since it's eco, and even not eco round, and due to the plane trajectory, I would AVOID BY ANY MEANS the bridge because we all know how people love to block this area Since I believe you're on Solo, it means 26 ppl alive left, but there would still be at least 1 person blocking and shooting you like a rabbit on the bridge that will have better gear than you, so to avoid completely. I would avoid Novo because it had been looted, and I doubt you will find the most important such as healing and better gear, there's a very slim chance and I would stop looting and just trade people to get what would be needed. Now, there are 2 choices: 1. Green line You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds in total which should cover you the area and the circle, and I would land at the total opposite since you will land on low grand, be able to climb up and you will have a lot of ground to cover yourself and spot people on CQB. 2. Purple line You don't want to be heard and shot, so just swim to the other side, but there's no guarantee of survival at this point since the swimming is super slow and the other side might be camped, so people on bridge will have time to fall back and take cover from high ground as the only way to follow up from purple is either straight or in the open on your 2 to 3 but this will be very risky
  14. New patch next week

    I'm feeling so hyped for the foggy weather, will be so fun ! Hope some day we will have a night map where you would need night vision for scoping
  15. PUBG GRAPHICS?? vs bf1

    I didn't know that trying to throw money on anything will fix the issue. Thanks for that epiphany, I will try to throw money on my couch tonight so it will fix itself instantly, not with any work behind. This statement is stupid. You're making 130M USD Sales, now, did you think also what you pay from there ? 1. Steam Commission 2. Office Lease 3. Marketing and Communication Team 4. Ads 5. Maintenance of Technology 6. Servers 7. Staff 8. Any HR related in the office ( Insurance etc...) 9. New Staff and Training Materials 10. Recruitment 11. Onboarding [....] In the end, there won't be much left as a benefit, this is basic accountancy which you might lack. Let's now take the fact you paid an EARLY ACCESS game, which you knew would be poorly optimized (Not like Batman Arkham / No Man's Sky which were AAA and massive flops), in which scenario are you entitled to whine about your FPS when you knew this would happen ? In addition to that, correcting bugs for such software takes time for resolution, it's not a hotfix that will resolve it, it could even break more by rushing out a code that would break the game. Leave them the time to work on it and the game will render as optimized as it should, you don't implement things within days, most likely within weeks/months/quarters. Same as comparing 2 different engines, this is basically non-sense.