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  1. Reshade & new updates date?

    Hey ! Big update by mid/end December. Reshade is not bannable
  2. Last update killed my FPS

    Nop, it was on the live server. I just experienced very random micro-stutter when trying to loot sometimes, but it was super minimal. So I'm surprised about the Reddit thread and all the complaints behind since it actually was the opposite
  3. Last update killed my FPS

    Completely the opposite for me. For an unknown reason, my game was even more fluid with better FPS. I just noticed a few lags when trying to pick up objects, but seems smooth imo.
  4. I've been experiencing a lot of cheaters when playing in the 2k rating mark and since then dropped massively from them. I managed to record one (Chinese) using the ESP/AimBot/Speedhack all at once and just headshotting everybody with his Crossbow. Cheaters are there the more you rank up, no matter which server you are. It's a pain in the ass, but the dev will hopefully deal with it sooner or later.
  5. Fail test 1.0

    LUUL, I have worse RIG and don't lag at all. You prolly messed up in your settings and your Internet connection getting swallowed by smth to lag this much.
  6. anti cheat system

    You can have Overwatch from Nova, it's not really prevalent.
  7. buy this game 40mis latr i have a baned account

    That's what happens when using cheats.
  8. Guide: How to PROPERLY use the M16A4 Assault Rifle

    It's actually not. Your mouse sensitivity is usually more accurate than the in-game options, so having a very high sens on your mouse and low IG will be different than low-res/mid IG. You can try and you will see the difference, I used to do that in CSGO and there's less weird flicks because of the adjustment. It's usually better to have a low-dpi and tweak IG sens very slightly to find your comfort as this is not optimized. Also, it is best for shooters to disable the mouse acceleration, it will give you better aim and more realistic movements.
  9. Scar or M416? Poll

    Also SCAR is a bit more silent than the M416 In itself, it's more of a downgrade of the M416 but with better stability and lower sound, so perfect to learn how to use an AR as it is the most stable of all.
  10. I actually like the way you present it, it could be thrilling but the implementation will be hard.
  11. As said above, I don't see much soft cover, bit the new map looks thrilling, I'm really looking forward to play it ! It has been announced that everything will be released in the 1.0 by mid-end December, be patient.
  12. Can't stand this game anymore

    Tell me where this "customer" feedback is relevant when the key adjectives are "Idiots/turd/lame" ? This kind of person is not vital for the life of the product.
  13. Fog is amazing, rain as well but a bit too loud tbh
  14. Oh, an original post where OP cannot spell Chinese* correctly.
  15. This game is awesome

    Finally a positive post, Kudos to OP !