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  1. There are cheaters actually, try again.
  2. Wew, good ol' times. I remember playing Doom, Dungeon Keeper, Fallen Haven and Heroes Might of Magic in that kind of RIG
  3. 1.0 - Impressions?

    Thanks or the feedback guys. I was wondering because I was feeling okay in the Test server with the updates they made, it was mostly to check with now that it's in live if there would be tweaks to add from it. But yeah, I think it will be time to disable it
  4. 1.0 - Impressions?

    Any need of using Reshade for brighter colors/sharpened textures with the live version now ?
  5. Hackers is a prominent issue

    And 80% of those are actually people raging against better players than them
  6. New 200kph limited chutes

    I've tried that in Solo/1man Squad and Squads last night both on Test/Live servers, didn't find any issue from my part.
  7. Trap Spot

    Post that in the test serv bug section https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/129-test-server-bug-reports/ There is a thread for it: Even Erangel had some bugs, I remember some points in the Nuclear facility coast where you would fall into rocks, pretty annoying
  8. They are nor caring much about leaderboard since they will start the rollout of 1.0, so not really a big point now as it will certainly reset within the next few weeks.
  9. New 200kph limited chutes

    Did you address that in the bug section ? General is not really intended for this kind of report. You most probably will need to add a video to corroborate this as well.
  10. Finally some smart people in this forum !
  11. ESP & Aimbot. The new META.

    LUL, I dunno in which world you live in, but this had never happened. You were probably looking like 13 when trying to play the game and due to the age restriction, they asked you a proof of age at the shop, nothing else. Again, I see a lot about Blizzard prayers, but just as a reminder, there are a lot of cheats there around without mentioning the bots in WoW as an example, and is still there. What you hear about this or this company suing cheaters is pure viral wind to just try to look good, but in the end, for most companies it ends up in nothing because they can only sue where DMCA apply.
  12. ESP & Aimbot. The new META.

    I don't think it's legally possible. PUBG ain't an application where you would need to enter such sensitive information. To give you a background, PUBG Corp will need to register into another entity and start to develop a Fraud/Legal Team to make these measures doable. In addition to that, it will be tailed to Regions specifics, and some of them require more or less than others. A Game company will never do that for the simple reason it will be too complex and costly to ensure such situatio
  13. I actually like it ! I struggle sometimes because I wanna play a game but never convinced on which one
  14. So you want to go v1.0 in 10 days???

    I remember in the old time the first day of Diablo III where you couldn't access the servers, which lasted for days as well. But kids will always find a way to complain anyway