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  1. narcissae

    Nouveautés à la sortie définitive ?

    J'en pense demain.
  2. narcissae

    Playerknown's Battleground PS4

    Exclusivité Xbox
  3. Tu peux très bien jouer en trio en désactivant l'auto matching. Tu lock pour Squad, et beaucoup de personnes jouent en solo/duo/trio en mode squad, du coup tu t'handicap dès le début. Concernant 5, tu peux seulement en Custom games.
  4. narcissae

    Tactics problem

    That's why it's the intake and the play I would use. It's always better to be at the edges so you can cover your 6 in case people will come from your back, especially with the blue dot that will damage then, so easy targets. As there are 16 people alive, you cannot know precise localisations, so you should move carefully instead of rushing into the middle of the white zone and then have 360° to cover:
  5. I didn't read the post clearly, so my bad. To reply to your statement, I'm actually happy to see some change and increase regarding the blue zone since the intent was never to stay there and tank it. So, it will prevent people tanking the first zones to just loot and do nothing; which will give a different gameplay. But looking at what you're telling; since you dislike so many things about the game, why do you still play ?
  6. Stupid question, but this update will be only for the test server, right ?
  7. narcissae

    Cheating has killed this game

    Not necessarily cheats but game sense. If you're stuffed and getting into a cover somewhere, first step is cleaning the house you're in, so people will check for threats and be extra careful.
  8. narcissae

    DESERT MAP - New pics and article

    Looks damn sexy ! Thanks for sharing !
  9. narcissae

    Cheating has killed this game

    Wow, a new thread with an original content. Oh wait.. no, same crap again.
  10. narcissae

    Mouse Delay

    It's not really a junk per se, but it's a known bug they do have with this mouse specifically that stutters the mouse and give you the impression of lag. I had the same issue and I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove playing in fullscreen widowed, but for PUBG I have to give it the other way
  11. narcissae

    Loading screen freeze and lose connection

    I'm actually have the same issue since the last patch although everything looks fine. I5-7500 GTX 1050TI 4GB 8GB DDR4 Game on SSD. Tried to look around but no info, can someone tell us where it comes from ? Because teleporting is not the best experience
  12. narcissae

    Mouse Delay

    Is your mouse a Logitech G-502 ? If so, go to Fullscreen, it will resolve it.
  13. narcissae

    Tactics problem 2: Eco round

    We should make a petition to Pin these kind of posts into the thread because man, I love it so much ! Here are my 0.02$: First of, don't forget about the grounds whenever you wanna land on a coast, we found ourselves screwed many times because we were landing on a low ground with no possible way to get up. I pasted a part of ShatterNL map to show you exactly that the orange line as I remember is not the best solution, I kind of remember this area being one of the worst to climb up as it is very vertical ( I unfortunately don't have screenshot to show you ) Imo, since it's eco, and even not eco round, and due to the plane trajectory, I would AVOID BY ANY MEANS the bridge because we all know how people love to block this area Since I believe you're on Solo, it means 26 ppl alive left, but there would still be at least 1 person blocking and shooting you like a rabbit on the bridge that will have better gear than you, so to avoid completely. I would avoid Novo because it had been looted, and I doubt you will find the most important such as healing and better gear, there's a very slim chance and I would stop looting and just trade people to get what would be needed. Now, there are 2 choices: 1. Green line You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds in total which should cover you the area and the circle, and I would land at the total opposite since you will land on low grand, be able to climb up and you will have a lot of ground to cover yourself and spot people on CQB. 2. Purple line You don't want to be heard and shot, so just swim to the other side, but there's no guarantee of survival at this point since the swimming is super slow and the other side might be camped, so people on bridge will have time to fall back and take cover from high ground as the only way to follow up from purple is either straight or in the open on your 2 to 3 but this will be very risky
  14. narcissae

    Tactics problem

    So, there are too many factors to take into account. 1. You dropped to the edges of Yasnaya with a UAZ, which means people that are in a 300m radius are aware that someone is around. Obviously, since there are only 16 people alive, people can come through all directions. 2. Where was the plane going in the first place? Yasnaya is located in the Center-East part of the map, which means this can be accessible through many places, as marked by the black arrows. 3. Where did I hear the latest shots? These can come from any direction but as per your angle, when you heard them you will know from which direction. Let's take in this example you didn't hear any shots and everybody is waiting nicely for somebody to move. 4. I know where is the next circle but I need to think in advance of the next one. PUBG is like a game of chess, you need to think about your move and at least the next one to be in the best position. Right now, we can see it will end in an open field, so how do you want to be the most effective in your travel. My intake: I will by every means AVOID being next to the water. Why ? As per the circle and the camping spots, plus the fact this is the slowest part of the circle, plus being on lowground, you will be at a big disadvantage from every angle as people will be waiting for you (as it's a usual camping spot) I will avoid using the jeep or will take it to take cover on the 3 different green lines. My best guest will be going from the green line and chose these 3 options, the one with the circle will be my best guess as I would have cover from the jeep + the yellow dots and wait but I will assess by going through car fro which direction I hear shots and if I was shot at and play accordingly. Since you don't have much time before the circle goes, most of the people, if not in the safe zone will walk there. You run by a speed of 6m/second, to cross a square diagonally is 140 meters, so 24 seconds. You can cover any angle from there and especially people running in the open and shoot them while they will focus to stay out of the blue. If I'm walking and I didn't hear any shots near me, I will use the orange line as you will have the houses to cover you but I'll boost myself and run over and it will take about 1 minute to get there, plus you have a lot of objects to cover yourself from Yasnaya, plus people that would come from there. I will avoid all black circles as there will be people around, especially those close to the center of the safezone because they might get into the next one and you'll be seen from afar. Of course, this is taken into a safe situation and it can be subject to changes depending on what would happen
  15. Looks like some texture flickering, that would probably come from your GC I do have a 1050TI and I'm not experiencing any of this. https://www.gamespot.com/forums/pc-mac-linux-society-1000004/flickering-in-video-games-26293005/ I'll let you check this