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  1. Here are 5 tips and tricks in PUBG and maybe some tricks you didn't know about.
  2. Traps - do you use or fall for them?

    I tend to do the popped car tire trap
  3. Onetap_ Introduction

    Hey Thanks!, Great to see the Mods are active on these forums. Hope people aren't causing too much trouble Thanks my dude
  4. New to the game I want secrets

    Hey ilyNoobz welcome to the community! We at Onetap_ help people like you every week posting content that's straight to the point and filled with information. Here is one of our videos that I assure will give you some new tips that will step up your game! Hope the video helps you out and hope you win your first chicken dinner soon! -Nathan from the Onetap_ Team
  5. Onetap_ Introduction

    Thanks! We hope to bring you the best content, Thank you
  6. Onetap_ Introduction

    Hello PUBG Community, OneTap_ is your one stop network for gaming tips, tricks and news. Written by and for the players, OneTap provides pro insight on a variety of the hottest current games. We seek to up your game and put you one step ahead of the competition. With our knowledge you're only ever one tap away from all your gaming needs. Specifically for the PUBG community we hope to create videos every week to help new players to advanced players grow and become better. Each video we aim for quality and keeping it short so that its straight to the point . Hope to meet wonderful people in the community and continue to help it grow.