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  1. Crossbow is a one-shot weapon to the head, no matter what armor you have on. Takes two-shots to pristine level-1 vest.
  2. Favorite Weapon combo

    M16 w/Silencer & 2X or 4X – UMP fully kitted out. The Mini14 is growing on me as a replacement for the M16.
  3. My FPS went up and game seems smother.
  4. Getting 1 shotted by P1911

    Because like him, a lot of folks on this forum like to complain when they are outmatched.
  5. At that distance, there should not be much spread. So my complaint has plenty of merit.
  6. I know this already. But according to the white cone in the middle of the screen, it should have been a direct headshot.
  7. I get one-shotted with shotguns every time it seems like. Yet I can't get even a two-shot kill with one... Notice my 2nd shot in this video was RIGHT ON HIS HEAD!
  8. Thanks PUBG, second mouse gone

    Another complaining post for him. Shocker!
  9. Im tired of trying

    You will NEVER get 60-80 fps on this game with your current setup on anything other than VERY LOW. And that might be a struggle, too. In all honesty, you have already been given the correct advice that you do not what to accept. You will need to spend some money to get better performance. Period.
  10. Holo or Red Dot?

    Red dot for all the reasons you mentioned.
  11. Same thing goes for the terrible players that blame hacks when they encounter players with a much higher skill set than they have. For a lot of folks, it's hard to image people are that much better than they are. Suck it up, buttercups. Get better or get out.
  12. Disable shooting while jumping

    I take it English is not your 1st language.
  13. Disable shooting while jumping

    Grow a pair and quit camping.
  14. Finishing off enemies

    If you don't finish them off, they can view you better and tell their teammates your position.
  15. Disable shooting while jumping

    You got killed camping. Get over it.