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  1. Beyond ridiculous

    Maybe I'm lucky or it's where I'm playing, but I've experienced probably 5 hackers since PC 1.0 launch in FPP NA servers over hundreds of hours of gameplay.
  2. kar98

    I have lost track of how many times I have lost a firefight, only to watch the replay and find my opponent had one little sliver of health left! A shot to the pinkie toe would have ended him.
  3. Considering purchase

    Despite some flaws, it's still the best game available. You can play several different ways. You can go looking for action with winning the chicken dinner an afterthought, or your can play cautiously, trying to make the final circles every game. Solo is fun, but it's definitely more fun with partners. I prefer duo's over squads. Best $30 I've spent in a long time. And, I have $47 in my steam wallet right now from selling crates I was awarded from the game, so the game has actually paid for itself and then some.
  4. Just drop in Pochinki/Pecado every game. Enough loot for an entire squad, every single time. You may have to kill a few people to get it, though. But that's half the fun!
  5. Pecado & Pochinki are my favorite spots to land. You clear those out, you'll have 5-8 kills under your belt and lots of loot. If I get killed before the top 10 after that, do be it.
  6. Lifesaving Tip For Destroying Intruders

    Do you just sit in there for like 10-15 minutes at a time waiting? How is that fun?
  7. Lifesaving Tip For Destroying Intruders

    I hate players like you. They sit on the commode in the bathroom. Come out and fight like a man!
  8. My mates & I have adopted a play style that is the exact opposite of yours. We are very aggressive in the beginning. We get most of our loot from the folks we kill around us. We never land in a small secluded place far away from the flight path. It's always South Georgepol, Primorsk, Rozhok, Polyana, Military Base or Apartments beside the school. If we make it as a "mostly" in-tact squad after clearing the place out and the remaining live is less than 35, we go into a more passive play, looking for a possible chicken dinner. I'd much rather die with lots of action in the beginning and a few kills than to loot for 20 minutes, chase the circle, then get killed with a headshot from a Kar98 for no kills.
  9. Should I Buy?

    It's the best game available at the moment. And at $30, it's an even better option. Sure there are a few issues, but it's still the most enjoyable game I play by far.
  10. Did you misread? If I'm coming up to a tree and a guy is right behind it, he can see me, but I can't see him. That's only possible in 3p (camper) mode. I much prefer FPP (hardcore) mode because it's a level playing field.
  11. Because it's an unfair advantage to be able to be behind a tree/on a roof and see the person coming at you while they cannot see you. Simple as that.
  12. I think they should eliminate 3p altogether.
  13. Adapt or leave. I love the fog map.