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  1. Good update. No more campers outside the blue zone. Looting for 10 minutes at the start of the game is a sad way to play. You don't need an AR, sniper rifle, suppressor and level 3 gear to play this game effectively. Get your loot from the people you kill.
  2. For those who win games fairly regularly

    I like to land in populated areas near the flight path. Most of my loot comes from killing other players early in the first or second circle. If I survive to about 35 players left, I'll go into survival mode. The game is too boring for me to loot for 20 minutes. I'm just as satisfied to get 8-10 kills and die before halfway as I am to win the chicken dinner.
  3. I do the same move on campers. Git gud.
  4. And PUBG is dying?

    More whining. Probably reports everyone who's better than him.
  5. This happens to me more than I care to admit.
  6. Bluehole. Entertain me.

    So you want the "RANDOM" taken out of RNG? Nothing more satisfying that having an UMP or Shotgun and killing a guy who's been looting for 10 minutes and taking all his gear!
  7. Crossbow is a one-shot weapon to the head, no matter what armor you have on. Takes two-shots to pristine level-1 vest.
  8. Favorite Weapon combo

    M16 w/Silencer & 2X or 4X – UMP fully kitted out. The Mini14 is growing on me as a replacement for the M16.
  9. My FPS went up and game seems smother.
  10. Getting 1 shotted by P1911

    Because like him, a lot of folks on this forum like to complain when they are outmatched.
  11. At that distance, there should not be much spread. So my complaint has plenty of merit.
  12. I know this already. But according to the white cone in the middle of the screen, it should have been a direct headshot.
  13. I get one-shotted with shotguns every time it seems like. Yet I can't get even a two-shot kill with one... Notice my 2nd shot in this video was RIGHT ON HIS HEAD!
  14. Another complaining post for him. Shocker!