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  1. Fog weather is so shit.

    Speak for yourself, I love fog. And the ambient music. And the only reason you would have to squint your eyes in fog is if you have bad eyesight. And if they made the fog clearer, what would be the point of having fog in the first place? You aren't the only person who feels that way, but to all the people who do feel the way you do, suck it up and adapt. Fog is great and too many people like it for it to go away.
  2. Whats happening with the LOOT?

    Ugh, a mini? How unfortunate. (Seriously)
  3. A healthy suggestion about cheating

    Ok... how bout, "nothing has been done". They're still there. The issue isn't going away and it's been months. I understand your OP, but if this is the best way for the community to show that they are beyond frustrated when the devs clearly won't let us know whats going on, I say have at it. Generate infinite threads about it until we get some kind of update. The devs aren't even communicating with the mods here to let them know what's going on to make a statement. Complete dark. We were guaranteed complete transparency. Release is within 2 months (won't hold my breath) and issues that have been in the game since day one still haven't been addressed. If they can't do that, then why would we be optimistic about the hacker problem being seriously worked on? So many people want this game to work, yet the devs, because of lack of communication, seem to be doing nothing. Even if they are working on it, we should be informed.
  4. The problem isn't hackers...

    I see his past posts and they're all along the same lines. He's talking about the chinese hackers. Because the VAST MAJORITY of the problem is due to them. And there are A LOT of them. He's generalizing the region since percentage is extremely high from that region. He never said anything directly about the chinese race. So, again, you are making false accusations. Stop.
  5. Can we get ESEA servers for PUBG asap

    Business or not, Bluehole has the final say. If ESEA offers 1 million dollars to Bluehole and they say no, ESEA gets nothing... You act as if any business with a little bit of money can just figure things out. This is the real world.
  6. Hacker only Server: Left Field Solution

    They'll notice real quick. They won't get any BP, which is what they're there for. It'll just be the most minor of hiccups to the hackers I think.
  7. And I think the probability on the NA servers is roughly 1 out of 4-5 games. So you can try NA servers too if you wanna meet a hacker.
  8. Steam Forums not moderated

    Lol, he doesn't have blanket hate for the chinese. He has a problem with the chinese pubg players because the vast majority of the hacking epidemic in pubg is from them. Battleye said this. He is not insulting an entire race because he thinks his is superior. Go read a damn dictionary. It's people like you that make the world worse by throwing out false and damning accusations like that.
  9. So is the menu security bug going to be fixed?

    WHOA, wish somebody would've brought this to my attention earlier. Holy hell. How did I not know this?!?!
  10. Can we get ESEA servers for PUBG asap

    Don't think so. I dont believe you can host your own PUBG servers. You rent and PUBG essentially hosts them for you. At least that's what I've come to hear.
  11. Wtf, how do i get your wife and daughter??
  12. Whats happening with the LOOT?

    No problem with that. I just get teammates that want to go there sometimes on purpose and it saddens me. x]
  13. Whats happening with the LOOT?

    I'm on NA servers. I'm gonna cross some of these off and keep/add the places you should/shouldn't loot. Don't loot: prison, mansion, shooting range, school, george crates spaced out compounds <--- Contrary to what most believe, these are all low loot area's. Do loot: military, yaz, north and south george, pochinki, rozhok, severny, mylta, novo, prim, lipovka <--- You want enough high loot spawn buildings to fill out your squad. These should all do. I have honestly never ran into the issue of not having basic loot in the first couple minutes unless I got into a fight early and didn't leave it fast enough.
  14. Whats happening with the LOOT?

    Eww, the george crates. Won't touch them anymore. Too much running around for not enough loot. Stopped going there about 3 months ago. Think I've picked that many sights up once in like 8 months.
  15. Steam Forums not moderated

    I don't understand how any bit of his statement is racist. I haven't looked on the steam forums, so I don't know if he's right or wrong. But it wouldn't matter either way because not a single line in his post was there any racism... Please do not make false accusations about that.