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  1. O_O ... 20? Do you also want the game to eventually end?
  2. Character Customization PLZ!

    On the shelf or not. There are still shortcomings in the game. It's not finished. There is a bunch more character customization down the road, it's in the game files. We've known about it for months now. But this is probably the last thing on their to-do list. The game has some serious structural problems at the moment and is infinitely more important than new cloths or hair styles. I hope they don't touch new clothing and character customization for at least another couple months. Not to mention the xbox version is even further behind in production because it was put into development months after the PC version.
  3. Yes, go read the test server patch notes in announcements. It's a test server, not production.
  4. The end is near... for me.

    No no no. I can easily say fuck the game. I'm not protecting the devs... He just had an AK (the highest damage semi/auto rifle) and you had no armor.
  5. The end is near... for me.

    Doc's not even great.. he's just, ok. You also had like, zero armor.
  6. I have no problem with this. Just do it in a casual setting, not ranked. If there was a separate ranked mm, punishment to rank or temp ban from ranked mm would counter leavers. Of course you'll still get leavers, but not 40 of them. Closer to 10. Because people playing ranked, play for rank, taking punishment to it would force more people not to leave.
  7. There is only one map played in Dota and in LoL. CSGO has map choice in online ranked. At any major CSGO tournament they do not. There is a pool of maps and both teams have a pick/ban map session which brings randomness.
  8. I don't think it would be even remotely disastrous if they wiped stats... at all. Especially with the amount of cheaters. Just because they're technically calling it "release" doesn't mean it's finished. Because it isn't and highly doubt it will be.
  9. Do you get to choose your map in Overwatch? How bout dota or lol? How bout Rainbow 6: Siege? World of tanks, rocket league, and starcraft i'm pretty sure are the same way. So yeah, it is. CSGO is the main big game that allows you to select a map. Even then it comes down to a pick and ban scenario in the pro tournaments, so some of it is still random. Your best map could be banned by the other team.
  10. I don't mind them not including fog or rain. I simply want the same playing field across the board. The devs can take the most favorite variables and make it that and that only in ranked. If say, most people like sunny day on Erangel then make that the ranked game. But if they were to include both maps and weather in ranked, it should be completely random. The player should not have any say in what variables are in their specific match when they play if, it is ranked. I would not say selecting a game mode and where you choose to jump is the same. We're talking about extra game variables. Choosing where to jump and go to loot is dependent on the plane as well as the early circle. It in no way affects the players skill. Fog affects player vision and causes more close range fights. Rain affects players audio and causes people to depend more on sight. No matter where you jump to on the map, those are forced variables that affect everybody. Where you choose to go to loot is a core mechanic of the game no matter what map or weather you play on. And just like I don't think people should be able to choose sunny games only, they shouldn't be able to choose fog only either.
  11. Blizzard does it for Overwatch every 3 months...
  12. 1.0 Unplayable

    I'm well aware, and many people are posting bug reports to that thread. I've been watching most streamers have the same issues. This thread was just people complaining about test server issues. Decided to toss in my experiences as well... I know what the process of getting this fixed is. I wasn't even asking how to go about letting the devs know.
  13. 1.0 Unplayable

    My friends have done all this. Still the same issues occur. The fact that it doesn't happen in the live servers but does on the test servers is proof that it's the test build or servers.
  14. Я еблан

    Assuming this is russian. Go here: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/17-russian/
  15. Every ranked competitive game does this. Every single one. This is not new. If you want to leave, you can, you just get punished for it. Whether it's a temp ban or what usually happens, i big hit to rank.