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  1. Deleting a map a bannable offense

    Lol, quitting which is in bounds of all game mechanics is not against the rules unfortunately. Changing game files is. You delete a file and that's a change. You quit a map and that's what has been allowed by the devs. There is a GIANT difference.
  2. They're aren't. It's 100% legal in all of the US. Like ^^ said. It's on par with trading cards. Make crap up somewhere else.
  3. Wtf am I looking at?
  4. Level System in PUBG

    There is already an elo system in the game. We just had this conversation yesterday. It's already there. Please look through at least the first two pages to find this. The reward is rank. This is a ranked game.
  5. Nobody on the entirety of the forums thinks this. BE clearly stated "the vast majority are from china". You not keeping up w/ news?
  6. NO region lock..

    What about it? If they're going to implement ping lock, this seems like the logical way to go...
  7. NO region lock..

    He said xenophobe. Xenophobic is not the same as racist. Being racist is having hate for a race, xenophobia is having hate for a nationality. There's a very specific difference and it's best not to even remotely confuse the two. They're separate, don't mix them up.
  8. Chinese gov't sounds like a bunch of SJW's. Putting meaning where there is none.
  9. But hosting the infrastructure is different than buying the rights to it. This would include the rights to selling PUBG merchandise and other things. Also deciding on who can and cannot use the PUBG title.
  10. NO region lock..

    Sorry who called who racist?
  11. What''s wrong with you guys?

    Bro, my philosophy is to kill you, then ask how your day is going. Sorry if you think it's racist...
  12. I know licensing is common. But licensing to a company for the whole of china seems dumb. Like why would bluehole just not setup shop in china and do it themselves. My main question is this. I understand business... The only thing I can see is bluehole is not allowed to setup shop in china. I was kinda looking for a confirmation of this.
  13. Complaints List

  14. Region lock will come with the tencent release and the great firewall of china VPN ban.
  15. Complaints List

    This is odd. I play with a lot of people and we don't get this unless landing in a tree or on or right next to a building. And there's really no reason for anybody to be doing it unless landing on a very large building with an open flat roof.