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  1. where did they go... they were turned off on the test servers. I expected them back on the launch servers. when can we expect these back.
  2. i don't want to see region lock. so I don't want people to sign it. not that I believe bluehole will listen to the petition more than the forum post they already get. but that is my two cents
  3. please don't -Thanks!
  4. no such ban exists. https://twitter.com/PLAYERUNKNOWN/status/851074602084192258 "It is OK to reshade"
  5. bluehole tweeted out months ago reshade is good to go https://twitter.com/PLAYERUNKNOWN/status/851074602084192258
  6. Rubbering Banding Lag

    the rubber banding is unbearable. it makes the game unplayable. the start of any game is high action and needs to be a clean game-play experience. it is not every drop but it is enough of them that it is a major problem in the game right now.
  7. zeroing mechanics

    the 4x does have built in range indicators, as does the 8x. but I'm not sure how useful the 8x indicators are when you can zoom out some. Looking back at the patch notes It seems to me the 4x and maybe the 2x should both be zeroable. it is not clear what their intentions were exactly. If the 4x will always be zeroed at 100m why is the zeroing displayed on the screen as if you could change it? PATCH NOTES This includes a change to how zeroing works to allow every weapon to have a unique set of zeroing ranges (in iron sight). As for sights, red dots and holos will only allow for zeroing in short ranges. Players will be able to control the intensity of the reticle, too. For higher-powered scopes, you’ll be able to adjust the zoom level on the fly instead.
  8. to be short i'm VERY confused on how the new zeroing mechanics work (test servers) is there a guide so I can better understand what is going on or what I can use to zero. is it only 8x? I believe I understand that red dot/holo does not zero up. but why the the 2x does not increase zeroing (on a KAR98, or M4) or the 4x does not increase zeroing on a m16, m4, mini, kar98 8x seems to work with zeroing. my binds are default.
  9. Splitting stacks of items.

    agree never thought of it before but that max is never used. 50% is a great replacement. i also dont understand why the same variety bullet will group in 3 separate stacks of 22, 55, and 101. why not 1 stack of 178. I agree with soaps. this will tidy up the inventory.
  10. killfeed options

    I want to see my kills in the kill feed. this is an option that can be toggled on or off. I think it would be useful and I find myself looking over there anyways when I kill someone looking for it. I have also seen suggestions to add a distance of the kill shot in as well I think this would be GREAT. but I also realize that in duo/squad play it can be used as extra information for either the squad in the shootout... your engaged with another squad 4 on 4, one of your squad mates is knocked at 322 meters. now both squads know to set their zeroing for 300 and aim slightly high.. this can take away from the game play and intended play of the game. (but I still want it even as a after match stat sheet)
  11. I see no need for region lock and personally do NOT want to see it implemented. On a side note china may just outright ban the game for other reasons. So there is that.
  12. Worthy of a suggestion?

    Im for a night time map i think it would be fun. Every shot you take exposes your position make them count. No need for night vision. Or special trip wires. Flares might be fun. As for gama adjustments i don't know how to combat that. I know they have dabbled with the idea months ago but i don't know where it stands. They are full speed ahead for full release but im interested in more info on this.
  13. No recoil macro

    No not all of them, only if they give an unfair advantage. Bluehole will get to make the decision on what is an unfair advantage and what is not. Mouse drivers may provide software to create macros but that does not make all macros legit. So the short answer is yes they can ban you for any macro that provide an unfair advantage.
  14. No recoil macro

    Rules of conduct clearly state. 9. Do not cheat: do not use third party programs, macros, client-side hacks, edited game files or anything else that may give you an unfair advantage in the game. This includes promoting or posting links to websites that provide or promote cheats or hacks There is no discussion here. ANY advantage provided by macros, no matter how small, is against the rules and subject to suspension or ban. Its your choice to decide to risk detection. But it is a risk.
  15. Lets be honest. the Devs stopped reading this post after the title. I have good faith they are doing the best they can. And I hope too see them bring a larger ban hammer at launch.