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    Server performance

    i find the live servers tolerable to alright... but the experimental servers are terrible to unplayable. the experience is bad. not sure if it is desync or what but lost of blood and nearly 0 hits over and over and over. I can not win a one on one battle till I launch the live game. I feel I have to put twice as many bullets in a body to get the same result in live servers.. is there a change im not aware of?

    my thoughts (bullet pointed)

    turns out the FPS and general responsiveness. I believe the problem was on my end and has been fixed. I need to check for sure but you can disregard that for now.

    Same amount of loot

    round 2 of testing for loot feels scaled back to me. I have played 6 rounds or so and not come across 1 silencer. last time I feel I was able to find multiple nearly every time. with faster circles there needs to be better loot but I felt closed experimental phase 1 (last time) was way too much. this time not as crazy.

    my thoughts (bullet pointed)

    good overall - have not found the random wooden footsteps - all the textures seem to be in place I have not found any checker boards - I like the changes to the circle. small but important! nothing too drastic - 4x4 now shows as a 4x4, map scaling feels correct (mini map might needs a revisit.) I'm excited to see an optimization pass... i'm getting 20 fps on a GTX 1070 in some locations. overall game responsiveness feels sluggish.

    weapon spawns too good

    im not sure how to take this. are you asking for a map select? 1 you cant. 2 you are in the wrong thread. if you think the current loot rate is good. then make your case.

    Invincibility when under water

    the faster the bullets the less water penetration there is. So you are best off with a cross bow. then pistols, then SMG's. (and even the pistols and SMG's don't go far) rifles have a pathetic water penetration so don't expect them to work. a picture or video of your exact situation would be needed to see if this is truly a bug.

    weapon spawns too good

    The loot seems too good. I find that I can always get SCAR/M4 + KAR. after landing relatively unchallenged. inside the first circle. Also LVL2 vest + helm with a good chance of at least a 4x (if not then always a 2x) I get the looting time is significantly cut down and the loot needs to be better than normal, but EVERY TIME I walk away well prepared for the remaining 40 or less players. there is no struggle. and lets keep in mind that all the other players have the same options. its like walking into the matrix and saying "[I need] guns, lots of guns" and picking your favorite load out. that is not the PUBG i know.

    Plane Speed

    Waiting for the plane to stall and fall from the sky. Super slow. I think i will time it and see how fast we are talking. But, the phrase do you lift bro comes to mind. (i know bad pun but i enjoyed it)

    circle at the beginning of the match

    I much prefer having the entire map open to everyone and having to plan on the fly. when to move out vs. loot times. Its part of the experience very rarely will a first circle exclude a city on a map this small. But by jamming everyone into a smaller zone you find yourself with 20 alive at the first close. That is how you have a dead mid game. Really loving the map. Looking forward to seeing it polished.

    Zone shows and timer starts in plane after patch.

    I have also found this... had to quit out for patch and now as soon as match starts ( we all get in the plane) a zone starts and the 4 min timer starts. This seems wrong. is it working as intended? just trying it out... or a bug?

    please add due and squad

    yes I want duo. and squad. and TPP for that matter. but as a limited test to split the testing community over so many different styles of game play would kill que times. 6 different ques with a small player base would not get the results they are looking for in testing. I hope they bring in more people and I hope to see them add the other play modes ASAP. but for now we must survive.

    Wooden Footsteps

    that would be cool... random secret rooms with loot. I find this bug everywhere... any incline seems to have a chance. and it is very noisy giving away everyone's position.

    Zone time to fast

    it was jarring to land and see so little time on the first loot and run. I was like I got 3 min and it was 40 sec. big surprise to say the least