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  1. Random Squads NA totally unplayable

    the client has an in game VOIP in it... so EVERYONE has a "detected working VOIP" the choice to have a mic or use it is on the player.
  2. Team Killing

    just shy of 400 hours played I que for squads all the time. I have been intentionally TK'd once. it was recorded, it was reported. what is don't is done. but overall I do not see this as a major problem. As for recording software you don't need to record in 1080 to get the video you need for evidence.
  3. Reporting for being team killed

    accidents happen. people get surprised. itchy trigger fingers. YOU walk in the line of fire of a friendly. there are many good squads that stream and TK b/c of accidental mistakes... if you crash the vehicle and TK'd 3 squad mates and they report you because "It's in the kill feed" do you deserve a ban??? no. show some evidence that this was intentional and the proper action will be taken. this means record it. And don't tell anyone you are not recording. they may see that as a free opportunity to kill you for any reason. There are many posts on this exact thing. the in game reporting is not enough for action to be taken.
  4. Cheating has killed this game

    I have played for a bit now and logged just shy of 400 hours. I have had plenty of times where friends have called hax and such. and I review my video and see that many times I can show them were they really got shot from or the angle were good, or we got pinched. That being said I have seen on one occasion what I believe to be a hacker. Since I record. I just cut it down to a reasonable video size. and post it up for them to look into. I have not seen that it is a massive issue at this time.
  5. New weapons and equipment

    I like the ideas of binoculars, and decoy grenade. I think the decoy grenade will have 2 effect. it will scare some people off thinking that there is a fire fight in one area OR it may bring people into your trap. and game when the everyone is on edge to have random pops and shots ring out from the corner it will certainly make people jump. I see some strategic potential and plenty of fun here. gas grenade take it or leave it. defibrillator could be interesting. a thought, it could also be used offensively for a one shot down in mele. but now we are taking a use item into a weapon slot could be clunky. i don't know.
  6. Bug Description: End Duo end game. one person not visible in circle 3 alive. 2 on 1. It seems as though SeniorChang got under the world and may have been swimming to play zone under ground. I'm not saying that this was in any way intentional but it shure left us on edge for a bit. Date Seen: Aug 15, 2017 game started 11:40pm ish eastern. Server: E7O526 (not test server) linking a video start time 30m 46s shows the last kill and the remaining 5 or so min of us scouring the play zone. hope this helps in any way.