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  1. How do you feel about removing jumping?

    As someone else said... Jumping is not being removed - the current jumping system is being removed and replaces with an all-in-one jumping/vaulting/climbing system (the idea being that you hit space and do whatever action is most applicable in the moment). I have no idea where people got the idea that jumping was just being removed.
  2. I'm all for the devs making changes to the circles to make a better endgame flow - personally I think that maybe they should add another 1-3 circles to make the possible severity (distance) much less (though I don't favor going too much over the current ~30 minute match time); however, I don't want changes made to the circle because people insist that the only valid strategy is to try and ride the edge all the way to the end. Currently, there are a few bigger streamers who loudly complain that the circles are terrible (too fast, etc), but 99% of their matches they ride the very edge on foot and refuse try out a different tactic to mitigate the potential for being caught behind the circle (like say having a vehicle or going more to the center, taking a house, and controlling that area). Yes, the circle position is RNG and RNG is usually considered bad when you're talking about tactical situations, but when you choose to ride the very edge of the circles you are choosing you put yourself in a position where the RNG could effect you the most. (These are great streamers that are every good at the game, but that doesn't mean the tactic they choose to use is the best.) Additionally, I have seen a lot of streamers (big and small) that have a tendency to pick every fight they can instead of planning around the circle mechanic. I've also seen some of them run back out of the circles to check for loot when they don't really need it (generally being loot greedy). TLDR: Yes, the circles need some work and the devs should balance them, but they should not change the circles to make "riding the edge on foot" the best/only strategy as some people seem to think it is. P.S. Love this game and love (most) of the community/streamers out there for it.
  3. Damaged Vehicle Smoke

    Twice now I've crashed to desktop when driving a damaged vehicle (both buggies). It starts with severe FPS loss and then an eventual crash after ~20-30 seconds (sent in crash reports). It feels like the smoke from the vehicle (the latest vehicle was at around 25% health) is causing the problems as turning my camera to the side (so it's not directly in the smoke) reduces the FPS loss and moving the camera back into the smoke increases the problem. Win 7 x64, Nvidia 770 GTX, 12 gig ram, i7 940.
  4. Australian Servers

    As the others have said. It's been hinted that Oceanic servers are a possibility (likely? I forget the wording PlayerUnknown used). What I don't think will happen is any strict region locking. (There might be ping restrictions tho.)
  5. Grid numbers for the map.

    I know that he minimap shows sub grids (down to 100m), but I don't remember if the map does (I don't think so). I think it would be a good change to the map. I also support having drawing on the map as well. I'd also like degree readings on the compass and some topographic information on the map (though it doesn't have to be a full topographic map). But.. I can also see them not adding some of this stuff to the core game as people who aren't used to a more military style of map/navigation could be turned off by it (but again, I'd like it).

    I would say that all of these tips can be very good and lead to getting you farther in and even to winning the game, but at the same time all of these tips are wrong and can lead to your death.. Why? Because this game (a true BR game) is all about the series of choices you make that lead you to the end. If you do one or two things differently early then you needs to adapt later and some of these tips will get you killed. Basically, there is no best strategy. The strategy that gets you a win will and does change every single game. If you're brand new to BR or even coming from other BR like games then these are a good basis to start from, but at the same time you should be building on, adapting to, and finally creating your own set of strats that work best for each of you.
  7. Slow the circles down!

    I would tend to agree on both counts. I think that as players adapt to the current speed that dying to the shock will lessen. (A lot of the deaths I saw were caused by people trying to get in those kills and not paying any attention to the circle. That's just player mentality and needing to understand that surviving > kills).
  8. PlayerUnknown is a legitimately quality guy. I say it anytime he comes up. On the armor, I'm definitely with you on being wary/worried about it's impact on the game. I have a whole nother thread talking about how I do not want any extra armor carried with people. I'd be fine with the current level, but I'd also be fine with a larger health pool and then smaller damage reductions from the armor. I'm dead set against any increase in the armor (be it from multiples or just a buff). (And it may be that once drag is added to the ballistics that armor will need to be rebalanced anyway since that will have a noticeable effect on how easy/hard it is to hit people at distance/when moving. maybe they're waiting for that to tune armor more?)
  9. Topographic

    Maybe both with the option to choose one or the other (or swap whenever you want)? I know that there is a fair (most?) segment of the population that doesn't know how to read topographical maps properly... Maybe the current map super imposed over a topographical map... I dunno, but I've thought to myself that the current map didn't have all the details I really wanted. I'd definitely support more of that higher level of details on it tho.
  10. I had a long, detailed reply typed, but I lost it all.. Too lazy to retype everything so I'll just give a short version. The devs have said that the current ballistics are not final and they'll be adding in drag, penetration, and deflection. I'm not worried about ballistics balance until those systems are in. (PlayerUnknown has mentioned several times that they want to have ballistics based of real world values and I trust them to do that.) Otherwise, I generally disagree with your suggestions and the reasoning is basically, PUBG should be it's own game with it's own balance. If I cannot run out of the circles like in ARMA then I just need to adapt to this game's style. If I have to spend more time searching houses for loot I want, then I need to better myself at quickly searching to avoid getting shot when I'm trying to tell a silencer from a plastic bottle. If it it takes X hits to kill someone instead of Y then that's ok too (Though I vehemently oppose letting people carry extra defensive items - even one extra set). I'm in no way trying to say your opinions are invalid, because they definitely are not and lots of the things you listed out are fun in other games; however, at some point the players have to judge this game according to it's own vision of what it's trying to be. (And seriously keep making suggestions. Unlike a lot of people you went into really good detail on why you thought stuff was good and what it would change.) P.S. Yes, that was legitimately a short reply, lol. Edit: I forgot to re add this part... The really fantastic part about PUBG is full mod support... That makes all the difference in these kind of discussions - there's nothing preventing anyone from making a mod that changes everything you list and supporting the players who want that.
  11. What the others said, but I would throw in that the reason for this is that the development team uses the week to make fixes/additions to the game. The second weekend's test was on an improved version of the game from the first week and next week will be improved from this week. Unlike a lot of other games, this is a legitimate beta and the team is actually making real and noticeable improvements as the weeks progress. As of right now we have two more weekends left in this beta.
  12. Difference between H1Z1 and PUBG.

    In my own words, I'd describe the difference as being that H1Z1 focuses on a faster paced gameplay with balancing decisions focused more around "jump in and blow em away." While on the other side, PUBG focuses on slower more tactical decision making with balancing decisions focused more on realistic values (but not to the point of being simulation).
  13. Rework Planes?

    Couple threads on this topic, I wrote a long reply in this one. Basically... Every solution I could think of has pros and cons to it and after thinking about it, I think sticking with the current system or moving to one where we're all in one plane are the two best options. (I also disagree that landing first is best. The problem that I see is half the people drop in the first 2 seconds of being able to drop and then go for the closest major city. That problem has more to do with players thinking there's a best option when there are in fact many options and choices you could make.)
  14. Idea for the Player Drops

    I thought about this during this last weekend, but any of the solutions I could think of only made other problems worse, which made me think about if the problem I saw was really all that bad. With the current line of planes, from first to last, you can reach the ground faster, but you can compensate for this by parachuting laterally to spread out from the people that dropped strait down. You might not reach the ground first, but being first doesn't really matter if no one is there waiting for you with a gun. Going in the last plane could actually be seen as an advantage because you can watch everyone else drop and move to a location where no one else went to. With the planes in a side by side line you could all drop at the same time, but then depending on your left/right plane position each plane still has a direction in which you can land first. Then you also create the problem that if you're in the right plane and you want to move left across the others you're almost certainly going to be landing after people. If you're in the center plane your best drop is always strait down, while the left and right planes can spread out away from the main line. If all the planes come from random directions then it's pure RNG for each plane.. Some might get really good routes while others get poorer ones. (I don't like this idea at all as it's the most RNG and the less choice based.) One big plane would probably be the best way to make everyone "even," but I don't think that would lead to less "congestion" on the initial landing, which is what I think at least some of the initial suggestion is trying to address. All in all, I'm actually pretty happy with the current system. If I go first I can try to rush an area, but if I go last I can watch what everyone else is going and then compensate for that with going somewhere else entirely or just landing in a spot where I know no one else is around. (imho, the idea that being the first to the ground is the best strategy, is based on other games with different mechanics.)
  15. Grainfield + third person aiming = OP

    If they change the height/density or not, it would be nice if they locked a minimum on foliage (maybe they're waiting for better client optimization since they've locked other things).