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  1. Wow... As time goes on they seem to care less and less about what the fans want. Get rid of forced post processing, raise the max fov to at least 110 I'm fine with the increased shadows for fairness but until they fix these I'm editing my .ini file
  2. Discussion: September Update

    Yep I assumed it was due to my only having 8gb of ram and running the game off a 7200rpm hard drive. I also only have 2gb of vram. Still I hope that this helps until I can upgrade my pc.
  3. Discussion: September Update

    I'm really hoping the building optimization fixes the render glitch. I get it every game now days. Makes the first few minutes extremely difficult and frustrating
  4. Rendering Buildings

    The test server is running worse than the regular game for me. Tons of dysync and buildings not rendering. Both of these are problems normally but seem much worse on the test server. Furthermore I have had multiple crashes which didn't occur before
  5. Memory usage increased?

    Yep same here. Actually runs worse than ever for me. I used to get 60-75 fps but on the test server I get about 45 with lots of stuttering and desync