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  1. Whats happening with the LOOT?

    Damage is terrible, but you have to give credit for "no recoil for days SON!".
  2. night time map?

    So let them shoot first. Shouldn't be a problem to spot the flash at night, even with flash hider.
  3. Performance declining?

    Anything below 60fps feels terrible if your're used to 100+
  4. Never lose hope!

    It felt like I'm already dead. Didn't get that 1k BP tho, maybe because I had to reconnect in mid game. Enjoy my mad editing skills, first time ever doing it.
  5. What's your best attachments for the Kar98k and why ?

    4x scope, because I suck at long range sniping. I don't like suppressors on my sniper rifles, I want you to hear your death
  6. Do you think it's just 'new-game hype'?

    It has happened.
  7. No patch this week ?

    It is nice. Have you forgotten what happened on 3rd of August?
  8. What is this game supposed to be?

    lol, bye. You're the one who died.
  9. Yesterday I killed 2 guys with my fists while they were loading their shotguns. So... no.
  10. Jukebox :)

  11. Can vehicle physics be the new priority?

    I'd love new car pshysics but just because i could do mad drifts lol. Imagine going sideways while your teammate sprays enemies with an UZI, quality stuff.
  12. ANY advice welcome. Thank you! https://www.twitch.tv/onelitrebeer
  13. SKS or Kar98K

  14. Are people seriously resorting to teaming in solos?

    Am I the only one who sees nothing wrong with it? Whats the big deal?
  15. sorry to harp on but....

    Jesus dude, stop complaining. Why does it work for most players but doesnt work for you? Maybe you're just bad at the game?