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  1. Can My PC run PUBG?

    Runs like a charm on my i5 4690k, GTX 970 and 8gb 2133 ram. You're golden my man.
  2. So we should also ban everyone who adjusts settings on their monitor?
  3. Removal of the rain and fog

    Fog was ok, but the rain, OH GOD the ear rape.
  4. Check out this masterpiece! Please sir.

    And I'm back again with another piece of pure art! I think I'm getting better at editing lul.
  5. Check out this masterpiece! Please sir.

    I'm back bois! More editing training.
  6. do not punish passive playstyle

    There is only one solution for this problem, you have to do more of this:
  7. FPS Help

    Nope. There is an issue with random FPS drops and everyone knows it. Let's just wait for a patch to fix it.
  8. Made this piece of art with little to none knowledge in video editing. Any feedback appreciated. Turns out, video editing is kinda fun.
  9. What the hell is wrong with the community

    Are you kidding me, those people are hilarious! Most of the time it's quality stuff. One can only envy such creativity in swearing.
  10. The Issues Facing PUBG (With solutions)

    A simple TK ban system like CS:GO's would be cool.
  11. night time map?

    So let them shoot first. Shouldn't be a problem to spot the flash at night, even with flash hider.
  12. Jukebox :)

  13. How fast is your internet?

    Cheapest and most common connection. I love Latvia.