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  1. No patch this week ?

    It is nice. Have you forgotten what happened on 3rd of August?
  2. What is this game supposed to be?

    lol, bye. You're the one who died.
  3. Yesterday I killed 2 guys with my fists while they were loading their shotguns. So... no.
  4. Jukebox :)

  5. Can vehicle physics be the new priority?

    I'd love new car pshysics but just because i could do mad drifts lol. Imagine going sideways while your teammate sprays enemies with an UZI, quality stuff.
  6. ANY advice welcome. Thank you! https://www.twitch.tv/onelitrebeer
  7. SKS or Kar98K

  8. Are people seriously resorting to teaming in solos?

    Am I the only one who sees nothing wrong with it? Whats the big deal?
  9. sorry to harp on but....

    Jesus dude, stop complaining. Why does it work for most players but doesnt work for you? Maybe you're just bad at the game?
  10. sorry to harp on but....

    Exactly, all you need is a decent gun and hunt someone down. Why loot yourself when someone else is doing it for you?
  11. Best (non-Airdrop) Wep w/ Best scope?

    M16 with 4x and S12 with red dot. Champion breakfast.
  12. What key binding changes did you make?

    Swapped X and B so I don't try to fist fight someone.
  13. Stories of a funny journey

    2v2 Brawl with one of the enemies shooting with a pistol. We won.
  14. Scope Lag

    I get quite opposite. When I zoom in, i get an FPS increase lol.
  15. Do you think it's just 'new-game hype'?

    Suck it CS:GO!