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  1. Error message

    So these people that can no longer play it get a refund right????? I mean they bought it, played the game and now they cant because of an update, who do they contact about getting a refund??
  2. Gun wont fire randomly

    This is also causes your guns not to fire.
  3. Not going to include my computer specs and so on because there really is no point. I made a bug report sometime ago about not being able to fire when getting out of a car along with other random times not being able to fire or it just stopped firing after one bullet. I have been able to recreate one bug and have clipped it but basically what happens in the clip is this: I shoot my kar98 and then swap to my Scar while holding down right mouse button, I am unable to shoot. If I switch between weapons but havnt fired a shot on my other gun before switching it works fine. As I say here is the clip, I try a lot of different things but the above is pretty much the bug, how that relates to other guns im not entirely sure. Short Twitch Clip
  4. Ban PUBG sumo?

    Sick of arguing the facts, go read up on what it does, it does more than loot and spawn areas. Its very simple, if the game doesnt provide you it, then you having it over users not using the program is an advantage, an advantage over other users is called cheating. So by your logic, aimbot is just a program that helps with your aim, plus my aim is fantastic already this just helps me remember where the head is PLUS PLUS if i just pre set the aimbot with a trigger key I dont even need a second monitor which clearly means its not cheating anyone can do it. That is your logic.
  5. Ban PUBG sumo?

    Does the PUBG in game map do the same? Answer, no, so therefore a 3rd party tool / app / software that gives people an advantage over people who dont use it, thus banned by PUBGs own terms. Doesnt need to be a fuss, ban it, that simple.
  6. Memory leak

    Thats what happens when 8 million people buy your game, for whatever reason you start to do the strangest of things like add more content to the game instead of fixing the most important issues like performance and optimization, shhhhh though dont let the fan boys and girls see you say that, they will be here in a shot telling you to stop crying. its EARLY ACCESS still. =(
  7. Memory leak

    You just have to wait it out till they can be bothered, performance seems to be at the bottom of their priority list, though they would tell you otherwise.
  8. SKS one shot me with level 3 helmet

    Just get used to it because the developers are too busy adding in new content. Its works some of the time which seems to be good enough to not fix.
  9. Ban PUBG sumo?

    My point exactly, it might not be as big a deal as aim assistance but its an assistance that gives you an advantage, small or large its cheating.
  10. Im the same =)
  11. It was the foul mouth, they decided that you needed to be left on the island. China number 1
  12. Ban PUBG sumo?

    Sadly cant edit it now otherwise I would.
  13. Ban PUBG sumo?

    Yes it does, it takes information of the planes flight path and guides you past the hot spots by avoiding, it also uses information it has gathered from all its users to better predict where players are in order to yet again help guide you through the map, it tells you where to loot, where to go, when to go and then on top of all that it calculates running time for when you need to leave so you take no damage from the circle that is next. It is a assistant for those who lack the skills to do the things themselves and it also provides insights that an honest no program using user does nto have access too, IE all the recorded data of its app users stored on a server , analysed and used to better guide you.
  14. Ban PUBG sumo?

    Ok, well off you go then cheater, go have fun playing the game with your cheats.
  15. Ban PUBG sumo?

    You said it is cheating yourself, so by your own definition you just like to cheat. No you cant read, they said you can use it, even if that changed they cant ban you unless you used it after they banned it, hard to understand like game be hard?