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  1. Constant Freezing

    What amount of RAM do you have and are you using a SSD?
  2. I only need a shotgun, really

    More people need to think just like you in this regard, you see a common theme in the forums when it comes to how people play, your worth is judged by your K/D to a lot of people here. 1 kill is all you need for that chicken dinner.
  3. Just to see how people currently rate the performance, have seen a lot of posts saying the vast majority have no issues so would be interesting to see the ratio of those with and without issues.
  4. Updates being stopped

    Trolling yourself now, no amount of clawing will ever get you out of a hole that deep. Lets run that down just so I can read it back and understand myself. Come into the thread and make fun of another person who is having issues after just crying in another thread about your own issues respond with who said I quit after just reading the quote of your own cry that stated you quit on three different occasions Then try to claim you stating you quit is me insinuating Then resort to using some sort of forum formatting as a way to insult me It all makes perfect sense now, sorry my friend, I didnt know.
  5. Updates being stopped

    Strange, all the menus glitch out in SLI for me, though that might of changed in the last patch, being running single card for the last couple of weeks trying different settings and so on, sort of glad to be honest running SLI used to pump heat out into my room playing PUBG.
  6. Updates being stopped

    You mean you like to troll other people between creating your own rivers, understood.
  7. Updates being stopped

    I get the same FPS with a single as I do in SLI, the only differences being that the lobby looks awful and glitchy in SLI but instead of having a card running at 90% + they run at 60% each.
  8. Updates being stopped

    You must have the biggest bridge in the world to hide that amount of troll.
  9. Updates being stopped

    Hey glad you could make it, another one of the usual people who come to bash others. Done complaining about things that effect you, so time to go troll some people for their issues.
  10. Updates being stopped

    It ok, I understand that you want to save yourself from admitting that your point here is utterly rubbish. Yes my 780 trash seems to be running at the same FPS as a GTX 1060 3gb that the guy above gets, must get rid ASAP.
  11. Updates being stopped

    I play at the same FPS as you I just have a lot of other issues with things like loot spawning correctly and a lot of desync when it comes to close combat. I love the game, safely say the best game ive ever played, ive had 800+ hours of fun from it but some of the issues I have like loot not spawning is a huge problem and drains the fun out of the game when it happens pretty much every other game, its even worse when you land on a roof or enter and house to find no loot but then the person behind you comes from the same place with loads of gear and more importantly a gun.
  12. Updates being stopped

    Are my PC specs > Blueholes required minimum specs, yes or no??????????????
  13. Updates being stopped

    The forum is here for people to complain about their issues they are having in their Early Access game, it is for people like me who play the game to come and complain. You dont even play the game because they dont have a killcam because you died on your screen is hard for you to accept, you are God of PUBG the guy must be cheating I need killcam to prove it.
  14. Updates being stopped

    Simple question for you, just a yes or no answer is needed nothing more. Is my PC specs > required minimum set out by Bluehole? Oh and FYI I get 70 - 80 FPS
  15. Updates being stopped

    Why you even in a forum for a game you dont play anymore????????