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  1. So you know nothing either but are here telling others how their company works, how they hire people, how difficult it is to hire people, how hard it is to find people that can work on their code. Not even going on, utter rubbish, youre defending something you have no clue about. Here are some facts: Over two months ago loot wasnt spawning correctly, today loot doesnt spawn correctly. Over two months ago i was getting ran over while inside houses, today i still get ran over inside houses. Over two months I was getting shot while behind cover and today I am still getting shot behind cover. Over two months ago I was having issues with shooting my gun, random stops or just not being able to shoot at all, today i still have problems shooting guns. Those are facts, there is no excuse good enough for those to still be issues now when they have had 8 weekly patches and three monthly patches before they decided to just update whenever they can be arsed.
  2. It is civil and it is constructive, people are telling other people who have paid for the game that they shouldnt be negative and post how unhappy they are about the lack of progress with the game critical side of the game while they continue to add in features that may look cool but do nothing to improve the game for hundreds of people facing serious issues with the game. That would be the definition of constructive, stop adding in things that look cool so we can actually play the game without things like desync. The problem is as moderators you allow these people who hate on those complaining to just keep saying it, the forum was made for feedback, while these types of threads might be negative they are infact feedback where as those moaning about people moaning has 0 feedback at all, they are only posting to wind up those who are complaining and basically telling them to shut up.
  3. Lets go with it just for the sake of a good laugh. Lets hear your explanation to why these things arnt getting fixed, you seem to know so much about it all. Loot not spawning when landing Doors not opening correctly Guns not firing when getting out of a car Guns not firing when swapping weapons Desync Stuttering and lag when next to other players Lets hear why these arnt being fixed after months of the entire community crying about them. I said there are sites that have been round for decades, linkedin.com was used as one of the biggest examples of where billion dollar companies down to people who have 10k companies hire anyone they need. There are hundreds of sites for finding the right person for a job so youre talking utter rubbish.
  4. Hiring people who have the right talents to fix a problem they are facing is the easiest thing in the world when you have millions in the bank, its a fact, money talks. They have these amazing sites that people have used for decades, where all the other billion dollar companies and million dollar companies alike hire some of the best talent in the world. https://business.linkedin.com Thats just one and there are hundreds more across the internet, youre talking rubbish. They have hired 100+ people is whats being said but you cant get loot to spawn correctly, that just means you need to stop hiring office cleaners for all the parties youve having while doing F all work.
  5. Thats what happens when you spend months adding in useless crap while ignoring the HUGE issues everyone is crying about. When loot doesnt spawn correctly but you find the time to add in car horns and rolling painkiller bottles what the hell do you expect from the community crying out for performance and game CRITICAL bugs to be fixed. Nobody is here to just cry about every single bug, its not like they are new bugs everyone is crying about they are MONTHS old bugs. Here it is simple as it comes. Which do you want? (A) Rolling painkillers VS (B) Doors opening correctly (A) Painkillers rolling while prone bug fix VS (B) Being able to fire your gun when clicking fire (A) Car horns VS (B) Loot spawning when you land or enter a building (A) Position of your hands on the steering wheel VS (B) Not being shot while behind cover You Ok, tell you what, refund me for the game and ill continue to play it and give bug reports, then when they release the game ill buy it full price providing loot spawns and I dont die in every close up combat situation because the game is so poorly made.
  6. I cant even be bothered, you carry on talking rubbish.
  7. Error message

    So these people that can no longer play it get a refund right????? I mean they bought it, played the game and now they cant because of an update, who do they contact about getting a refund??
  8. Got patch notes for that addition?
  9. Said this so many times before but its just the same crap, they will find a new excuse. Prime example, one guy the other day was moaning about the same damn thing, moaning because I was complaining. So I showed him a video from two months ago of loot not spawning when I landed, showed me waiting on the roof for 5 seconds no loot, I go down loot the rest of the building then go back up, there is a smoke and a bag on the roof. I knew they were going to say "well thats 2 months ago" so i made a second video before posting it from the very same day with the same issue happening. So I posted the first and waited their reply. Few seconds later there he was posting "that was two months ago" lol he continued to say if you showed me a video within the last few days my response would be likely be different and more supportive basically. So I hit him with the video from that same day with loot not spawning. Few seconds later he goes *"the loot spawned just fine in both videos what you complaining about"* its always the same, they use Early Access to excuse the fact they have done F all in a long time, I suspect they just cant fix it and are too cheap to hire people who can, even with the millions of pounds they have from us all buying Early Access.
  10. Yes because its so hard to find programmers when you have millions of pounds in the bank. Honestly...
  11. Its only Early Access, same story every post by you and all the other people who keep talking about things they have no clue about either. Same bugs and performance issues week after week, month after month, patch after patch. How about you go step outside and let those who paid for the game continue to give their feedback, be it negative or a whole load of praise. You know what stops people moaning about the same bugs and performance for week after week, month after month , patch after patch??? fixing the the bug and performance issues. Here is some constructive feedback for all those (crying about the crying people) who think Early Access is some sort of blanket excuse after a company has been given more funds than even the big hitters in a fraction of the time, fix the problems, no problems to cry about.
  12. Gun wont fire randomly

    This is also causes your guns not to fire.
  13. Not going to include my computer specs and so on because there really is no point. I made a bug report sometime ago about not being able to fire when getting out of a car along with other random times not being able to fire or it just stopped firing after one bullet. I have been able to recreate one bug and have clipped it but basically what happens in the clip is this: I shoot my kar98 and then swap to my Scar while holding down right mouse button, I am unable to shoot. If I switch between weapons but havnt fired a shot on my other gun before switching it works fine. As I say here is the clip, I try a lot of different things but the above is pretty much the bug, how that relates to other guns im not entirely sure. Short Twitch Clip
  14. Finishing off enemies

    Me and my friends always finish players off unless we can use them to bait their friend out or see where the guy is crawling to so we can get a better idea of where his friend is. Then there is priority shift, sometimes killing you will make your friend decide to run off and not fight which negates that immediate danger. Then we come to what I would call the only reason that matters, youre dead, its ruined your game with your friend and you are raging. Which then makes you go make a forum thread about how bad those people are that kill you while downed. Not to be a dick but "kill their mate off incase you die, so it at least ruins their game" is what we call on Discord. At the end of the day killing you in the idea of the game, not let you call for your friend and maybe have the chance to get back up.
  15. Upgrade advice

    Your GPU is the only thing you "need" to upgrade. As suggested 1080 it your best option but that doesnt mean the game will run well either, as also mentioned above, the game is poor right now for a lot of people, both ends of the PC scale. Id go on holiday and just stay with your current system.