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  1. Dear PUBG Devs, I think this bug is caused by the "optimizations" that were implemented in one of the latest patches that changed how characters which are not visible get rendered by the game. In this case it was really extreme: As you can see I'm fighting with the guy behind the tree for quite a while. On timecode 0:26 I start to flank and lose line of sight. As my attempt to flank him goes on I can still see his backpack and kar98 behind the tree on timecode 0:33 - but as soon as I shoot at his "model" the rendering disappears and apparently he is behind the plane already instead (visible a few seconds later). It's impossible that he moved from the tree to the plane wreck in that short amount of time when I had perfect vision all the time. Means his old "ghost" was rendered behind the tree, even though his real model and position was somewhere else already. I'm almost 100% certain that this is related to the "floating weapons" bug, that occurs a lot lately. You can see an example in this clip (timecode 3-5 seconds). In this case the floating weapons gave me the information that an enemy was running down the hill and is nearby - some unfair information that I shouldn't have had in this case, too. I don't know how such a major bug that affects the gameplay and outcome of rounds significantly isn't dealt with already. Please take a look at this and try to fix this asap! Kind regards,
  2. Here you can see the floating weapons: Minute 6:05
  3. Hey Devs, I think those 2 bugs are related to the "Optimizations how player models are rendered when they are not visible". 1) When I hear enemies shooting from a long distance and run behind them, before I reach their actual positions I see "loot bags" floating in the air a lot of the times. It's not really a lootback, but it shows their weapons being rendered floating in the Air, but no actual Model or anything. When I see this happening I know the actual enemy is not far. I noticed this also happens with team mates that were separated from you for a longer time and being "de-optimized" when coming close to you again. 2) This also causes, in rare (but very frustrating!) cases, that enemies are not rendered on your screen at all (if they are suddenly visible, for example if you didn't see them before and turn around 180°) but they see you already for a few seconds (probably because they already saw you early and your model is "de-optimized" already. I think you need to look into this asap, this is really frustrating and kind "game breaking". I'll try to record more of my games and try to get video footage of this! Kind regards,
  4. Dear Devs, with the latest patch the weapons don't remember their fire mode when being dropped. Example: Dropping an AK on "Auto" and picking it up again -> Gun is on "Single". Please fix this asap. Kind regards,
  5. ralle_h

    Battlepass Bug: 1 Mission can't be completed

    It actually got fixed without any statement. But at least something
  6. ralle_h

    Battlepass Bug: 1 Mission can't be completed

    No fix and statement? Really?
  7. ralle_h

    Battlepass Bug: 1 Mission can't be completed

    I forgot to mention, proof that it is indeed a bug: 1) Linked Mission 1/4: Reach top 10 on Sanhok in Solos: Done 2) Linked Mission 3/4: Travel at least 4km in any vehicles on Sanhok 0/4000" Both visible in the screenshot posted in the OP.
  8. Dear PUBG Team, even though I completed this mission several times already, it doesn't get counted as success: Please check what is wrong with this mission and fix it. Kind regards,
  9. Ist das bei 43 Sekunden eine Flaregun, die auf den Boden/Spieler geschossen wird, oder sowas wie ein Granatenwerfer?
  10. Hello, 3 Bugs brought back during the last patch: 1) Not receiving BP after the game, especially in Top10/When winning a chicken dinner 2) Asia pre-selected randomly (I'm an EU player) 3) When leaving the server PRIOR to the plane start, it still counts as loss/bad placement and gives negative rating (wtf). Please fix this asap.... and with all due respect... don't you have a proper version management or something? How can this happen at all? Kind regards,
  11. ralle_h

    Flying tree in Miramar

    Hey, found this flying tree in Miramar: Kind regards,
  12. ralle_h

    Not gaining BP after match

    Dear Devs, you cannot be serious that you didn't fix this bug for the final version "1.0".... it was reported DOZEN Times on the Test Server Forum already. Every Game that ends with a Top 10 Ranking or Chicken doesn't give you BP (they don't get saved in your account, only shown in the End Screen of the match). Fix it already!
  13. Dear Devs, when the game crashes on the spawn island and you reconnect whilst the plane is mid air you can't jump out of the airplane until you are thrown out in the end - I know about that and I consider it "normal". But listen what happened in the last game: - I crashed on the spawn island and reconnected in time (I was back to the spawn island), so I was able to jump out of the airplane - During the game I see a message "you died outside playzone" even tho I'm in the circle and perfectly alive: - I make it into the top10 and finish the game as rank #4, however the games tells me I finished as #44 (as if I died when the message appeared): - Also notice... before I die it said "4 alive" and after I died it still says "4 alive". So here is my theory of what the bug is and the game engine thinks is happening: The game thinks I was still in the plane and kinda cloned my model, made it drop out of the airplane in the very end and when the playzone proceeded it killed my "ghost model" and adjusted my rank, even though my real model was still alive.
  14. Hey Devs, I just finished a game and won 1100 BP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1119365000 However I never received those BP. This happened several times already, so there seems to be a issue related to BP distrubition after the game. Please check into it! Kind regards,
  15. Dear Devs, I'm playing PUBG for a few days and really love the game, but recently I stumbled across a really frustrating thing. Two times when I was in the top10 I got killed by a guy using lag switch really blatantly (prefired without seeing the actual model going around the corner) in close combat/houses. So I checked google and youtube about what the fuck happened and found this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu_zYY6JBRI Apparently you can use this free tool without getting banned by BattleEye: http://www.softwarelagswitch.com/ Is there a way to report it to the devs, so this shit gets banned by battleeye asap? I'm not really sure how the pubg community is structured so I figured to reach out and see how to report this cancerous stuff. Kind regards