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  1. Hey, a pretty nasty death trap: https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousHeadstrongCrowDxCat Kind regards,
  2. Bumping this thread as it is not in the "known bugs" list yet. If you need me to elaborate this bug/problem please let me know (I can do a short clip or add some pictures).
  3. Hey Devs, so if you really want to replace the duck jump instead of adding vaulting and keeping the duck jump, please make sure vaulting does work properly and on every spot that would make sense - otherwise you take away lot of pace and freedom when moving around the map. Two obvious examples where vaulting isn't possible but should be (I guess it is a bug, since you probably need to flag objects that are vaultable and forgot about those?): Vaulting out of these windows (applies to all houses with those windows) is not possible, but duckjumpiung out of them was. Please fix this. Kind regards,
  4. Dear Devs, I just won a chicken with 1197 BP and have only 600 on the Account, something is still severely wrong regarding the BP point distribution. If this would've happened after the release and the BP would mean good money (for the new crates that will sell for a few $ in the steam market) I would be super pissed, so please try to fix this prior to the release. Kind regards, Kind regards,
  5. Rubberband

    I agree, this is a severe problem. I would quit the game if they release 1.0 with rubberbanding like this, lol.
  6. Can't zero with 4x scope on any weapon

    Same for me. I can zero in with 8x on any weapon and can't with the 4x (on any weapon). So for me the 4x is totally useless kinda.
  7. Dear Devs, in the test build changing your weapons doesn't work when ADS using the "Next Weapon" or "Previous Weapon" bindings in your config. Confirmed this bug with several of my friends, so it's definitely not on my end. Please take care of this, it's really annoying for me. Kind regards!
  8. Can't zero with 4x scope on any weapon

    Hey Devs, the title explains it pretty much. 4 times Scope can't zero on any weapon for me. Been like that during all test builds. Please fix it asap! Kind regards,
  9. Since many people are mistaken and think that the window glasses break because of the vaulting, which is not true, here is the evidence:
  10. Nope, breaking window is not related to crouch jumping or vaulting, it's just a collision model they added in the test build, lol.
  11. Well, it's not redundant, otherwise I wouldn't have made this post. Several moves that were possible with crouch jump don't work anymore with vaulting. See this YT clip for more details and examples (and feel free to try to vault on those spots in the test build): If all these spots are added to vaulting you won't hear me complain again (expect for the fact that vaulting out of windows is too slow in general and takes away the speed and pace that I love and consider as skill).
  12. Yeah, good point mate, it's really hard to just jump on the edge of a wall to shoot from there... most of the times it will just vault over it and jump down behind it. Got annoyed by this use case a few times on the test servers, too.
  13. Dear Devs, I made a little youtube clip that explains my thoughts on why the crouch jump should stay in the game: Youtube: Why vaulting is nice but crouch jumping should stay in the game To sum it up: - Vaulting is not possible everywhere crouch jumps did work (examples: barracks in the military base, some windows in school) - Vaulting is slower than crouch jumping (removes pace and skill from the game) - Crouch Jumping allowed to jump out of the window and above obstacles/walls behind the walls, vaulting doesn't (removes pace and skill from the game) My suggestion: - Keep the crouch jump AND vaulting in the game and let users decide which action to perform in different situations - If you are concerned about fairness: Make crouch jump a game function and allow people to bind it to a button of their choice. Like this everyone of us will profit and the game won't lose a part that many users came to love. I hope my post makes sense to you. Keep up your wonderful work. Peace out <3
  14. Purchased Key but didn't Receive it

    Having the same issue with 40 keys. How long until you receive the keys or money back?
  15. Hey Devs, I just finished a game and won 1100 BP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1119365000 However I never received those BP. This happened several times already, so there seems to be a issue related to BP distrubition after the game. Please check into it! Kind regards,