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  1. LeonardDavis

    Teammate appears as enemy

    Yup, Just finished posting the same problem on here then saw yours. It happens in squad matches as well.
  2. LeonardDavis

    Re-joining game after a crash

    Bug Description: When re-joining a squad match after a crash I am no longer part of the squad. Although the other squad members can see me on the map, it says that I'm still on spawn island even though I could be standing next to them. My name and player marker do not display above my character. So they see me as if I where an enemy player and if I am knocked the other squad members cannot revive me. Date Seen: Dec. 8, 2017 Server: Test Server Troubleshooting Attempted: I have tried leaving the game and re-joining a second time but then they do not see me on map at all. Other Information: ----- Launch Options: No launch options have been changed on my end. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: Gigabyte 1080ti CPU: i7 7700k Ram: 32Gb
  3. LeonardDavis

    Desert Map - First Vehicle Revealed

    I'm sure there was an interview of him at the invitational where he said it is going to be 8x8. I'll have to go find and link it Found it
  4. LeonardDavis

    Desert Map - First Vehicle Revealed

    You sure new map is smaller? I heard Playerunknown say it was going to be 8x8.