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  1. Stafftiner

    Match Starts with Only 10 Players

    I had a similar issue yesterday. Joined a game, 55 people were in lobby already. Timer started when there were 60 players, and in the end the match started with 69 players only.
  2. Stafftiner


    Ah, you're talking about XBox. Since you posted in PC section, I assumed that you're talking about playing on PC. Can't help you about Xbox, since I don't own one. You better ask your question in Xbox section in this forum then, so the chance to get an answer about your issue is likely higher there https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/178-xbox-pubg/
  3. Stafftiner


    If you're talking about testing the new map, you are only able to play on the PUBG Experimental server, if you already own PUBG. In this case you should have the PUBG Experimental Server in your Steam client. Just download and install it and have fun testing Sanhok. If you don't own PUBG, you can't test the new map. It's only meant to be tested by players who own PUBG.
  4. Stafftiner

    The 3 seater bike keeps jerking

    3 seater bike always reminds me in this video 😂😂 3seatbike.mp4
  5. Stafftiner

    Unable to see Player Tags in Replay

    Here's an answer about this issue from a forum moderator:
  6. Stafftiner

    configuração pc

    Olá e seja bem vindo a este fórum. Infelizmente o seu PC não é bom o suficiente para executar o PUBG. A CPU é muito fraca e a placa gráfica é apenas uma placa multimídia / de escritório. Desculpe dizer, mas você não poderá executar o PUBG, a menos que você atualize a CPU e a placa gráfica.
  7. Stafftiner

    Buying PUBG

    Either you buy it from Steam, or directy on the official PUBG website https://playbattlegrounds.com
  8. Stafftiner

    GPU Damage

    Oh, and surely it's Bluehole's fault that your GPU is ruined now... I've been taking the same route to work every day since years. And one day another car crashed into mine. Thank you road engineers!
  9. Because PUBG still is a battle royale shooter. If you want fast paced action, go to CoD or Battlefield. You perfectly described a battle royale game! Like it? Then play it! Don't like it? ▼▼▼ Seeya!
  10. Stafftiner

    PC game for Free?

    The only way to get it on PC is to buy it again.
  11. Stafftiner

    Event Mode Cancelled?!

    War mode had to be disabled to fix the recent server issues.
  12. Stafftiner

    Where is Warmode?

    To solve the recent server issues, war mode had to be disabled.
  13. Perfect. If it's up to me, Bluehole could remove the skin trading system completely, not just temporarily.
  14. Stafftiner

    Reward Players For Kills

    Definitely against more rewards for kills. You guys should remember that it's still a battle royale game, and no shooter like CoD or Battlefield. Objective is surviving, and not farming kills. By raising the reward for kills everyone would just do hotdrops at school, hacienda or military base, gain as much kills as possible and quit the game instead of finishing it.
  15. Stafftiner

    Forum control

    In Blizzard's official World of Warcraft forums you can only create topics or write posts if you have an active account running. Maybe it's possible to do it here too in a similar way? Only being able to post if you own PUBG on your steam account.