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  1. Screen flashing white for a split second

    Yeah, hopefully they will fix it.
  2. FPS Drops & Low Frame Rate Issues

    Date Seen:I saw this today, but it could be bad from Thursday. Server: Live, EU Other Information:It's not in my system. It's the game. Will describe better under system specs. Launch Options: none System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1080Ti OC CPU: i7 6700k @ 4.5GHz Ram: 16GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz So, what happened? I played the game on Tuesday and Wednesday and everything was working fine. I could play the game with smooth 60+fps with very rare drops to 55fps. Today I started playing and after about 10 minutes the game starts to be very laggy and not smooth at all. I then check the fps and it was about 45fps with dips to 40, I was like wtf is with my system. But my system is OK, everything else is running great, but what can be the problem? After PC restart, I could play about 20 minutes without this problem, but then it appered again and followed me next few matches until I decided to give up. It's UNPLAYABLE! There was no patch from Wednesday right? Well wtf happened? 20 fps down? I know it's early access, but I would hope, that optimization will be better with time, not like this. I love this game, I really do, but this is very very bad situation here. I even tried to play with lower resolution, just to find out, that even with more fps, the game is hardly playable with that drops and stuttering all over the place. Please devs, if you reading this, react and tell me, it is known issue and you know about it and you are on the right way to fix it. This is not normal. It is really great game and i would be very disapointed, if I could not play it like before with same performance as before. Please devs.
  3. Hmm. Same I guess. 1080ti, 6700K, SSD, 16GB RAM. Last week everything smooth 60fps+ everytime. Today after 20 minutes game went to shit. Low fps, stuttering all over the place, screen tearing everywhere even with adaptive vsync. Very unhappy right now.
  4. Screen flashing white for a split second

    Interesting, thank you. I was a little scared, that it's something bad in my PC. Well, now we just need them to fix it right? It's kind of relief, because they are doing great job in fixing and polishing the game. So hope for a fix soon :).
  5. Screen flashing white for a split second

    Thank you for your response. So it's RAM problem? Certainly could be. Well hope for a fix soon. Yesterday I played some games. There was one almost without this issue and then second game was full of it :/. Sometimes it happens even on foot, but yeah, in the vehicles it's more frequent.
  6. Screen flashing white for a split second

    Yeah. I have this game for about 10 days and for me it happens from the beginning. Sometimes the flicker looks like partly white screen, but when I record ingame footage and then stop the footage exactly in that milisecond, it shows that all grass and trees in distance just disapper for like 0.1 sec and then load back. Will post screens after work. It could be connected, I don't know, but it is not something terrible. It could be due to "not that great" optimization, but what's weird is that some has it and some not. Probably it's caused by some settings in game which are colliding, not sure, I'm playing all ultra 1440p and it looks very good and I don't want to put shadows and grass on low or medium, eventhought it could help me to spot enemies or maybe it would solve that flicker problem, don't know. Hope the devs knows what they are doing and will fix it in some of the future updates. All other games are runnig fine for me aswell.
  7. Bug Description: I have this issue regularly. My whole screen will flash white for a split second (0.1 sec) then go back to normal. Date Seen: Every time I'm playing the Game. Sometimes more often then other times. Server: Normal Other Information: Found some people with the same issue. Not sure what's causing it. There was already the thread, but is now closed without answer (Old Thread). He also uploaded video of the issue. Launch Options: - none My PC: i7 6700K, msi GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X, WIn 10 pro, 16GB RAM Please help with that. It's not gamebreaking, but certainly very annoying. Thank you.
  8. Weird gray pixelated flicker.

    Hi guys, I have a small problem with the weird gray flicker. Everything is perfect, but from time to time (2x, sometimes more per game) I have this weird gray pixelated flickr in game PICTURE. It's so fast I just notice flick, probably like a milisecond. I had to record the game and then find this flick to take the picture. I need to know if it's something on my side, or something with the game. I play on all ultra 1440p adaptive vsync in nvidiaCP. No motion blur. Temperatures are a bit higher, but def. should not be the problem. Other games like BF1, Witcher 3, GTA 5, and others run fine. It happens with and without overclocking my PC. My PC: MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X, i7 6700k, 16GB RAM, win 10. Thank you for your time.