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  1. Hello World!

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Can't load in

    Hey Eben, can you tell us a bit more about the error? Are you able to post a screenshot of the whole crash message? What are your PC specs and in game settings?
  3. Congratulations! I am getting close to top 1000 myself and hope that I get there soon as well!
  4. Erro "Bad _Module_info" Help

    We are aware of this issue but unfortunately it was introduced by the Windows Fall update and is not exclusive to PUBG, many other games are experiencing this crash as well. We are investigating and hope to find a solution as soon as possible.
  5. cant jump while running please help me

    Hi, try deleting the GameUserSettings.ini file from the TslGame/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor folder and verify the game files on steam. To find the folder you must press Windows key + R, input %localappdata% then navigate to TslGame.
  6. cant reconect

    Hi, are you still having this issue? The server instability issue should now be resolved.
  7. I make Weekly PUBG Cinematic Content!

    Beautiful! This is amazing!
  8. Can i run it on my laptop

    https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/battlegrounds/15571 Try this link on your laptop, it will take your pc specs and tell you if your specs are good enough.
  9. Greetings Fellow Geek's and Gamers

    hey, welcome to the forums! doing great, thanks for asking, weekend mood is just starting!
  10. Grafikfehler, Hilfe! :D

    Hast du versucht auf die ältere Treiberversion runter zu stuffen?
  11. Early Bird Keys - Possible to Split?

    Hi, when you click on the item, that is stacked, in your steam inventory and click sell, in the next window you are able to specify the price and the amount that you want to sell at that specified price. So regardless of how many keys you have stacked in your inventory, click on them, click sell, put in a price and put in the amount that you want to sell.
  12. Be Part of the Solution, Not the Banter

    Keep the comments on topic, if someone is breaking the rules by posting non constructive comments or off topic comments, report them rather than engaging in an argument with them.
  13. Manche Lootboxen nun sinnlos ?!

    Die Desperado kiste ist aber mehr wert als anderen kisten, du kannst die kiste dann verkaufen und gleich mehrere andere kisten, für die du kein schlüssel brauchst, damit kaufen ^^
  14. How enable Death Cam?

    Hello, can you try unplugging the controller and after a fresh start, change the settings using kb and mouse and test it out by playing a quick match to see if the issue lies in the xbox controller itself?
  15. PubG Probleme

    In letzter Zeit gab es ein paar non pubg updates die die meisten und häufigsten crashes verursachten. Leider sind die updates fast gleich wie der Pubg 1.0 update rausgekommen und somit denken Menschen, dass Pubg Corp. Schuld ist. Das windows update, was die meisten crashes verursacht hat ist noch nicht komplett behoben meines wissens nach..nähmlich das " Bad module " crash. Der wurde durch das Win10 update verursacht. Das ist nur ein beispiel, es gab auch einige AMD Prozessoren updates und nvidia/amd GraKa updates die das spiel für manche spieler gebrochen haben. In so einem Fall ist leider die behebungswartezeit länger weil da eben das Problem irgendwo anders liegt und muss untersucht werden.