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  1. Can I NOW sell my crates and items earned on TEST SERVERS?

    You will never be able to sell cosmetic items obtained on test servers. They will always be there.
  2. Ammazzamoli

    Hello @Er_Lupo_Nero Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately we do not have a Italian Subforum section yet. So it would be nice if you could write in english for now (:
  3. You are not sir, i love it as well! My favorite of the two. Lots of new areas to fight, lots of new opportunities for new strategies and the new weapons are cool.
  4. Hi, that is both strange and interesting. I do not know how that is possible. The only thing that comes to my mind is that you have a generic name that the person have yelled out in the lobby not intentionally directed at you.
  5. There is really no way of knowing until something like that is announced by an official source. I do hope it will become tradable same as the twitch gear.
  6. The new map ruins the game

    What do you mean, am i not entitled to an opinion here if i am a moderator? I love the map and have the right to say so, you on the other hand have no right to judge my opinion. You can acknowledge it and agree or disagree, as i have yours. Me being a moderator does not mean that i will always say this game is perfect in any way, shape or form. It is not. It has it's faults, like every other game. Do not try and throw in comments as "you are a moderator, lul you have to say this stuff" That is disrespectful and immature. (:
  7. Can not heal in the vehicle when driver steers

    That is how it works. The driver has to drive strait and on a flat surface for it to work.
  8. The new map ruins the game

    I am loving the map, i like looting and a slower paced game. Brings more time for strategy planing. Nothing ruined for me with this one.
  9. Hello, i have locked this thread from further commenting since many of you were breaking the forum rules. This is not a place to discuss cheats or post videos of people you think are cheating. Please follow the instruction threads in "Report a Player" subforum if you want to report a cheater. Thanks.
  10. SBoC Die Steadfast Brothers of Chaos suchen dich

    Bitte die Teamsuche subforum ab jetzt benutzen.
  11. False Ban not cool!!!

    As already mentioned, you can appeal your bans by following the appeal process here:
  12. Modifying .ini files

    If you see people do it, record and report them to us
  13. Will Battle points reset after early access ends?

    Here is the source of the official statement.
  14. Possibly a dumb question...

    Depending on where you live, there has been some network issues with certain types of routers. If you are interested, this thread has some networking issues resolved I have a high end rig myself and no network issues, the game has always felt buttery smooth for me with sometimes over 135 fps in some areas (:
  15. Remove the fog, it's horrible

    Yeah, absolutely, gotta take the advantage of certain situations and push up or close in on an enemy, having one monotone playstyle is boring and ineffective