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    Change Between RED DOT and SCOPE 4x (M416 and Kar)

    Its hapenning all weapons...
  2. LeiteComPera

    Im dead, but still says progress is on?

    same here
  3. Hello, After the today's update, I noticed that changing Scopes RED DOT and X4 between weapons, do not apply the changes on the zooming (right click) however it applies on the Inventory. Example. I had an KAR92 with SCOPE 4X (Second weapon slot) and a M4 with RED DOT (first weapon slot), sometimes I tried to change the scopes, so I could use (quickly) the SCOPE 4X on M4, it had supressor and some attachments. But When I zoomed with M4, it stills With RED DOT, even I confirmed and changed all again the scopes, the only way, was to remove the SCOPE entirely I dont have evidence, But u can test it and check... Just trying to point that bug and help the game. Bye bye