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  1. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Graphic bug on AMD cards since last updates

    Hey, I see you're not using the latest drivers. Could you please update and let me know if this still occurs?
  2. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Nickname Change

    Currently that is the only way to change your nickname.
  3. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    BH would this be cheating..?

    With macros like this there will be no unfair advantage, and as such I will say that you are free to use this method to assist you in playing the game.
  4. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    [25] BattlEye Corrupted data HELP

    Great, glad to hear it! Thanks for letting me know how this turned out for you, the feedback helps in helping others.
  5. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    [25] BattlEye Corrupted data HELP

    Hello, I'm sorry that you're having this issue. As you said here, it doesn't seem to be account related, so it must be something to do with your computer. Did you try step 14 in the link provided, including ALL of the steps to completion? Without following this exactly it will not be successful.
  6. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Error 4.7.8

    Connection timeout is related to quality of connection, or firewall/router issues. Please check the thread below on points, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13
  7. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    [25] BattlEye Corrupted data HELP

    Please check the steps in the link below. Corrupted data generally means that you have incomplete or changed files that will need downloading again. 3, 9, and 14 are relevant to your issue.
  8. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    New splitsystem drives me crazy

    This is a bug, not an intended change to the system. It will be fixed.
  9. Apologies for any confusion, maybe I should have clarified further. Leaning will not produce the results shown in the images OP supplied, not in PUBG. PUBG is a line between simple video game mechanics and military simulators, it is a pulp fiction world. In the same way that we simplify ammo down to the calibre, and do not apply any wind variables, we want to make the gunplay easy to pick up, hard to master, but most of all intuitive. Adding factors like this perhaps adds realism, but this is not a military simulator.
  10. Both @Takarii and @L33R0Y are correct. Leaning will not produce the results you have shown the second image labelled B. Edit:
  11. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    "Xbox One X Enhanced" is false advertisement

    Firstly, I would like to apologise for this thread being hidden. This occurred due to an automated system which responds to an excessively high amount of reports by hiding the thread until manually verified. Whilst I understand your frustration with the performance you're experiencing on your Xbox One X, we have addressed the issue in our weekly community post: The classification for Xbox One X Enhanced games can be found on the Xbox support website here, and PUBG meets the requirements on the Xbox One X to be labelled as such. Whilst you have every right to make complaints to the relevant parties, we take the stance of locking posts of this type due to the quality and nature of the replies, which more often than not require heavy moderation, and eventually require the thread to be locked anyway. Also, in future please do not use multiple account to post on this forum, one should be enough for you to express your opinion.
  12. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Bluehole should be embarassed - Xbox X issues

    Hello Clark, As my moderator has shared with you, we have addressed this point in our weekly community post which can be found by following the link below. The purpose of this community post is to address ongoing issues reported by the community, most of which we consider to be high priority. Please also realise that the moderators on this forum are in direct contact with myself and other members of my team, they share information that is made available to them, either through our daily contact, weekly meetings, or upon enquiry. I am sorry that you are unhappy with the performance of PUBG on your Xbox One X, but please know that we are working on resolving all issues that our players are facing. One final note, please remember to follow the rules of the forum when engaging with our moderators and other players. If you are unfamiliar with the rules they can be found here
  13. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    No players in NA?

    We use a ping matchmaking system which puts you into queues with others who will have a similar range ping. If you're in a squad the highest ping will be used for matchmaking, in this case it is you.
  14. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Training grounds .. sigh ... lol

    Hey, we're aware that some people are using it for uh... not the intended purpose. Keep the feedback coming, it's very helpful.
  15. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    A message to the Devs

    Thanks for your feedback, this had already been reported back to the team and it is being looked into.