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  1. Be Specific in Forum Warnings

    The context was that you were accusing another player of cheating with a screenshot, which is not allowed. You broke the rules therefore your post was removed and you were issued a warning. Thanks for your suggestion. We have templates for issuing warnings. In most cases users breaking the rules can see where they have gone wrong from the information posted in their warning and the rules that have been quoted. If they are unsure as to how they have broken the rules they can DM a moderator or Admin and ask for clarification.
  2. Unable to create custom server

    This should be solved now.
  3. This is very off, nothing in the latest patch should be causing this issue. It sounds like an issue on your computer as we've not seen an increase of reports regarding this since the patch.
  4. NeXuS LAN DAYTON, OH April 2018

    Sorry, but no. We will not message our partners asking them to cost tournaments.
  5. Have you checked your PC temps and fragged your drive?
  6. NeXuS LAN DAYTON, OH April 2018

    We are not able to give out this information for privacy reasons, sorry.
  7. I would would run a RAM test to ensure they're not damaged. I recommend this: https://www.memtest86.com/
  8. Hey, sorry that you're having this issue. Hearing footsteps and gunshots as you're loading into the lobby is fine, but you shouldn't be entering the plane and exiting before you are able to see anything. Your PC specs look fine for the game except for one point which I think could be causing the issue, your HDD. As it's a 3TB WD blue it can take quite a while to read larger files due to the slow 5400RPM. If you've been using this for a while, and have deleted multiple items, then re-written, and moved, etc, it could be that it requires defragging. Obviously I would suggest getting a faster drive for installing your games on but I know this isn't always an option for everyone.
  9. Weather removed?

    We saw the stats from every single game played, statistics don't lie. A system like this was already implemented and tested, it still resulted in longer queue times for the rest of the playerbase, not only those joining and staying in weather games. One or the other is literally splitting the playerbase into two groups: 1. Those who are okay with weather maps 2. Those who aren't okay with weather maps

    As previously stated; it's not a bug or a glitch. Healing is a feature within the game.
  11. Input lag news

    Ahh, my mistake, as you can see from other replies my response is regarding that testing. We're aware of this issue and this is being investigated, I will add it to my list to bring up in my meetings and on my weekly report. The duo issue is an interesting one, I will do some testing and see if I can replicate it.
  12. Input lag news

    So regarding this issue one our Game and Animation lead has responded with the following: If I told you I'd have to kill you...
  13. Input lag news

    Hello guys, I am actually part of the development team. My job is to allow the individual teams to continue their jobs uninterrupted by looking at reported bugs and issues (testing them), community feedback in all areas of the game, compiling this information and report it back to the applicable people for investigation and discussion. One of the main points of my job is to know as much about the game as any one person can know and be able to answer questions and identify trends in opinions, reports and bugs. If I do not know the question I am able to find out through specific channels created to just for this purpose.

    This is not a glitch, it's a tactic commonly used at the end of the match.
  15. Dont receive my BP reward

    The reward wasn't guaranteed for all players as it was calculated on a player by player basis. Sorry to disappoint you but there will be no more BP coming to you.