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  1. Spectating mode bug

  2. Running oneself over with boat

    Thanks for sharing, from the video it looks like you're going 41kmph which is more than fast enough to run yourself over.
  3. Insane Aim punch

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, we have seen similar from other users as well.
  4. Door sounds

    We have changed the sound, FYI.
  5. Spectating mode bug

    Can you please try to attach the image again, I can't see it.
  6. Can get out of UAZ

    Thanks for sharing, I've passed the information on to the team.
  7. Wall that you can walk through

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. Not Work Beta Key

    You don't put the key in there, you activate it as you would a steam key for another game.
  9. S12K with 4x scope bug?

    This isn't a bug. It's due to the high amount of recoil on the SK12. Also, I have moved this to the live server bug reports section.
  10. No furnishings?

    That map isn't finished yet, that's why it's on the Closed Experimental Server. Additional bitswill be added as the map development continues.
  11. Game Crash (Bad module Info) and feedback

    The error has been occurring for many games since the fall update, a quick google of this shows the full extent of the issue.
  12. Additional input regarding Savage

    Thanks for taking the time to share these bugs with us, it is very much appreciated!
  13. Stuck in rocks

    Thanks! Added it too the list.
  14. Nocollided bush/wall

    Please do update with the screenshots, I want to get as many of these points on the list for fixing.
  15. Abandoned Resort - Extremely Low FPS

    Optimisation passes haven't happened on the map yet but I have shared your feedback with the team anyway.