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  1. Xbox players, we will be deploying a patch at 3AM PST / 12PM CET which will allow you to enjoy Squad mode in all the ways possible. You will now be able to play Squad mode as a 1, 2, or 3-man squad without having to matchmake with other players. This update doesn't require any server downtime or a game update.
  2. We're looking at feedback regarding the patch that game out today, this video seems to have been uploaded on the 24th and it's of the current patch. Thanks for sharing though, the effort is appreciated.
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    1.0 Release Patch Notes

    * Please note that when the deathcam and replay function is activated, performance can be lowered on some PCs. Client Optimization Optimized terrain data to reduce memory usage Optimized texture to reduce memory usage Optimized the sea by reducing wave effects Reduced the lag issue when multiple players are in sight Optimized character animations Decrease memory usage of characters Added LODs to further optimize weapon rendering for long distance Optimized various world effects Optimized various UI elements Reduced the lag issue when terrain is loading Decreased terrain loading time Server Optimization Reduced the server lag issue of players moving abnormally Lobby Redesigned the lobby background and UI Added Replays menu Added replay function which can record up to 1km around the character Please enable the replay saving in Options before you enter a match When the game ends, the replay will be saved and can be played on “Lobby – Replays” menu Up to 20 replays can be saved. They will be automatically deleted in the oldest order when the number exceeds 20 You won’t be able to watch the replays made in the previous client version. Control Guide Key Function J Time line ON / OFF (Player can move to desired time, pause) P Pause ↑, ↓ Play speed change B Back to own character W, A, S, D Camera change E, Q Camera height change Holding Shift, Ctrl Camera move speed change TAB Open the player list (If you click the ID, camera moves to that player’s view) V or LMB Observing camera (You can see the view of the selected player) C or RMB Following camera (The camera follows selected player and you can control the camera angles and zoom) F or SPACE Free camera (Move to the camera view which can freely move on the map) L Open the battle list (You can check engagements with and around the currently selected player) M Map (If you LMB click the player’s icon on the map, you can move to the observing camera of the selected player. If you RMB click any empty area of the map, you can move to the free camera at that position) Added a character control function. Now you can allocate a number to a currently observed character with Ctrl+0~9, and move to the previously marked character by pressing 0~9 This function is unavailable if the allocated character is over 1km away from own character Added a position control function. Now you can allocate a number to an area of the map at current position with Ctrl+0~9 (Numpad), and move to the previously marked area by pressing 0~9 (Numpad) The camera will be moved to the location below, if a number isn’t allocated Erangel Miramar Num Novorepnoye Prison 0 Severny La Cobreria 1 Georgopol Torre Ahumada 2 Rozhok Campo Militar 3 Yasnaya Polyana EL Pozo 4 Pochinki San Martin 5 Lipovka El Azahar 6 Mylta Valle del Mar 7 Primorsk Los Leones 8 Military Base Puerto Paraiso 9 World Added a new map - Miramar Miramar will temporarily have a higher chance of being selected Miramar supports 2 weather types: Clear Sunrise Miramar builds on and modifies the core Battle Royale experience by providing varied visuals and gameplay: Vaulting & Climbing action will be even more useful when crossing the Miramar terrain Players can experience highly tactical battles that will force them to utilize their cover and concealment skills Choosing the vehicle type is more important than before, as off-road driving is now different from on-road driving experience Which map is played will be selected randomly when a match begins Removed rainy and foggy weather from Erangel Items Added 5 new weapons: Added DP-28 which is Erangel exclusive. DP-28 will be spawned in world. It has a 47-round pan magazine for 7.62mm. Sights and a 4x scope can be attached. It has low firing rate but a long effective firing range with high damage Added AUG A3. The AUG A3 can be obtained from care packages. It's a variant of a bull-pup assault rifle that uses a 5.56mm 30-round magazine as standard and 40 rounds when extended. It has high muzzle velocity, high rate of fire and low vertical recoil. Added R45 which is Miramar exclusive. R45 will be spawned in world, it uses .45 ammo and 6 bullets can be loaded. Red dot sight can be attached. It has high accuracy and faster reload speed than R1895 Added Win94 which is Miramar exclusive. Win94 will be spawned in world. It’s a variant of a lever action rifle that uses .45 ammo and 8 bullets can be loaded. It’s for an expert player since it doesn’t take any attachments except bullet loops and is mid-range effective with slow reload speed but high damage Added Sawed-Off which is Miramar exclusive. Sawed-Off will be spawned in world. It uses 12 gauge shot and 2 shells can be loaded. No attachments available. It has short range, high dispersion, lower damage than other shotguns but can fire in rapid succession Added new Ghillie suit to the care package R1895 will not spawn in Miramar Kar98k will no longer be included in care packages. World spawn rate of Kar98k will remain the same Vehicles Added 3 new vehicles: Added Van. Van is a six-seat vehicle and Miramar exclusive. It has low maximum speed and driving force but it has the highest HP in the game. Therefore, the Van can be useful in various tactical situations Added Pickup. Pickup is a four-seat off-road vehicle and Miramar exclusive. It is designed to be well adjusted for Miramar’s bumpy terrain. Pickup is the most all-around vehicle in the game and suitable for various playstyles Added Aquarail. Aquarail is a two-seat water vehicle. The player in the passenger seat can user their weapons. It has good cornering and high mobility so you can expect Aquarail to do well in guerrilla tactics. Motorcycle and Buggy are also available in Miramar. They have different skins compared to their Erangel cousins. Animation Added vaulting & climbing action Additional vaulting animation for objects with a height of approx. 60 cm or lower (when holding down the Shift key) Greatly reduced jacket/coat clipping issue when moving in ADS while leaning Added the missing firing mode switching animations (and sounds) to UZI Transitions between sprinting and running animations are now smoother Leaning animations have been improved to ensure consistency between ADS/FPP and TPP The position of the gun in FPP will be lowered depending on the scope or other attachment that is mounted on the firearm Tweaked the FPP animations and limits to reduce seeing the inside of own character Moved the camera to correct position in FPP mode for drivers Position of most of the guns in FPP has been changed to ensure further reduction of clipping with clothing Gameplay Ballistics overhaul Projectiles fired from firearms are now affected by air drag. This means that projectiles will now lose velocity over time leading to greater bullet drop and longer travel time Hit areas have been modified Neck is now protected by the helmet Damage to the chest area is increased Base damage is now modified by weapon class The actual damage is now taking into account following multipliers Base damage stat of the weapon Distance traveled by the projectile (damage decreases over distance) Hit area damage multiplier Weapon class multiplier Bullets now penetrate water based on the velocity of projectile (the faster the velocity, more shallow the penetration) Improved water penetration particle effects Weapon balance SR Decreased firing rate of SKS and Mini-14 Increased damage of Kar98k and M24 and reduced damage of AWM. Increased slightly the drag effect of M24 Increased the drag effect on Kar98k Win94 Added red tip for Win94 ironsights for easier aiming Increased the zoom level on Win94 in ADS while holding breath Increased recoil Attachment Added markings for zeroing distances on 15x scope reticle texture Added new 4x reticle for sniper, SMG, 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons Large scopes (8x, 15x) now have variable zoom that can be adjusted using the Mouse Wheel (by default) Red dot, holo and 2x sights can now have their reticle's brightness adjusted using Mouse Wheel Deleted M16A4 from the tool tip of 8x and 15x scopes Added blur effect on the outside of scopes Increased sprinting speed while holding DMR in hands (now as fast as assualt rifles) Decreased recoil for Mk14 Decreased duration of camera shake while firing Vector (Vector should now be slightly easier to handle while shooting) Vehicles Vehicle driving balance is modified Vehicle driving is adjusted to be more realistic Improved the vehicle and passenger animations Added the ability to bandage and boost while in a vehicle (only for the passengers) Unified the sizes of all UAZ models, the number of seats decreased to 4 Others Fixed the excessive aim-punch while leaning in ADS mode Removed the blurring effect of the weapon and objects close to camera that appeared in non-ADS mode The healing period for bandages has been reduced to 4.5 seconds from 8.5 seconds The casting time and the amount of health restored are the same as before Players can now parachute and land on certain areas that were not previously accessible, including the outskirts of the island Lowered camera position when proning in third-person Increased the vertical aiming range in prone stance Sound Changed the lobby music Improved vehicle engine sounds Added a sound that will be played around the edge of the blue zone Added three different sound effects for the red zone Sounds of bombs being released Sounds of bombs falling Sounds of bombs exploding Added sounds when character jumps into water. Sound will be different based on the speed Improved the sound effect of frag grenade: The sound changes depending on the distance from the explosion For example, player can hear only the explosion sound from long distance but within 20m distance, player can hear the explosion sound and the sound of the debris raised by the explosion Lowered the reverb for the character’s voice when getting hit indoors UI/UX Improved the backpack capacity UI in the inventory screen Moved the kill log from the bottom left corner to the top right corner Applied a new font for English Improved designs for in-game HUD, option window, inventory, menu screen, and system message box Redesigned the color of HP bar Displayed in yellow when the HP is below 50% Displayed in red when the HP is below 25% Displayed in red and blinking when the HP is below 10% Helmet, vest, bag HUD UI elements will now be on by default Improved Solo/Team Play UI Moved health bars of team member(s) from the top left corner to the bottom left corner Changed colors and markings in the mini map, world Map, and team list UI Added indicators for team members to check their status (vehicle, parachuting, alive/dead, DBNO, connection status, etc.) Improved interaction HUD If there is no more room left in the backpack, the font will turn red to show that items cannot be picked up Improved the mini map and the world map Decreased the saturation of the mini map to further emphasize information of team members Adjusted the colors of the world map to increase visibility of markers and other information Players can check team members’ FOV direction through the world map and the mini map When team members get on the same vehicle, a single indicator will appear Added deathcam feature that can be found in Settings. Applied a blur effect to the background of the game result screen Added two new keybindings to enable toggle/hold action for Aiming and ADS on separate keys Added an option to remap the replay function keys (Timeline on/off, Play/Pause, Play Speed) Languages Added four languages: Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico) and Chinese (Traditional)
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    FAQ - Updated 01/03/18

    General Q: What type of game is PUBG? A: PUBG is a battle royale-style game which places up to 100 players on a remote island for a winner-takes-all showdown, where strategic gameplay is as important as shooting skills. Players enter a last-man-standing battle where they try to locate weapons, vehicles and supplies in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that eventually forces players into a shrinking play zone as they engage in a tense and spectacular fight to the death. Q: Where is PUBG be available? A: PUBG is available both digitally from the Xbox Store and at various retail stores globally in all Xbox One markets except China. Q: Will PUBG be available in the Microsoft store? A: Yes, it can be found HERE Q: How much will PUBG cost? A: PUBG costs $29.99 USD. Q: What is PUBG rated as? A: PUBG has received an ESRB T rating. Ratings vary by market globally as determined by regional ratings boards. Q: What is Xbox Game Preview? A: Xbox Game Preview is a way for Xbox fans to preview and purchase work-in-progress digital titles, participate in the development process and help developers make Xbox One games the best they can be. For more information on Xbox Game Preview, please visit: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/xbox-game-preview-faq Q: Will updates to the Steam version of PUBG also come to Xbox at the same time? A: Development for PUBG on Xbox One and Steam follow separate roadmaps for the time being. Our goal is to unify the feature set and product roadmap as soon as possible. Q: How much space will PUBG require on Xbox One? A: PUBG will take approximately 10 GBs of hard drive space Q: Why are the update sizes so big? A: We understand that it’s inconvenient for players to download large updates. We are looking for a technical solution to minimise downloads if possible. Q: What is the minimum connection requirements? A: Broadband internet is required. Ensure that your router firewall is setup to allow your Xbox an unrestricted connection. Q: Will there be an Xbox test server? A: We are currently discussing this with Microsoft and hope to have test servers if they are able to support our specific requirements Q: Is The Coalition helping with the development of PUBG? A: The team at The Coalition is assisting in making sure PUBG feels great on controller, adding in their valuable expertise on third person-shooters from the “Gears of War” franchise. Q: What are the limited-edition cosmetic packs? A: In celebration of PUBG’s launch on Xbox One through XGP, PUBG Corp. and Xbox collaborated to create three unique limited-edition cosmetic packs, exclusive to fans playing on Xbox One. These cosmetic packs were only available for purchase for a limited period of time: PUBG Warrior Pack - $9.99 USD, available from Dec. 7 to Dec. 10 PUBG Accessory Pack - $4.99 USD, available from Dec. 14 to Dec. 17 PUBG Tracksuit Pack - $4.99 USD, available from Dec. 21 to 24 Gameplay Q: How is the PUBG experience different when playing on Xbox One vs. PC? What changes are there? A: Our goal is to ensure players have a great PUBG experience regardless of the platform they choose to play the game on, focusing on bringing that experience to controller on Xbox One in a way that is responsive and intuitive. Q: Can I select what server I can connect to? A: On Xbox One, matchmaking will automatically connect you to a server that optimizes for connection speed and stability. Q: Does that mean I’m only going to play with people in my region? What if nobody is online, will I be able to play with anyone? A: Matchmaking will automatically connect you to a server that optimizes for connection speed and stability, which often means you connect to a server within your region. If a player is unable to matchmake in their initial region, the search parameters will widen. Q: Are we going to get SA servers for Xbox? A: When looking at introducing servers to a new region, we have to be confident that the player base can provide enough active players fill the servers consistently. If this does not happen, it can result in excessive wait times for matchmaking. We will continue to monitor and make changes when necessary. Q: How do I connect to voice chat with players found through matchmaking? A: Connection to voice chat is automatic once you have matched with other players. If you are using the Xbox Live party voice chat this may take priority depending on the player’s settings Q: Are there Leaderboards? A: Yes. Q: Are there ranked and unranked matches? A: Similar to PC, matches are not categorized as ranked or unranked. All matches will count toward a player’s statistics. Q: What about custom games? Will those be available on Xbox One? A: We’ll have more to share about this in the future. Q: Currently, players on PC earn in-game currency called Battle Points that are used to purchase loot crates, which include cosmetic items. Is this the same system on Xbox One, only without the ability to spend real-money to purchase the loot crates? A: Yes, it is the same progression system. There are currently no plans for in-game purchases in the Xbox Game Preview version of PUBG. Q: Is crossplay being added? A: Currently we have no plans to support crossplay Q: When are we going to get the Death Cam feature? A: Death Cam for Xbox is currently in development. Q: Why is there no in-game report function like on PC and is this feature coming? A: This is on our development roadmap. Expect to hear more on this later. Q: Are we going to get weather variation? A: We don’t have plans to introduce weather but we will continue to monitor feedback. Q: Why is there cost progression for crates, when there is no skin economy like on PC? A: We will be communicating more about our plans for the Xbox crate system in the near future. Currently we’re focusing on other high-priority issues. Q: My game runs poorly and often crashes, are you working to improve FPS and stability and is it a top priority? What is the dev team’s plan on this? A: Currently our top priority on Xbox is to ensure smooth and stable gameplay. To make sure that we are able to meet our goals of improved overall FPS and client stability we are moving to a larger test cycle. Graphical Q: Does PUBG feature Xbox One X enhancements? A: Yes, PUBG is Xbox One X Enhanced with support for 4K resolution and HDR. Q: What resolution and framerate does PUBG run on for Xbox One? For Xbox One X? A: When it launches into the Xbox Game Preview program on Dec. 12, PUBG will run at 30 fps across the Xbox One family of devices. For resolution, PUBG will run at 1080p on Xbox One and Xbox One S, and 4K on Xbox One X. Q: Are there 4K textures? A: PUBG on Xbox One X will run at a native 4K resolution, adding 4K textures is something the team is looking into and we’ll have more to share in the future. Q: Why can't we adjust our screen safezone? My screen is zoomed in/assets are cut off. A: This and other UI improvements are on our roadmap. We hope to share our plan on this in near future. Q: Why can't I change graphical settings on Xbox One X? I want a higher frame rate. A: We are working hard to optimise the game and improve frame rates without sacrificing visual quality. Q: Why is there no option to change brightness like on PC? My game is too dark. A: We are considering a variety of options to allow players to modify visual settings. Q: How do I toggle the 3d character in the inventory screen? A: Currently there is no toggle option. Players on an Xbox One X will have a 3D character, everyone else will have a silhouette of the player Q: My crosshair and compass are hard to see, will you allow us to change the colors of these? We are looking to improve the readability of the UI elements and we will continue to monitor feedback on the subject. Q: Are there plans for an FPP FOV slider like on PC? A: Whilst we hope to look into this in the future, currently we are concentrating on optimization. Audio and Settings Q: Can I invert my aiming controls? A: Yes, this option is available in the options menu. Q: Any plans to allow us to change both X and Y sensitivity separately? A: We will continue to make improvements to options and settings, with sensitivity options being one of them. Q: Is it possible to change the controls? A: We currently have two controller presets, but no plans to support custom mapping Q: Is it possible to switch to hold to ADS? A: This is available if you choose controller type B in settings Q: Why are there no plans to bring proximity voice chat to Xbox? A: We understand that some players feel that proximity chat is essential to get the full Battle Royale experience. Currently we have other high-priority tasks to work on but we will continue to monitor feedback and may revisit this in the future.
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    Reconnect Controller Bug

    Thanks for sharing this information with us. I have reported this back to the team and we will have a look at it as soon as we can.
  6. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    No Game Audio

    Which version of Xbox are you using?
  7. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Leaderboard bug

    Looking into this now. Did you disconnect and rejoin at any point?
  8. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    WHOOP! Game on! I'm not sure, I'll pass this on to the team and see if they can figure it out.
  9. Hey, thanks for reporting this. We are aware of the issue and looking into getting this fixed.
  10. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    In your playback devices can you please try disabling all playback devices that you aren't using for the game. It will look like this:
  11. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    graphic artifacts, vertical lines when strafing by windows

    Are you using reshade?
  12. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    insta death by dangerous worm

    Thanks for reporting this to us, I have put it forward to get fixed.
  13. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Can not join game - game stucks on loading screen

    hlfan, what is your exact processor?
  14. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    ISP search page in start Menu

    Please run the game from Steam, rather than a shortcut, and see if this solves the issue.
  15. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Equipping/Unequipping item disconnects you

    Hi Mennarch, I'm not able to replicate this bug but I will pass it on to the team. Thanks for letting us know.
  16. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Game crashing at startup since yesterday night

    Please try running steam as Admin and trying again.
  17. PUBG_RoboDanjal


    Hi everyone, we are aware of this issue and we're not ignoring it. Through testing we have found that it is mostly caused by ISP routing. You can try to confirm this by using a mobile device connection or separate internet connection to test it.
  18. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    battleeeye ...

    You both use reshade, correct?
  19. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    In game voice chat not working

    Can you hear anyone else at all?
  20. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Need help urgently!

    I know it may seem unrelated but everyone who is having this issue should check the suggesting in the linked thread. Also, please make sure this is happening in windowed and fullscreen .
  21. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Can some one help ?

    Please take a look through this thread:
  22. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Crashing after the Building Textures load on Land

    Unfortunately your system specifications do not meet the minimum requirements for PUBG.
  23. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Character randomly starts skipping

    Please use the blow template to report your issue, video footage would be extremely helpful in this case.
  24. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    Do you perhaps have "loudness equalization" enabled on your default audio device?
  25. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Twitch Prime loot not received?

    What date did you link your account?