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  1. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Game Crash (Bad module Info) and feedback

    The error has been occurring for many games since the fall update, a quick google of this shows the full extent of the issue.
  2. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Additional input regarding Savage

    Thanks for taking the time to share these bugs with us, it is very much appreciated!
  3. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Stuck in rocks

    Thanks! Added it too the list.
  4. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Nocollided bush/wall

    Please do update with the screenshots, I want to get as many of these points on the list for fixing.
  5. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Abandoned Resort - Extremely Low FPS

    Optimisation passes haven't happened on the map yet but I have shared your feedback with the team anyway.
  6. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Plane Glitch

    Yeah, we're aware of this one, but thanks for sharing.
  7. PUBG_RoboDanjal


    Thanks for sharing.
  8. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Please put oil in the door hindges

    Oil has been applied to the doors.
  9. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Running oneself over with boat

    This is the right place
  10. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Running oneself over with boat

    Do you have a video of this happening?
  11. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Stuck spot

    Thanks for sharing, I've let the team know and they'll get over there with some concrete to fix the hole.
  12. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Forever stuck on Started matchmaking

    Which region and FPP or TPP?
  13. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Game Crash (Bad module Info) and feedback

    Hey, thanks for the feedback. The bad_module_info crash is related to windows and isn't PUBG specific.
  14. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Texture car bug + fps drop

    Thanks for sharing!
  15. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Feet seen through solid objects

    Do you have any examples of this you could share?
  16. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Plane Bug

    Hey Ross, we are aware of this issue.
  17. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    get an error with test server and no BP

  18. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Match started late and only 13 players stayed

    Another one of your videos that does not work.
  19. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Is this map error?

    Your video doesn't work...
  20. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    whats new ?

    Patch notes, we have them!
  21. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Squad revive bug

    Sounds like you looted an uzi from the floor when pressing F to revive your teammate. Do you have a video of this taking place?
  22. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    No recoil?

    This is a known issue with replays.
  23. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    I cant experimental server

  24. Keys are non transferable, sorry!
  25. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    PUBG crashes after matchmaking

    You thread has not been deleted, but I assume you have been unable to find it. It is here. We are collecting additional information regarding these crashes in an effort to expedite a solution, please visit the thread below and follow the instructions.