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  1. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Stuck in rocks

    Thanks! Added it too the list.
  2. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Nocollided bush/wall

    Please do update with the screenshots, I want to get as many of these points on the list for fixing.
  3. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Abandoned Resort - Extremely Low FPS

    Optimisation passes haven't happened on the map yet but I have shared your feedback with the team anyway.
  4. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Plane Glitch

    Yeah, we're aware of this one, but thanks for sharing.
  5. PUBG_RoboDanjal


    Thanks for sharing.
  6. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Please put oil in the door hindges

    Oil has been applied to the doors.
  7. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Running oneself over with boat

    This is the right place
  8. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Running oneself over with boat

    Do you have a video of this happening?
  9. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Stuck spot

    Thanks for sharing, I've let the team know and they'll get over there with some concrete to fix the hole.
  10. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Forever stuck on Started matchmaking

    Which region and FPP or TPP?
  11. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Game Crash (Bad module Info) and feedback

    Hey, thanks for the feedback. The bad_module_info crash is related to windows and isn't PUBG specific.
  12. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Texture car bug + fps drop

    Thanks for sharing!
  13. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Feet seen through solid objects

    Do you have any examples of this you could share?
  14. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Plane Bug

    Hey Ross, we are aware of this issue.
  15. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    get an error with test server and no BP

  16. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Match started late and only 13 players stayed

    Another one of your videos that does not work.
  17. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Is this map error?

    Your video doesn't work...
  18. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    whats new ?

    Patch notes, we have them!
  19. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Squad revive bug

    Sounds like you looted an uzi from the floor when pressing F to revive your teammate. Do you have a video of this taking place?
  20. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    No recoil?

    This is a known issue with replays.
  21. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    I cant experimental server

  22. Keys are non transferable, sorry!
  23. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    PUBG crashes after matchmaking

    You thread has not been deleted, but I assume you have been unable to find it. It is here. We are collecting additional information regarding these crashes in an effort to expedite a solution, please visit the thread below and follow the instructions.
  24. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Pixelate red dot sight / scopes

    I've had a look at your specs and it seems that you're massively under the minimum specification. Unfortunately it's likely that we will not be able to solve this issue for you.
  25. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Sound Bug Bullet Impacts

    Hey, we're currently looking into this sound. Cheers!