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  1. 38 minutes ago, PUBG_RoboDanjal said:

    Hey, can you supply me with the alphanumeric string from one of the games where you were experiencing high ping? I'll be able to ask the team to investigate your matchmaking in regards to your ping. 

    The string can be found under your healthbar/timeline when in game or replay.  For example, in this case it would be D14B98. 



    25 minutes ago, Darius said:

    Anyway I just played 2 games and took pictures of my ping. 267 and 254.


    Please see my reply above, if you can supply me with the information requested I will have the team look into this. 

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  2. Hey, can you supply me with the alphanumeric string from one of the games where you were experiencing high ping? I'll be able to ask the team to investigate your matchmaking in regards to your ping. 

    The string can be found under your healthbar/timeline when in game or replay.  For example, in this case it would be D14B98. 


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  3. Sorry for the confusion, I meant to end all Gigabyte processes through task manager (or their own software) before starting PUBG. Generally these files being blocked do not cause PUBG to not start, so I need to ascertain if there is another cause for PUBG not launching.

    I'm confused by the fact that you're using Windows 7 on the Gigabyte P35X-V6, as well as the 4:3 screen ratio, as this model shipped with Windows 10 and has a 16:9 screen ratio. Is there a specific reason why you are using Windows 7 and a 4:3 ratio? 

  4. We're not seeing the issue of other users having their game crashing when this .exe is blocked.  

    Can you please try disabling this before starting PUBG and seeing if it is able to load.  If it is still unable to load it's likely to be different issue causing PUBG not to start correctly. 

    Could you also please supply us with your full PC specification. 

  5. On 10/20/2018 at 3:40 PM, Gomer_Pyle said:


    No it did not work. When I first got your file I noticed you have lower sensitivity than me aswell ingame. After I played a match with your file and my keybind changes I restarted game. Then sens. was reset to 50 across the board and also the same keys are reset to default. It is rather annoying. Also noticed file got bigger just after once hitting apply. The file I sent to you was 4mb and the config you sent me was 27kb. lol. 


    PS: Did you get the file I sent in PM?

    I did get the file, but there is no reason it should keep writing and re-writing over itself, this is the first time I have ever seen this happen. 

    The only think I can currently suggest is to completely remove PUBG, all associated files, clearing Steam cache, and downloading again.

    Step 14 here: 


  6. Just now, Zazarius said:

    I'm not like others i know you will make change and you are working on it and no matter if you did made mistake or not, cause it happens to anyone but the lack of info from pubg is painfull and weird statement like yours(even if it look i miss understood).

    Your comment look like you are blaming players(not saying you do) that changed their playstyle to grind ranks and then "broke your new system" when you actually made a mistake somewhere in this new ranking system ! Atleast now i know for sure that the system is new as fuck and that you made a mistake somewhere judging by what you said and whats happens to everyone with that new ranking system ! Hope you will do a great job soon and thanks for the little chat.

    No blame here, it happens in every game when ranking systems are updated, people find the best way to grind the leaderboards. It's just as simple as that, turns out in this case there is too much emphasis on survival time alone. 


  7. 2 minutes ago, Zazarius said:


    He is the perfect example because the system was broken and people will change their playstyle because the new system is broken and totally different but yet :


    So explain me this a little. You based the ranking system on previous system season but you need data to find a base line ? you don't have data from all the previous season if you actually made the same system as old season ? doesn't make any sense sorry !!


    If player changed their playstyle to grind is because the system has changed and definitely not the same as before and they did it again because the system is broken not just out of nowhere !


    I really hope i just miss understood you cause it is just inadmissible what you just said...

    I feel you did misunderstand, we used previous seasons statistics to work toward a new ranking system. We don't know for certain, at the point of releasing the system, how people will respond to the change in points awarded, and in which ways they will try and climb the ranks.  We need to analyse the data as it is being gathered to find out how easy it is for people to reach each rank, and where changes need to be made to ensure that the ranking system is challenging for our players. 

    And yes, WackyJacky did find the way to gain rank easily, which was survival time. As I said, we're making changes to ensure that this isn't easily achieved. 

  8. 38 minutes ago, Zazarius said:

    What a nice lie !! i can't believe this... You know admitting you failed with something and are trying to work on it has never killed anyone !!


    Wacky didn't changed his playstyle ! he changed it after figure it out that the system was shit and broken so he tested it ! nothing about changing your natural playstyle...

    I'm not sure where you think I lied, but I can assure you that I haven't. Changing of the ranking logic is currently underway. Also, I didn't state that WackyJacky changed his natural game style, my post reflects that people will find a way to grind the leaderboards, and make changes to ensure they get the maximum points that they can.  Wacky did this to point out that survival time alone should not gain a player as many points as it should, and we have discussed this at length. 

    I hope that clarifies it for you. 

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  9. The ranking system is already in the process of being adjusted. We knew that we would first need to gather data to find a base line, then analyse and make changes to reflect the difficulty of reaching higher ranks.

    We based the ranking logic on previous seasons, but people start to play differently when a ranking system is put in place. They will change their playstyle in order to grind the leaderboards, maximising their efforts to get top points. WackyJacky is a perfect example of this, he told me a week or so ago that he was going to try and do this with the conditions he set for himself, and it worked.

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  10. 15 hours ago, Gomer_Pyle said:


    Hi Robo.


    All I am asking. I do not understand it either but like I said changing my Windows 10 language to english (deleting gameusersettings.ini) and redoing it works. But it is not supposed to be like this. I think my main problem is that I change so many keys and that is why you do not get this reported alot. I sent you a copy of my gameusersettings.ini to you in pm.


    Also worth mentioning when I do go into my gameusersettings.ini I see everytime i change the keys it adds a new line in my gameusersettings.ini. 


    Also sorry for highjacking your thread to OP if this is not related.

    Please follow my suggestion above, I want to see if this solves the issue. 



  11. 1 hour ago, toph704 said:

    Damn, not sure what's special about my game but I'm 100% unable to do that. I have tried every combination of binding/unbinding those two, and no matter what the wheel always appears on G, preventing me from using that for my nades.

    Edit: also got a mate to test it and he has the same issue.

    In reference to Gomer below, do you have keyboard with non-english characters? I want to see if this is related. 

    Also, try deleting your GameUserSettings.ini, this contains all of your bindings as well as graphical settings, so make sure to write those down to take screenshots before doing that.

    For instructions look at step 4: 


    1 hour ago, Gomer_Pyle said:

    I have had issues with keybinds since day one. Basically I have alot of keys I have changed but none of them would stick and I had to redo them in a certain order for them to stick. All except 6-7 of them. I have a few other friends with similar issues but they dont have as many changed keys as me. What we have in common is Nordic keyboardlayout and nordic language in windows 10. Reason I am blaming this is because if I change to english language in windows then problem is solved. You devs need to look at how your game is communicating with your gamefiles. I bet you have a racist code. ??

    This is very strange, I don't believe our Nordic CM has these issues, or has reported them before. I'll reach our and try and find out. 

  12. 1 hour ago, toph704 said:

    No, OP is right. I'm sure that's how it was supposed to be designed Takarii, but even if you unbind all controls (Throwables AND all use nades) the wheel still pops up when pressing G. This means we cannot bind G to pull out/cycle through nades which as you said, we have been doing for as long as you can remember, which is why it would be awesome to change it. Not sure if you have a magic PC and so you don't have this problem, but for the rest of us it really sucks. Had to rebind my nade to N in the meantime, which as you can probably guess is very different to play with. Would love devs to fix this issue.

    Just to clarify, 5 cycles through grenades, and previously G would equip a Grenade.

    I have just tested this and I am able to unbind the wheel from G and simply pull out a grenade. 

    Make sure you remove/change the binding for the wheel here: 

    And make sure "Use grenade" is G 

    Shown in this video: 


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  13. On 9/26/2018 at 4:31 PM, TheChill said:

    I have osteoporosis and muscular dystrophy.  It makes gaming very difficult.  Particularly on games with lots of buttons.


    I don't expect to see QOL features like hold2prone-tap2crouch on one bind, or cycling between 2 weapons with one key (like we could previously, before the configs were locked down), though they'd make the game a much more comfortable experience for me.


    Yet my partner could implement them easily, so they say, using AutoHotKey or the macro software that comes with my keyboard.  But I resist, because macros have a bad rap.  I don't want a ban.


    So what's the word from BH?  Will we ever see quality of life features that really do affect the quality of life of some gamers in a profound way?

    With macros like this there will be no unfair advantage, and as such I will say that you are free to use this method to assist you in playing the game. :)