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  1. Title. Seriously, what other developer takes their servers down at 7 pm for "routine 3 hour maintenance"? How much money has this game made? Fix PUBG my ass, this is going to be as meme worthy as Operation Health was for Siege.
  2. TheJudicator

    Desync on LAN

    Seriously. They release "patches" every week but the game finally starts feeling OK around tuesday, then they "maintain" the servers and it goes back to being shit as hell. After the Sanhok update, Shroud even messaged a dev saying "Nice man, whatever y'all did the game feels really good now. What did you do about the Desync?" and the dude had no idea. Just assumed it was luck, then 5 days later they patch again and it comes back in full force.
  3. For real though. Most people have enough sense to patch during down time, like early in the morning/late at night not between 6-9 in the 4 Timezones the server is spread across.
  4. TheJudicator

    how many complaints does it take?

    They won't even be a player in the market genre they helped popularize. Fortnight isn't my cup of tea, but eventually a company will make a BR with ping locked servers, server side hit detection, map selection and not pretend its "E-sports Ready" holding an invitational while their server rooms are on fire, their forums are just filled with a macro chinese bot advertising hacking sites and their crates are being farmed for money by countries with no infrastructure. It's sad really, such a waste.
  5. TheJudicator


    It's definitely not your end. It's been happening since day one of the patch, they finally acknowledged it yesterday but as of now nothing has changed. It's basically not having any kind of matchmaking based on ping, so the asians are re-invading NA servers again. I mean, look at the forums, they're a ghost town except one account spamming Chinese hacking sites 24/7.
  6. I saw y'all tweeting that you were but 24 hours later, there are still randomly generated names teleporting around the map killing people around corners. It's highly annoying and we need the ping lock back
  7. TheJudicator

    Hackers Running Amok

    This isn't a "I was behind a rock and still blah blah blah" I'm talking, 15 people left in a game after the first circle. I've had it happen 3 times in the first 10 games I've played this week, where we finish looting up an area and we go to move to the next circle and notice there's <20 alive, check our vids and it's one or a handful of guys literally wiping 5+ guys a minute, mostly with punches or Kar98K headshots as fast as it can fire.
  8. TheJudicator

    Stuck in Guard Tower

    The set of 3 hangars SW of Georgopol crates and NE of the hospital have some wooden guard towers there, in FPP solo I was crouched beneath these shooting at a guy near crates and when I went to leave, I couldn't. I crouch walked in there but couldn't move. Switching weapons, firing my gun and doing any animation i could think of didn't work. I didn't screen shot it but it was FPP and the location isn't obscure.