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  1. When 3d marking / pinging (I'll refer to it as pinging from now) was initially added to the test server it was a very controversial topic, and people's opinions on it was very divided (I can remember a big poll where votes were nearly perfectly 50% split between "remove" and "keep"). Nearly 2 months later, pinging has now been added to live servers in a revised form. These are the changes: You don't see the marker in the world itself (in other words, there's no actual 3d marker anymore). There's no marker on the map when you ping. You'll see a line marker on the compass when you ping. The middle of the line corresponds to where you pinged. This marker on the compass disappears after 4 and a half seconds. Pinging has a cooldown of 2 and a half seconds. I personally think Bluehole nerfed the pinging wrong way. They made it more finicky and difficult to use rather than making it less accurate. Though you only see the marker on the compass it does correspond the exact position you marked. So it's still possible to mark someone a target hiding behind a bush your teammate doesn't see and tell your teammate "shoot my ping" which is one of the scenarios people complained about with the previous system. Personally, I think the previous system was fine but they could have randomized the exact position of the ping (let's say the game would modify the ping coordinates by up to 5 meters using a random horizontal vector). That way it simplifies communication (especially in situations where there's some kind of communication barrier, like someone not using a mic or two people speaking different languages) without letting you pinpoint a target's exact position.
  2. I would personally be okay with dragging items getting slowed down to the same speed as pressing F or mouse clicking, but I think the community will get angry if that change is applied. People went crazy last year when the pickup animations were added.
  3. We can pick up items 3 different ways: Look at each item and press F. Enter inventory screen and right click each item. Enter inventory screen and drag each item to the inventory. First two methods have the same speed. The third option however, is significantly faster. If I recall, Bluehold made dragging items faster because people complained about having to wait for the pick up animation for each item when it was added. But what's the reasoning behind having the other methods slower? It makes picking up items needlessly finicky, and it's in no way apparent for a new player the ideal to pick up items is by dragging.
  4. If I understand it correctly, when you press F or mouse click each item, then you have to do the full pickup animation for each item. But when dragging, the player character will start one animation and the game will let you instantly pick up more items by dragging even if the player is still in the pickup animation. I think they might as well make the other methods work the same way (that is, allow you to pick up items while the animation is going). I don't think accidental pickups is a big issue. That's only an issue if the user is mashing a button, and it's not as if dragging doesn't lead to similar accidents if you try to do it extremely quickly.
  5. FluffyQuack

    I think the pinging was over-nerfed

    This is how it used to work: - You could ping anything. - A marker would be visible in the ingame world (aka 3d marker) showing the exact position. This marker disappeared after some seconds. - The marker would also be visible on the compass and map. This marker did not disappear. New system: - You can ping anything. - No ingame marker and no marker on map. - A part of the compass gets highlighted in your player colour. It disappears after 4 and a half seconds. I think removing the marker from the map entirely was overkill. To make sure marking the care package isn't possible, it could be changed so it's impossible to mark anything which is airborne. It could also work in the way that when you ping, the map marker is off randomly by 5-10 meters, in case it's problematic having a marker being too accurate. If adding the marker on the map isn't an option, I think at least making the ping last longer would be nice (I'd say 10 seconds). Since it's not immediately obvious what is being pinged (since there's no map indicator and since the marker on the compass isn't visible at all if you're looking in a very different direction), it's possible you could miss the marker since it disappears so quickly. Another problem with the current system is that it's not well-suited to colourblind players.
  6. FluffyQuack

    PUBG Community Feedback Program

    Some suggestions about the event pass: - More challenging missions rather than grindy ones For instance, reach top 10 in solos once rather than reach top 30 in solo three times. - Give the daily missions a more lax time limit Not everyone is able to play every day (and sometimes people want to take a break). In PUBG Mobile, there's only one mission each day and it has a time limit of 3 days. Which means you can skip a day or two and still be able to tackle all the daily missions. Fewer time limits in general would be very welcome. - Please don't make event passes replace weekend events I've noticed there's been no weekend event in several weeks and I wonder if the event pass is a replacement. The event system added a lot of variety to the game and I'd really like to see them return (the first few events with the flares were especially fun).
  7. FluffyQuack

    Savage map is great!

    I haven't played much, but I'm really liking the map so far. Quick matches (seems to be about 6 minutes shorter than Erangel/Miramar matches). Easy to find weapons. Accessories and armour seem to be harder find, and I think it's much better to struggle to find those than any good gun. I haven't felt trapped by the blue wall a single time so far. Lots of cover (I still don't like how open Miramar is). So far this seems a billion times better than the other maps. I agree with what the OP said about red zone. I think that's the only thing I don't like about the new map so far. I've always felt like the red zone is an unnecessary RNG factor which doesn't bring interesting gameplay, and it's even more delibating on this map.