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  1. Removing fog using Reshade

    I am proud to not use Reshade, even if i know that devs allow it.
  2. You must be living 1 kilometer from the server farm then. BTW Is there still no way to display ping ingame ?
  3. Fog is FUN !

    I love fog in real life and i love fog in PUBG. I like the ambience sound, that wind is so chilly, gets me in the right mood for playing the game. No, i did not score the dinner on my first fog battle... just 8th with 2 kills. But the fog rules ! I want fog in every 2nd match.
  4. That guy most probably prefired or at least didn't wait until he saw you 1 whole meter out of the cover to start shooting at you. You need to remember that what you can see on your monitor is not the reality of the server. You see yourself shooting first, but the server sees your enemy shot first at you.
  5. Easy way to end the AFK BP farming.

    So how often you don't survive the first minute and/or how many hundreds of thousands BP did you farm by just leaving your PC on with the game loaded when you go to bed at night ?
  6. -50 BP if you can't survive the first minute (or two minues) after the parachute gets despawned. Yes, i mean a negative amount of reward for a totally failed battle. And yes i am aware of the possibility that a real player would be sometimes very unlucky with his loot and get killed by the player who went left instead of right and found a weapon first. But that only happens rarely (to me), so the -50 BP is not so bad.
  7. PUBG GRAPHICS?? vs bf1

    LOL Yes, this statement is stupid.
  8. PUBG GRAPHICS?? vs bf1

    My Fallout 4 looks way way way better at the same frames per second and with way better control smoothness (no stutters and no sudden 10-20 fps drops), except in the deepest parts of the city. I heard PUBG made about 130M USD sales, no idea where did all that money go, for sure not for a big and competent team of developers.
  9. No. Random factor is way too high. Blue zone goes in way too fast. My SMG vs enemy SR at long distance when the blue zone forces me out of CQB friendly place. My SR vs enemy SMG when i need to loot a house for healing items. Players will team up and players will betray each other.
  10. Simple: 1. No loot on the floor. 2. Everyone starts fully equipped with exactly the same weapons/gear. This way the only random factor are decisions of other players - where do they jump, if they go in your direction or away. And it elliminates the boring looting phase, which no one wants to see anyway.
  11. Czy mam wgl. szansę na grę ?

    Moja odpowiedź dotyczyła rozumienia "pójdzie" jako "da się grać z jakąś minimalną do płynności gry ilością klatek na sekundę". Jako że moje GPU i CPU są słabsze od twoich, odpowiedź brzmi "tak". Sam zauważyłeś że twoje 4GB RAM to problem, więc ja o tym nie muszę wspominać.
  12. Graphic bug

    It never happened to me, but few days ago when i was playing in a squad with 2 friends, both of them experienced this bug once per about 7 games. We had to exit the match, to not to benefit from the "wallhack" - which would of course be exploitation of a glitch. Please fix it ASAP. Like priority near maximum.
  13. Czy mam wgl. szansę na grę ?

    Mam GTX 750 bez "TI" i AMD FX8320 z 16GB RAM. Da się grać na najniższych ustawieniach z 20-50 FPS. Mam bardzo małą nadzieję na optymizację PUBG - aby klatki na sekundę / jakość graficzną dobiły do gier takich jak Fallout 4, czy seria Far Cry.
  14. I don't know how many cheaters are in the game. But they are far more of a problem in PUBG than in any other FPS. Why ? Because in a normal 8 vs 8 TDM, you can respawn quickly after the cheater killed you. And if you feel something was wrong/off about how he killed you, you can consult other players in the game and when enough share your opinion, the cheater gets votekicked from the lobby. In PUBG you can't do anything like that, so even just 1 cheater per 100 or 200 players is a HUGE problem, because he will win and he will continue winning and players can do absolutely nothing about it.
  15. What if the award for winning in a competition is 1M$ ? How is that different than any other kind of fraud/scam ? If you won that money and cheated, you basically stole the money from the real winner. No impact on real life when an item from the game sells for 400$ ? You must be really rich.