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  1. Only played the game once.

    Maybe your antivirus is misbehaving ? Try to add an exception. Or run the game as administrator. Are you sure the game was allowed to install its anticheat solution ?
  2. Only played the game once.

    A standard thing would be to at least list any errors the game gives you when you try to play.
  3. To seriously answer the question: When the law makers finally realize that virtual items you can buy (or earn with your time and effort, which is the same as buying) in virtual worlds are just as real as physical objects. There should be absolutely no difference in punishment for stealing an electric guitar worth 1000$ in real life and stealing an unique black coat in a virtual world worth the same amount. What we currently have, is kinda like the old Wild West.
  4. Scope hitting wall once again.

    Or at least make it >>>>>extremely<<<<< evident that you are hitting a wall in front of you. Like IRL you would know from the first bullet, because you would feel the concrete dust on your face/hands and little fragments of the bullet (mostly harmlessly, but still painfully) stinging all over you. But in PUBG, you just shoot at the enemy and for some strange reason he is not going down nor even bleeding.
  5. As a former, long time owner of some very nice dogs: I am strongly against presence of dogs in any violent game. I can barely tolerate Dogmeat in F4, because he is immortal even in survival mode.
  6. Vaulting WIP #2 Discussion!

    I am totally OK with it, just like peeking around the corner with lean right/left, but in 3rd dimension.
  7. Vaulting WIP #2 Discussion!

    I am VERY happy about it. It looks beautiful. I just died because my avatar could not do what an average 10 year old boy does 10 times a day - jump over a 50 centimeters high obstacle...
  8. And i have just died to this bug. Sure it is frustrating...
  9. There is a simple solution to this very annoying problem: Enter prone by first automatically moving a little to the nearest prone possible position, which in most cases should be like maximum 1 meter away. Make it optional in settings/gameplay for people who would rather have it the way it is now.