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    Hackers tend to be on top of the ladder, so if you can't see any, it most probably means you are not matched against them by the game... Because of a not very fast PC, my stats in this game suck, so i RARELY experience enemies who might be cheating.
  2. I am old, so things don't become boring for me just because they are not new.
  3. I have nothing against planes and helicopters and even armored personel carriers, just if they are balanced by adequate weapons that can be found often enough. Stinger launchers and RPGs.
  4. If i am asking for a choice of map/weather/mode/whatever, i am fully aware that i will have to wait longer.
  5. This is already checked right now, how else would your GPU know if it should render prone or standing targets ? And i highly doubt it is per tick, of course i don't know the details of the netcode in PUBG, but i would make it so the client only receives changes from the server, not full data about every player every time.
  6. Modern CPUs would do the task of calculating that for the max 5-10 players you usually see while playing, with almost 0 effort. Even if, then it still wouldn't have to do the whole check every time, just beginning from checking the players stance would end the check 90% of the time. Then just check if he is near grass objects. And only if the above 2 conditions are met, calculate the angle based on his and yours meters above sea level and the distance between you two (if you are on the top of some REALLY high mountain, then you will see him prone in the grass from far away, but if it is only a roof of some 2 story building, then maybe from 150 meters max). But. There would be no need to repeat it 40 times per second, just initially when the player comes into your FOV and then once per every change in the 3 conditions (which is broadcasted to your PC by the server).
  7. Angles... Yeah, i agree - if you have an agle of about 90 degrees (that is looking straight down to the ground from for example a spy satellite), then you could easily see him. But anything less than that, no go - no matter if 50 or 200 meters.
  8. Again, we are talking about grass tall enough to make it hard for the prone player to see what is around him. You would have to get a helicopter like angle to be able to see him from 200 meters away.
  9. Guys please read the entire thread, don't just reply to the title. We already determined that rendering grass at very long distances is not a good solution to this problem. Not rendering a player who is >>hidden<< in the grass is the solution - 0 FPS hit there.
  10. It was a hypothetical example. It is irrelevant if the devs designed it this way or if it is a bug. If a feature or a bug is against common sense and punishes players who use common sense, then it should be fixed. Period. Oh and there are no tech limitations to simply not rendering players hidden in the grass at distances where grass is no longer rendered, as shown in other similar games.
  11. Being able to see things you should not be able to see is just as silly as being able to shoot through hardened terrain features like reinforced concrete walls. Would you also say that "if a player knows he can be shot through walls while hiding inside an air raid bunker, he should not hide there" ? Nothing wrong with it ? No need to waste developers time to fix this "feature" ?
  12. Oh come on. No one crawls in the grass all the way from one side of the map to the other. As soon as they stood up and/or went through a patch of rock or asphalt, you would be able to see them from hundreds of meters.
  13. F For people who only ever saw neatly mowed to 10cm grass in cities, this is how grass looks in the countryside: By the way, there are 7 snipers hidden in the picture, can you spot them all ?