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  1. And if they are afraid of giving players such power - no need for banning, it would work with just banishing to "limbo" servers where the hackers can only play against other hackers.
  2. They don't even need to hire people for that task. A volunteer council of trusted players would clean the game up very efficiently.
  3. Imagine: 1 hacker per 100 in a game with 8vs8 TDM mode (1 in every 6.25 battles), spectate in 3rd and 1st person and votekick features. 1 hacker per 100 in a game with 100 players battle royale mode, no spectate, no votekick, not even a replay after the battle ends. It is mildly annoying in the first example. It kills the game completely in the second example.
  4. <Tin foil hat on> Maybe this is exactly what they want ? They already got your $, so now they will save some millions of $ on server upkeep and blame it all on the hackers - while it is 99% the developer/publishers fault that they let the hackers do as they please for so long...
  5. Can I run the game?

    Even if you can run it (i can), if your frame rate will be as inconsistent as mine, you will lose many fights even if you are a very good FPS player (i am). Seriously, it is like trying to run in a race, but with a heavy iron ball chained to your leg - so chicken dinner will only be possible with a big amount of luck. So for now forget about PUBG until you can get a very good gaming PC. Ooops, too late.
  6. The VPN method would only work if PUBG servers banned the Chinese players, not if Chinese government tells Internet service providers to block access to PUBG servers. Commies are twisted, but not stupid - they already ban access to some VPNs and will block any VPN they think is used for any anti-commie activity.
  7. If Chinese government bans the game, it will not matter if they try to play out of region, they will simply not have access to any PUBG servers because their ISPs will block them.
  8. http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/30/technology/playerunknown-battlegrounds-banned-china/index.html Heh...
  9. Things like that were a big part of my decision to take a pause from the game until it gets fixed. In my case the enemy guy was wearing a baseball cap, not even a helmet... LOL ! And from my side it looked like i hit his head with some 90% of the pellets, 5% went to his neck and the remaining 5% around his head..
  10. That guy most probably prefired or at least didn't wait until he saw you 1 whole meter out of the cover to start shooting at you. You need to remember that what you can see on your monitor is not the reality of the server. You see yourself shooting first, but the server sees your enemy shot first at you.
  11. Easy way to end the AFK BP farming.

    So how often you don't survive the first minute and/or how many hundreds of thousands BP did you farm by just leaving your PC on with the game loaded when you go to bed at night ?
  12. -50 BP if you can't survive the first minute (or two minues) after the parachute gets despawned. Yes, i mean a negative amount of reward for a totally failed battle. And yes i am aware of the possibility that a real player would be sometimes very unlucky with his loot and get killed by the player who went left instead of right and found a weapon first. But that only happens rarely (to me), so the -50 BP is not so bad.
  13. Czy mam wgl. szansę na grę ?

    Moja odpowiedź dotyczyła rozumienia "pójdzie" jako "da się grać z jakąś minimalną do płynności gry ilością klatek na sekundę". Jako że moje GPU i CPU są słabsze od twoich, odpowiedź brzmi "tak". Sam zauważyłeś że twoje 4GB RAM to problem, więc ja o tym nie muszę wspominać.
  14. Graphic bug

    It never happened to me, but few days ago when i was playing in a squad with 2 friends, both of them experienced this bug once per about 7 games. We had to exit the match, to not to benefit from the "wallhack" - which would of course be exploitation of a glitch. Please fix it ASAP. Like priority near maximum.
  15. Czy mam wgl. szansę na grę ?

    Mam GTX 750 bez "TI" i AMD FX8320 z 16GB RAM. Da się grać na najniższych ustawieniach z 20-50 FPS. Mam bardzo małą nadzieję na optymizację PUBG - aby klatki na sekundę / jakość graficzną dobiły do gier takich jak Fallout 4, czy seria Far Cry.