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  1. Yeah, there is desync but not as much as it seems to be according to forum members. Also I don‘t have desync issues, maybe because I play on EU? Anyway the whining and the acctual desync just don‘t add up imo and that‘s what triggers me a bit.
  2. And this is why i can‘t take all the „Fix the desync, it‘s unplayable!“ guys seriously. Sure, there is some desync but as we can see most players just miss their shots and then blame it on the game.
  3. Is it time for a breakup?

    Still enjoying it.
  4. You can just right click the stack, no need to hold ctrl for it.
  5. Ummm, ya....

    But you had no west and no helmet, if he aimed right at you that shouldn‘t have been a problem. And it was more like 20m or not? I‘m on my phone so idk if its just to smal but that doesn‘t look like 50+ meter.
  6. #uknown player model/name glitch

    We had the same thing twice yesterday, one member in our squad was named #unknown and got a male character, even if he play a female one.
  7. Ummm, ya....

    Never expirienced desync, I either hit or my aim was bad and I missed.
  8. Do I understand you right? Your problem is for example you have a stack of 100x 5.56 but you only have space for 50x so you either need to throw something away to get more space in your bag or you can‘t take them up right? It won‘t work if you pull it in your inventore but if you right click the stack it will take everything it has space for.
  9. Control the Bike from the backseat!

    No you can‘t.
  10. Deathmatch Mode - Needed?

    Maybe we will see something like that when the game releases and support mods.
  11. Some people here don‘t get his problem. He wants an Option (like a [x]) to set for the lobby which does the same as CTRL+M except he doesn‘t need to press it every game, just preset that shit. I‘d really like that.
  12. headshot without helmet damage

    So you can't headshot someone if you shoot someone in the face where the lvl 2 helmet doesn't protect? Can you show me the video where they tested that?