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  1. Derenaya

    Cheating Discussion

    Yes, which means you can‘t find cheaters by just looking at their stats, except they‘re way to good of course (like 100% headshot rate or whatever).
  2. Derenaya

    Cheating Discussion

    Well then how does a cheater account look? A cheater who‘s not blatantly cheating might as well be a good player? How do you tell the difference? A bad player could as well just be that, someone who doesn‘t play much or what ever.
  3. Derenaya

    Knocked-Out System is very bad

    I know what you‘re talking about and it makes me angry when that happens. Often I‘m even the first who dies and thus gets finished instantly. On the other side there‘s often a reason for this. You were either unlucky and ran right in another squad or you made a mistake. In my case I‘m always the one at the front of the group, often 20-40m running and scouting in front of them. That‘s my fault, if I‘d run with them the chances that someone finishes me instantly are way lower. Or maybe you were out of cover and got knocked there, that‘s also your fault for not staying in cover. I also encourage you to not finish instantly. It often gets you killed (I can observe that on my squad) because you‘re to greedy for the kill. Instead keep calm and think were the rest of the squad is and fight them.
  4. Derenaya

    Cheating Discussion

    Are you serious? Sure I don‘t know if he‘s cheating or not but the stats sure don‘t scream „cheater“. I‘d call them above average but that‘s it.
  5. Derenaya


    Only headphones (Razer Black Shark). My max range where I hear someone running is like 30-40m max. Worked pretty good till now so I don‘t complain.
  6. Derenaya


    You guys hear people running from 50+ meters? What the hell?
  7. 1. Nope, I always ads except he‘s in my face. 2. Couln‘t test it yet but I‘d use it till I find a bolt action sniper. Burst for close to mid range (<100m) and single for longer ranges. Since the two burst shots are pretty close I try to use it as a one click killer which means I‘m gonna aim for the head and try to land both shots. Since it‘s a 7.62 weapon this would be enough to kill an enemy. 3. I always run around with the AR on full auto since you often don‘t have time to react (and change weapons) if someone’s close to you.
  8. I agree, the bluezone is just awfull. I litteraly ran into someone directly in front of me because I couldn't see him through the bluezone. Pls change it back so we actually have a chance to spot enemys.
  9. Derenaya

    Mutant Mayhem Feedback

    Sorry but the Event is a fking joke. Give us scopes and attachements and we can talk again but it's just useless in terms of learning the weapon and fun in it's current state.
  10. You can change that in the options, just change it from hold to toggle.
  11. Derenaya

    Sanhok Nerfed?

    For real? Pls no.
  12. Derenaya

    4FUN - Whats people's 'bogey' weapon?

    Shotguns, I never seem to damage anyone with it.
  13. Do you have it on video? Because I never noticed something like that.
  14. Derenaya

    New Content

    C4? Pls no.
  15. Derenaya

    Freelook in FPP

    What are you talking about? FPP doesn‘t have freelook, that‘s why it‘s called FirstPersonPerspective. Edit. Ah you‘re talking about the pretty high degree that you can see, well I don‘t mind if you make it smaler since I don‘t use it anyway.