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  1. Why can't I hit him?

    So the problem here might be the vents on the roof witch dont render. So the guy he downed crawls behind them and because you cant see them you wonder what you cant hit him.
  2. 5.9GB patch has killed FPS

    I don't have issues either.
  3. Ah yeah sorry my fault, should have been clearer. With ''they'' I'm talking about the players who play in these smaler communitys.
  4. Size of Miramar too huge

    There‘s more than enough cover, even in the open. Open in Erangel: Just a field with grass. Open in Miramar: 47366 Hills where you can get behind.
  5. more bad hit reg....

    His point: mimimi
  6. Question over Kar98K vs gear

    Kar98 is a one hit on lvl two helmets, only the level three saves you. And did someone try with a mate if the M24 really is a one hit on lvl 3 helmets? Because it‘s kinda hard to believe without evidence^^
  7. 1) Yes, that‘s true, you can be seen from very far away. But I don‘t mind since I‘m searching fights anyway. 2) Ehm imo that‘s the other way around New vehicle physics = vehicles don‘t flip that often = better to drive ion Miramar. 3) True, but does it matter? It doesn‘t to me. Actually it‘s the same as with the trees (forest) in Erangel. Yes there are more windows but if you‘re in a town you need to run like 5m to get to the next cover. In the open you can run to the next rock/dip/whatever. 4) Never had a problem with that tbh.

    Well I don‘t care since I don‘t use a console, but many others do, and they do play fps with the controler. And I always thought the sellingpoint of a console is „the back seat gaming“, where you can lay back and play a game on your couch. Sure, if you want buy a mouse + keyboard but you would be better off with a mid tier pc at this point.

    One a console? Vs other console players without mouse and keyboard?
  10. I like Miramar, no more stupid „snakes“ in the grass in the endgame circles.