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  1. There already is a rock to the paper, which is to not stand still, ever.
  2. No it didn't, you're probably someone who prones a lot and thus you come here and complain that you're basically a free kill. Instead of changing the whole game you should adapt to the gameplay which is not to prone in most situations.
  3. Why don‘t you just stand up and run behind cover when you notice that you‘re beeing shot at? You also won‘t know when the sniper shoots so you could just waste your roll and then get sniped in the head. Imo it‘s easy, just don‘t go prone in this game except as a last resort.
  4. I just seperate between the normal content (Battle Royal) and added content (War mode).
  5. I‘m saying that I don‘t have a problem with the sound system so yes, it works as intended. Never said anything else. War mode is a totaly different story since there are to much different sounds for the game to handle. Thus sounds get bugged.
  6. Yeah it‘s such bs that I can tell 10/10 times where the enemy fires from. I guess I’m even better than a „decent serious FPS gamer“ since I can actually use this „broken“ sound system.
  7. It works perfectly for me and I only use a midclase stereo headset. And also who ever plays this game on speakers should think again on how he plays.
  8. I don‘t see a problem except looting two crates and taking less than 100 dmg. The rest should be pretty easy.
  9. It works perfectly with two channels so why would we need surround?
  10. It doesn‘t look like Fortnite at all...
  11. Derenaya

    All of you PC players are too good.

    BF4 has no recoil if you compare it to PUBG tho.
  12. I don't know about this skin but I have the same problem with other skins. Imo attachements should be adjusted so they look the same and don't stand out.
  13. Derenaya

    Bolt action SR Cant move bug

    Never had that oO Sounds pretty strange lol.
  14. Derenaya

    Is mouse macros allowed ?

    The QBZ has a pretty easy recoil to manage, not that hard if you train it a bit.
  15. Changing your name isn't a basic mechanic.