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  1. One Weapon per House

    You can't run away with the new, louder footsteps. There's no way you will out run him if he knows how the game works.
  2. One Weapon per House

    Yeah sure, keep looting. But the enemy just found a weapon and rushes you while you stand there with nothing. That isn‘t that much fun. Give me at least something to work with and I can accept my fate that I‘m up with a 1911 vs an UNP.
  3. So can we have one weapon per house? Or that if you go in a house you at least get a pistol? I know it's just luck but it's frustrating if you don't even find something to defend your self.
  4. Best Way/Place to Practice

    No they aren‘t recorded.
  5. FIX the NADES!

    If your teammate isn‘t alive you‘ll die too?
  6. So I really like the new update but I still have low FPS.. Sure it somehow feels smoth as fuck but 60 FPS are still 60 FPS. So the maximum I saw today was 80 FPS... My Specs are 1080Ti and I7-4770k @4.2 on a 1440p 144hz screen. Am I the only one?
  7. 2018 Road-map Post

    I'm not talking about clooths...
  8. Lean jumping

    You just jump to see more, not to evade bullets.
  9. 2018 Road-map Post

    Not really, people will be bored and stop playing if nothing new gets in the game.
  10. Blast radius of vehicles

    Ok so watch this and then tell me that's not bs
  11. Blast radius of vehicles

    Yeah right I guess we need more posts concerning hackers, netcode and maps because more posts => devs will do it faster.
  12. Blast radius of vehicles

    Doesn‘t matter, they do in the game. And yeah I agree. I would even go so far to give them a grenade like blast radius.
  13. New Emote System

    They can do different things at the same time... But yeah, I don‘t see how we can/will use it. It‘s only to troll, isn‘t even that „trolly“ and can‘t be seen in FPP.
  14. Test Server Issue For Months

    This patch on the testserver isn‘t that interessting, so fever people will play -> longer matchmaking. And if you play from let‘s say EU you won‘t be online when the NA players are online.
  15. Black screen before zooming in in ADS

    It does but you can‘t see shit.