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  1. Can we make Vaulting an option?

    Unfair advantage? How is it unfair? Everybody can do it right? You just need to practice. If that's unfair I think it's unfair that some people have really good computers (aka FPS) and can one-tap shoot really fast and accurate compared to people with shitty FPS that can't one-tap that fast at all.
  2. I'm not sick of playing this map, I think it's pretty awesome.
  3. How to minimize recoil with items?

    I can agree that the supressor is OP most of the time. But early/mid-game I really prefer the compensator (I like my spray-downs :)). My preferred setup is AK with Holo and compensator as main with a M16 as backup with silencer and 4X.
  4. How to minimize recoil with items?

    Care to explain? I don't think so. I'd rather have the compensator or flash hider on my AK in close range. Maybe even close to mid. But long range the supressor is great to have.
  5. How to minimize recoil with items?

    This might be a good page for the stats? https://pubg.me/weapons https://pubg.me/items/attachments
  6. The M16 does: - 20.50 damage in the legs and arms. - 41 damage to chest without any armor. - 28.70 damage to a lvl 1 vest. - 24.60 damage to a lvl 2 vest. - 18.45 damage to a lvl 3 vest. Tell me how your two shots to the chest could kill this guy? Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1giKwsWYH9CcMXsvZnIkJKfBsr7jrX21Bu0-CwN-QKIM/edit#gid=0
  7. headshot without helmet damage

    Ok so it does one shot lvl 1/2? Do you know where I can find the new damage sheet?
  8. headshot without helmet damage

    Interesting, I thought a Kar98 would 1 shot anyone with lvl 2 helmet?
  9. Interface Design & Suggestions

    My friend who started playing yesterday had the exact same problem. He tried to click the "custom game" multiple times to join the game.
  10. I thought you was gonna uninstall the game?
  11. Weather and Map Voting Idea

    Not voting, but I would like to choose what to play. Like choosing FPP or 3PP. [ ] AS [X] EU [ ] NA [X] FPP [ ] 3PP [ ] Fog [ ] Rain
  12. LOOT / Inventory UI Suggestions

    I think that would be really confusing? Lets say you have an angeled grip that fits for both M416 and Vector. And it only shows under AR?
  13. LOOT / Inventory UI Suggestions

    So where would the angeled and vertical grip be categorized?
  14. Key bindings reset every time I start the game

    This happens for me too. Everytime I restart/enter the game I need to change the following: - Move left and right - FOV (from 95 to 90) - Crosshair color - Character render in inventory = off - Fullscreen (not windowed)