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  1. Desert Map - First Vehicle Revealed

    That's sexy
  2. Auto Exit Inventory When Shot

    Let's also add another feature. If you get shot, make the game automatically locate and shoot that player so you don't need to do it yourself.
  3. Bring back Crouch jump .

    Personally I'm not using the default bindings at all. To manually crouch jump I need to press R, Q and Space at the same time. No problem...
  4. Agreed. Just like the crosshair I think you should be able to change the color with a slider. But also the thickness and size of the numbers/text.
  5. Bring back Crouch jump .

    I agree to some pont with Roble. I guess crouch jumping was not ment to be in the game initially and maybe it will disappear with vaulting being introduced. Being forced to do the jump manually (if you'r not using macros) makes the game more difficult, and I like that. If you are skilled enough to do it, you can. Otherwise you can't, it's that simple to me. I hope that they will keep the crouch jump when vaulting is introduced so the gameplay is even more dynamic. Imagine that vaulting out of a window is possible with one button press standing next to the window. A valuting animation is displayed and takes for example 0.5 seconds. While manually crouch jumping takes 0.2 seconds but also adds the risk of not making the jump at all.
  6. Yes it works, I made a "intro" video for the TSM guys (but noone uses it :)). Just make sure it's the same video-format and lenght.
  7. New Recoil On ARs Is Too Much (AK especially)

    AK was my favourite AR before the patch, now I have a hard time using it for spray-downs even with the comp. Just need to practice I guess
  8. Fedback on hold-to-ADS

    I'm not going to edit any files to get this function, but I sure as hell will use it when the game supports it
  9. Add crouch-jump in the settings

    Since I played 8 hours ago the crouch-jump isn't gone, or did they patch this within the last 8 hours? You can just crouch+jump manually right?
  10. Bring back Crouch jump .

    Pretty much what Schultan said.

    Well you can still do the jump, you just have to do it manually. Don't be lazy, just practice.
  12. My opinion is that the AK is a lot harder to handle now with the new recoil pattern/spread. Haven't really tried our the M4, but M16 and Scar, even the UMP seems fine to me.
  13. According to the numbers, yes I guess? But it may play out differently since it's a SMG.
  14. Yeah definately. The AK was my favourite weapon pre-patch, sick spraydowns with the compensator (or even flash hider) on it. Now I'll maybe use it as secondary medium/long one-tap gun until I find the M16 (or any sniper). Just felt how the AK was different as soon as I started playing after the new patch.
  15. https://pubg.me/blog/post/september-patch-analysis-2-6-23-3