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  1. RedZone means players present?

    What do you mean? Yes I check the killfeed and see people die sometimes, but sometimes I don't see anyone dying so... ?
  2. Hi! I don't know if this has been asked before, but does the redzone mean that there are players present where the zone is deployed? Or can the redzone actually spawn in the middle of nowhere?
  3. Worth buying this game?

    I have around 700+ hours and still loving it. Sure it's bug, lag, cheaters/hackers etc. But this game is in developement and the latest patch (and 1.0 coming) looks really promising. Just buy it
  4. Can we make Vaulting an option?

    Unfair advantage? How is it unfair? Everybody can do it right? You just need to practice. If that's unfair I think it's unfair that some people have really good computers (aka FPS) and can one-tap shoot really fast and accurate compared to people with shitty FPS that can't one-tap that fast at all.
  5. I'm not sick of playing this map, I think it's pretty awesome.
  6. Interface Design & Suggestions

    My friend who started playing yesterday had the exact same problem. He tried to click the "custom game" multiple times to join the game.
  7. Weather and Map Voting Idea

    Not voting, but I would like to choose what to play. Like choosing FPP or 3PP. [ ] AS [X] EU [ ] NA [X] FPP [ ] 3PP [ ] Fog [ ] Rain
  8. LOOT / Inventory UI Suggestions

    I think that would be really confusing? Lets say you have an angeled grip that fits for both M416 and Vector. And it only shows under AR?
  9. LOOT / Inventory UI Suggestions

    So where would the angeled and vertical grip be categorized?
  10. Key bindings reset every time I start the game

    This happens for me too. Everytime I restart/enter the game I need to change the following: - Move left and right - FOV (from 95 to 90) - Crosshair color - Character render in inventory = off - Fullscreen (not windowed)
  11. Auto Exit Inventory When Shot

    Let's also add another feature. If you get shot, make the game automatically locate and shoot that player so you don't need to do it yourself.
  12. Bring back Crouch jump .

    Personally I'm not using the default bindings at all. To manually crouch jump I need to press R, Q and Space at the same time. No problem...
  13. Compass Enhancement/Improvements Suggestions Thread

    Agreed. Just like the crosshair I think you should be able to change the color with a slider. But also the thickness and size of the numbers/text.